EgyptAir AMM Terminal – Queen Alia International Airport


The AMM Terminal 1 is the hub for flights to and from various destinations operated by EgyptAir, the country’s state-owned flag carrier. It makes it possible for travelers to easily reach their chosen landing location on both direct and connecting flights. Due to the various airport and in-flight amenities offered by EgyptAir at the EgyptAir AMM Terminal, flying appears to be enjoyable and comfortable when done with them.

Having said that, visitors can anticipate a variety of amenities and necessary support from EgyptAir customer service agents as soon as they arrive at the airport terminal. EgyptAir’s arrivals and departures terminal at Queen Alia International Airport is a well-maintained space with a wealth of services. 

Important Details About EgyptAir AMM Terminal

Airport NameQueen Alia International Airport
Official EgyptAir
Airport AddressDesert Highway, Amman, Jordan
Airport CodeAMM
EgyptAir AMM TerminalTerminal 1
Airport Contact Number+962 6 500 2777
Working Hours24 Hours

Departure Terminal for Egypt Air at AMM

Egypt Air provides passengers with a simple yet enjoyable experience, operating out of AMM Terminal 1. The basic amenities provided by this terminal, such as check-in counters and areas designated for security, ensure that passengers are comfortable and productive throughout their trip. When using the Terminal 1 of EgyptAir AMM Terminal, travelers can anticipate a seamless and stress-free experience, thanks to Egypt Air’s gracious operational setup, whether they are checking in for a flight or going through security procedures.

Arrival Terminal for Egypt Air at AMM

Only the AMM terminal’s Terminal 1 is used by Egypt Air to handle arrivals. In an effort to enhance the traveler experience, the airline provides a range of services.Egypt Air is committed to providing its passengers with easy and convenient travel experiences from the moment they arrive at AMM, as demonstrated by this initiative.

Services and Amenities Available at AMM Terminal

All passengers afforded by EgyptAir in-flight and airport services are available for all those coming into the AMM Terminal 1 or those who plan to leave this terminal. Here are a few of the services offered:Here are a few of the services offered:

  • Hotels
  • Shops and restaurants
  • Lost & Found Department
  • Duty-Free Shops
  • Drinking Water Equipment
  • Retail Outlets
  • Parking Lots
  • Hourly Lounge
  • Banking and Currency Exchange
  • Pharmacy
  • Smoking Areas
  • Massage Parlors
  • Showers
  • First Aid Assistance
  • Computers and Internet
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Wheelchair Assistance
  • Medical Service Room
  • ATMs

Ticket Counter

It is simple and quick to book or cancel a flight at the EgyptAir AMM Terminal’s airline reservation counters! In order to ensure that your travel arrangements go smoothly and without incident, the airline’s helpful staff is available to help you book your ticket or offer assistance if you need to cancel. You can go to the airport reservation counters, and the EgyptAir customer service agents will take care of everything, whether you’re planning a trip or making changes to your existing plans!

Check-in Counter

Self-service check-in kiosks and manned check-in desks are two forms of check-in procedures that the airline provides at the EgyptAir AMM terminal departures. By the time one is going to check in, they can always approach the check-in counters and get a lot of help from professionals working there. 

On the other hand, you can use the self-service kiosks to quickly and easily finish your check-in independently. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact the airline employees who are based at the airport terminal, regardless of which option you choose.

Seat Upgrade

The EgyptAir terminal at AMM can add extra coziness and luxury to your travel experience! To have a more comfortable ride, upgrade your seats. In addition to greater room and comfortable seats, seat upgrades also come with exclusive services that will make your travel even more enjoyable. 

But if you are flying, then let this flight be comfortable and look aristocratic. EgyptAir’s understanding that travellers need comfortable seats during the long journey from AMM Terminal 1 to their final destination will make it easier for passengers to upgrade to their preferred seats. You only have to ask for them from the airline staff or get them at the check-in counters when you are on your journey.

Information Desk

At the EgyptAir AMM Terminal, do you need assistance or fast answers? Be at ease! At the airport, assistance is readily available. You can get assistance from EgyptAir’s friendly staff at the terminal for any queries or worries you may have. 

Just ask for help if you need it—whether it be with directions, flight information, or general questions about the locations of the airport’s facilities. The airline’s top priority is your comfort. Thus, you can go straight to the information counters/help desks when you arrive at the AMM Terminal 1 if you need quick assistance and a stress-free travel experience.

Baggage Assistance

In the EgyptAir AMM terminal, there are lost and found desks located at both the arrival and departure areas. Don’t panic if your luggage is misplaced, delayed, or damaged at the AMM Terminal 1 when you are flying Egypt Airlines! 

