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The national airline of the Faroe Islands offers an exceptional travel experience with innovative amenities and services for passengers traveling from London Gatwick Airport. Atlantic Airways ensures a smooth journey for every passenger with a commitment to safety, comfort, and customer satisfaction. The Atlantic Airways London Gatwick Airport provides passengers with the convenience of online check-in and various special services and amenities, such as priority boarding and baggage handling. You will enjoy a more relaxing journey if you are well acquainted with various inflight entertainment and dining options.

What terminal is Atlantic Airways at London Gatwick Airport – A Comprehensive Guide

Airport NameLondon Gatwick Airport
London Gatwick Airport AddressHorley, Gatwick RH6 0NP, United Kingdom
London Gatwick Airport CodeLGW
Atlantic Airways IATA CodeRC
Atlantic Airways ICAO CodeFLI
Atlantic Airways Gatwick Airport TerminalTerminal 1
Airport Phone No.+44 344 892 0322
CountryUnited Kingdom
Working Schedule24 hours
Atlantic Airways Official

Which Terminal Is Used By Atlantic Airways At London Gatwick Airport?

Atlantic Airways flies from Terminal 1 at London Gatwick Airport. The airline is offering convenient and flexible flight schedules. The airline offers special rates for groups and passengers with children. Passengers can take advantage of special rates on hotel accommodation and transportation. The Atlantic Airways London Gatwick Airport ensures a smooth travel experience with easy check-in at staffed counters or self-service kiosks and quick security checks. Passengers can relax in comfortable lounges with ergonomic seating and enjoy snacks and drinks. 

Through its operational layout, Atlantic Airways provides spacious seating and personal entertainment screens with movies, TV shows, music, and games. The in-flight menu has a variety of meals to suit different tastes. Arrival is hassle-free with clear instructions for getting off the plane and an efficient baggage claim area. The Atlantic Airways LGW Terminal offers excellent customer support and special services for passengers with disabilities and special needs. It ensures a pleasant and inclusive travel experience irrespective of fare holdings. 

Departure Routine Of Atlantic Airways At London Gatwick Airport

Atlantic Airways offers a smooth and comfortable departure experience at London Gatwick Airport. Passengers can check in at the airport, drop off baggage easily, and pass through quick security checks. The waiting lounges at the Atlantic Airways LGW Terminal provide ergonomic seats, snacks, drinks, workstations, and entertainment. Boarding is available with priority for selected passengers. You may benefit from a variety of meals and beverages, as well as comfortable seats with lots of legroom and individual entertainment systems. The Atlantic Airways customer service representatives are kind and quick to respond. All passengers receive complimentary drinks and snacks during the trip. Passengers at Atlantic London Gatwick Airport may choose from a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and music as they wait for their trip.

Arrival Routine Of Atlantic Airways At London Gatwick Airport

When you arrive at Atlantic Airways LGW Terminal, your journey to your destination will be quick and pleasant thanks to their incredible services and numerous amenities. Receiving your baggage and clearing the customs process is quite easy as most planes land at LGW Terminal 1. There are clear directions upon arrival, and luggage claim is processed quickly; if you hold premium fares, you can complete the process swiftly through dedicated counters. With a focus on those with disabilities, the airline offers exceptional customer service, and support getting on and off the planes. Wheelchair accessibility is included in the special assistance services. Assuring a smooth voyage from beginning to end, the airline provides specially prepared meals for passengers with impairments. However, they must inform the airline about the dietary requirements in advance.

What services are offered at London Gatwick Airport by Atlantic Airways?

The airline guarantees a smooth and pleasurable travel experience by providing direct flights from LGW Airport to several European locations. London Gatwick Airport offers a range of facilities, such as retail stores, dining establishments, entertainment venues, complimentary Wi-Fi, ATMs, currency exchanges, and cab services. Travelers may anticipate modern amenities, a variety of eating and shopping alternatives, and all-inclusive services that attend to their every need. You can expect a seamless travel experience with Atlantic Airways because of their first-rate services and seamless connectivity.


At Atlantic Airways London Gatwick Airport, the airline offers multiple check-in options to suit your convenience. You can check in online or at the airport’s automated kiosks to save time. The friendly check-in staff is always ready to assist you, ensuring a smooth start to your journey.  You can also benefit from priority services such as express check-in and priority boarding. In addition, Atlantic Airways offers special assistance for those with reduced mobility.

Waiting Lounges

Premium passengers have access to luxurious lounges to relax before their flight. As lounges offer comfortable seating, complimentary refreshments, and high-speed Wi-Fi; this allows you to unwind or catch up on work in a peaceful environment. Lounge staff are available to assist passengers with check-in and boarding formalities. They also provide advice on airport services and help you navigate properly. Lounge staff can assist in case of any emergency and navigation process of Atlantic Airways LGW Terminal. The team is available to offer a range of other services, such as boarding services, travel assistance, and flight information.