You can get help from the committed staff. To get assistance right away, go to the baggage assistance counter. The airline staff will get to work finding misplaced items, helping with delayed luggage, or helping with damaged belongings as soon as you report the problem. EgyptAir is a trustworthy source for baggage assistance.

Pet Travel Services

Are you traveling with your pet? Not a problem! Help is readily available from the EgyptAir terminal staff at AMM. Since the airline is aware that your pet is a member of your family, they take extra precautions to ensure their safety and comfort while traveling. It’s crucial to plan your pet travel well in advance with EgyptAir and to be aware of the laws and guidelines pertaining to pet travel. so that on your journey together, you and your friend can travel without worry!

Special Assistance

For travelers in need of additional assistance, EgyptAir AMM Terminal provides specialized support. The airline’s helpful staff is on hand to assist senior citizens, those with disabilities, and anyone else in need of special attention. The airline makes sure that the travel is comfortable by providing guided support, wheelchair assistance, and stretcher assistance.

We’ll help you out as long as you let us know what you need. In order to ensure that every passenger has a stress-free and joyful experience, the airline staff at AMM Terminal 1 puts safety and comfort first.

Unaccompanied Minor Service

Unaccompanied Minor Service is offered by EgyptAir at the AMM Terminal 1. The airline guarantees your child’s safety and comfort during the entire trip if they are flying alone. Making sure they are well taken care of, the staff helps them at check-in, boarding, and arrival. The welfare of unaccompanied minors is EgyptAirlines’ top priority at the AMM Terminal, and they are guaranteed a comfortable and safe flight.

Baggage Storage

  • Passengers can choose from a number of options for baggage storage at EgyptAir AMM Terminal 
  • A receipt will be given to you once your luggage has been turned in. To retrieve your luggage, keep it safe.
  • AMM Terminal’s baggage storage service can be reserved online through the Eelway booking portal.

Baggage Wrapping Service

AMM Terminal offers a baggage wrapping service. The service offers a range of materials for wrapping luggage, such as packing tape, wrapping film, luggage straps, bubble wrap, and handles, and is accessible in all three terminals (T1, T2, and T3).

Lounge Access Options

Before their flights, travelers can unwind and rejuvenate in one of the many lounge options available at AMM Terminal.

  • Day Passes: Many lounges provide day passes to passengers flying in economy. These passes are available for purchase at the lounge or via outside websites such as LoungeBuddy.
  • Airline Status: According to their membership, passengers with certain airline status (such as business or first class) can enter lounges.
  • Membership Programs: Members of Priority Pass and Mastercard Airport Experiences are eligible for lounge access.
  • Pay-at-the-Door: Passengers can pay for entry at the door to certain lounges.

Car Parking Lot

  • One important facility that meets both short- and long-term parking needs is the car park area at Queen Alia International Airport (AMM).
  • Parking for short periods of time: Costs change based on location and length of stay.
  • Parking for a long time: Longer stays usually result in cheaper fees.
  • There are parking lots with easy access to the terminals for those traveling by car.

Wheelchair Assistance

  • Wheelchair assistance services are available to travelers with mobility issues at Queen Alia International Airport (AMM).
  • Make a reservation for wheelchair assistance well in advance via the airport’s official website, a travel agency, or an outside service provider such as Beijing Airport Assistance or Jodogo Airport Assist.

Priority Check-in

  • At Queen Alia International Airport (AMM), travelers with particular needs or those in need of special assistance can check in with priority.
  • Check-in with priority is available at every terminal. Through the airline or a travel agency, make reservations for priority check-in well in advance.
  • Priority baggage handling, priority security screening, priority immigration clearance, and dedicated check-in counters are all included in priority check-in.

Kid’s Play Area

A number of kid-friendly play areas are available at Queen Alia International Airport (AMM) to help young passengers pass the time and give parents a break while they wait for their flights.

  • Panda Paradise: This play area, which is part of Terminal 1, has a variety of play elements, such as climbing walls, slides, and a play structure with a panda theme. 
  • Jeep Safari: This play area, which is housed in Terminal 2, is themed after a safari adventure, complete with play structures that resemble jeeps and other animals.

Kids Airfield: Play structures in the shape of airplanes and control towers can be found in this airport-themed play area, which is housed in Terminal 3.

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EgyptAir Queen Alia International Airport Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Egypt Air at AMM?

At AMM, Egypt Air is Terminal 1.

What terminal is Egypt Air at Queen Alia International Airport?

At Queen Alia International Airport. Terminal 1 takes care of Egypt Air.

What Terminal is Egypt Air arrivals at AMM?

For Egypt Air arrivals, the Terminal 1 at AMM is responsible.

What Terminal is Egypt Air Departure at AMM?

Egypt Air Departure is handled at the Terminal 1, AMM.

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