Customer Service

Whether you need assistance with your baggage, travel arrangements, or any other issue, the customer service team is dedicated to providing prompt and effective solutions whenever you request. The teams are available to help with lost or delayed luggage, offer guidance on travel plans, and address any concerns you may have. Atlantic Airways strives to make your travel experience as smooth and stress-free as possible by offering reliable and responsive customer service at all times. The team is trained to handle a wide range of issues efficiently and with care, ensuring that you receive the support you need quickly. 

Duty-free Shopping

The Atlantic Airways London Gatwick Airport has duty-free shops with a wide selection of goods so you can enjoy exceptional shopping before and after your trip. Whether you are searching for a gift for your wife, parents, or your friends, you have numerous options to choose one. A convenient and enjoyable experience when visiting the airport is ensured by the variety of options. Airport gift shops have a variety of items to choose from including clothing, jewelry, and electronics. You can also find gifts for different types of occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Baggage Handling

Atlantic Airways guarantees careful handling of your belongings. The customer service desk will assist with misplaced or delayed bags, and the baggage claim process is straightforward. Specialized help, such as priority boarding and wheelchair support, can be requested by travelers with specific requirements. With individualized assistance to guarantee a seamless travel experience, Atlantic Airways is committed to making travel comfortable for all customers. From start to finish, all passengers-including those with special needs are treated with the respect and care they deserve because they are dedicated to providing exceptional service.


London Gatwick Airport offers an extensive range of culinary alternatives, ranging from light snacks to sophisticated dining. You may get a coffee at a café or have a wonderful supper at one of the airport’s restaurants before your trip.  The restaurants offer a range of cuisines, from traditional Norwegian dishes to international cuisines. There are several bars and cafés at the Atlantic Airways LGW Terminal, so you can always find something to match your mood.  Before your flight, the cafés, and bars are the ideal places to get a bite or drink. There are several sitting options and a laid-back vibe throughout. While you wait, free Wi-Fi is available to you.

Wi-Fi Seamless Connectivity

Stay connected with free Wi-Fi available throughout London Gatwick Airport. This service helps you catch up on work, check emails, or stay in touch with loved ones. The high-speed internet service at the Atlantic Airways London Gatwick Airport ensures you are always connected with your family and friends. The reliable and fast Wi-Fi makes it easy to stream videos, browse social media, or download important documents without interruption. With seamless connectivity, you can make the most of your time at the airport. Enjoy the convenience of staying online and being productive or entertained during your travel experience.

Special Assistance

Atlantic Airways prioritizes passenger well-being, aiming to meet individual requirements with care and efficiency. Your comfort and convenience are paramount, and the airline strives to deliver exceptional service to all passengers. If you require special assistance, communicate with the Atlantic customer service team. The airport staff is committed to providing necessary support, including wheelchair assistance and priority boarding. To ensure a smooth and stress-free experience, you will need to share all supportive documents (if requested). By notifying the airline ahead of time, you enable them to prepare the assistance you need for a comfortable journey. 

Flight Change or Cancellation 

If you need to adjust your flight plans, Atlantic Airways provides flexible options to meet your needs. You can visit the dedicated service counter at the airport to make changes to your booking easily. They will assist in tracking your refund status and promptly resolving any issues that may arise. Atlantic Airways at London Gatwick Airport is committed to ensuring a seamless experience by offering efficient service and support for all changes to your travel arrangements, ensuring your journey is as smooth as possible.

Wrap Up

Atlantic Airways ensures that passengers have access to a range of premium amenities, making their time at London Gatwick Airport both enjoyable and productive. The airline offers flexible options for changing or canceling your flight details to accommodate your needs. At the Atlantic Airways London Gatwick Airport, you can visit the dedicated service counter to make necessary adjustments to your booking. Enjoy the convenience, comfort, and top-notch service that help you to experience a beautiful world.

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London Gatwick Airport (LGW) Location Map

Answers to Your Queries!

Which terminal does Atlantic Airways use at London Gatwick Airport for flight arrival services?

Atlantic Airways operates Terminal 1 at London Gatwick Airport for its flight arrival services. If you have any query with timing, connect with the team and solve it wisely.

Are check-in counters available at London Gatwick Airport kept operational by the Atlantic Airways flights?

Check-in counters are present at London Gatwick Airport including services for passengers. The airline may ask you to reach the airport at least 3 to 4 hours before departure. 

Does Atlantic Airways have Wi-Fi services at London Gatwick Airport?

The airline at Atlantic Airways London Gatwick Airport provides Wi-Fi services that help you to remain connected with the team at their will and passion. 

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