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Chennai International Airport is home even for Malaysia Airlines in addition to the network expansion. To ensure the premium pre-travel experience and delivering a convenient boarding to all the passengers, airport and airline are equally contributing. 

For an elevating experience to the passengers, all the best possibilities has been featured within the Malaysia Airlines MAA Terminal such as inquiries desk, check-in options, baggage assistance and more. More you can ejoy from the options like dining, shopping, ATMs, lounge access, lost and found assistance, etc. featured by the airport itself. 

To know more about the airport and proceed to your trip with Malaysia Airlines wisely from or to Mingaladon, keeping reading the post. 

Chennai International Airport Overview

Airport NameChennai International Airport
Malaysia Airlines Chennai International Airport AddressAirport Rd, Meenambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600027
Airport CodeMAA
Malaysia Airlines Chennai International Airport Contact Number04422560551
Malaysia Airlines Chennai TerminalTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours
Official Website
You Tube
Instagram Account

Departing of Malaysia Airlines at Chennai International Airport

The Malaysia flight at Chennai International Airport should depart from Terminal 1, if possible. This suggests that for Malaysia Airlines flights out of Chennai International Airport, travellers can check in, get through security, and board aircraft to a variety of locations, including Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from Terminal 1 onwards. Malaysia Airlines MAA Terminal 1 of Chennai International Airport serves as the departure point for Malaysia Airlines aircraft. Travelers can enjoy quick and easy travel with all the facilities and services provided.  

Malaysia Airlines’ Arriving at Chennai International Airport

Terminal 1 is the location of Malaysia Airlines’ landing at Chennai International Airport. When using Malaysia Airlines, passengers should plan on arriving at Chennai International Airport and alighting at Terminal 1, where they will register with immigration, retrieve their luggage, and proceed through customs before departing the premises. An easy transition is ensured by passing through Terminal 1 at Chennai International Airport, which is equipped with all the facilities required for a smooth landing by a Malaysia Airlines aircraft. 

Malaysia Airlines’ Services at Chennai International Airport 

Myanmar International Airport offers facilities provided by Malaysia Airlines. These facilities include flight ticket booking, flight ticket cancellation, airport counter check-in, airport Self kiosk check-in, seat inquiries and selection, and more.

These facilities meet a range of passenger requirements and improve the entire travel experience for travelers flying Malaysia Airlines at Chennai International Airport.

Flight Reservations

Travelers can book flights from Yangon to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at Chennai International Airport with Malaysia Airlines. Direct flights, lasting roughly three hours, are available on Malaysia Airlines’ international routes, which run from Yangon Airport to Kuala Lumpur Airport.

Flight Cancellations

The self-service assistance system of Malaysia Airlines allows passengers to handle flight cancellations at Chennai International Airport. Travelers wishing to cancel a flight can go to the Malaysia Airlines website and use the assistance request page. 

In addition, travelers seeking assistance with flight cancellations at Malaysia Airlines Chennai International Airport may contact the airline’s customer service. It is advised to familiarize yourself with the airline’s policy concerning cancellations, related costs, and the procedure for rescheduling or paying for flight cancellations.

Unaccompanied Minor Service

Myanmar International Airport offers unaccompanied Minor Services by Malaysia Airlines. During their flight with Malaysia Airlines, children traveling alone can receive support and help from this service, which guarantees their comfort and well-being.

When a child uses unaccompanied minor services, devoted personnel will usually accompany them during check-in, boarding, the flight, and arrival, giving parents and guardians peace of mind about their child’s travel experience.

Airport Check-in Counter

At Malaysia Airlines MAA Terminal, the airline features airport counter check-in service. Using the airport counter check-in service, travelers departing from Chennai International Airport can conveniently finish the check-in process at the airport counter prior to their flight with Malaysia Airlines.

Self Service Kiosk Check-in 

Self-Service Check-In Kiosks are available at several airports, including Chennai International Airport, according to Malaysia Airlines. Without the help of airline employees, travelers may quickly and easily check in for their flights using these kiosks. 

When arriving at Malaysia Airlines Chennai International Airport, the passengers can utilize these self-service kiosks to finish their check-in, choose their seats, and get their boarding passes prior to heading to the departure gate. 

By giving travelers a quick and easy way to check in, this self-service option improves the traveler experience by saving time and giving them more freedom when handling their flight information at the airport.

Seats Enquiries and Selection 

Malaysia Airlines provides convenient seat inquiries and selection services at Chennai International Airport. This enables passengers on A330 and A350 aircraft to find out about available seats and choose their desired seating configurations, such as window, aisle, normal, emergency exit, or extra legroom seats. 

It’s crucial to remember that some passenger categories, such as those with special needs or impairments, unaccompanied juveniles, groups booking more than nine people, and particular seats like infant or bassinet seats, may not be able to select their own seats.

Missing Luggage Assistance

At the Malaysia Airlines MAA Terminal, the airline offers assistance for lost or missing luggage. Should a passenger’s checked baggage be misplaced or delayed, Malaysia Airlines provides assistance in locating the missing items. 

When arriving at the airport or, if they have already left, within 24 hours, travelers are urged to report any missing luggage. You can file the report online through the Baggage Self-Service Reporting system or in person when you arrive at the Baggage Office. Passengers will obtain a luggage case report number for tracking when the report is made. 

Golden Lounge Access

Golden Lounge access at Chennai International Airport is provided by Malaysia Airlines to qualifying guests and premium travelers. The Golden Lounge is a special airport lounge available only to Malaysia Airlines’ and its partners’ elite passengers. 

Travelers traveling in Business Class on Malaysia Airlines or possessing Gold or Platinum Elite Enrich membership level are eligible to use the Golden Lounge at Chennai International Airport. Furthermore, Enrich Blue and Silver members who are traveling in Economy Class can exchange their Enrich miles for a lounge card to gain admission to the Golden Lounge. 

For those who qualify, Malaysia Airlines Chennai International Airport Golden Lounge offers a cozy and private area for travelers to unwind, rest, and take use of services prior to their flight, improving their overall travel experience.

Other Services to Avail at Chennai International Airport

The terminal of Chennai International Airport has services including stores, restaurants, WiFi, charging stations for mobile devices, lockers, and airport lounges. These amenities attend to travelers’ requirements and improve their time spent traveling at airports.

Information Desk

Information on arrivals, departures, delays, and other airport services is available at Chennai International Airport’s information desk, which helps travelers with their questions. To improve their time at the airport and guarantee a seamless transit through Malaysia Airlines MAA Terminal, travelers can contact the Information Desk with any questions they may have.

Currency Exchange

Approximately six currency exchange companies may be found at the arrivals hall of Chennai International Airport. To get better service and rates, it is recommended to utilize new US$100 or $50 notes instead of British pounds (£) while exchanging currency.


Travelers can easily obtain cash at the airport at Yangon International thanks to the numerous ATMs accessible. These ATMs, which are found inside the airport grounds, provide currency withdrawal services for travelers who might require local currency before departing or arriving. 

VIP Lounge Access

VIP lounge access at Chennai International Airport can be obtained via Mingalar Sky Lounge and Royal Airport Concierge, among other services. High-end amenities including cozy seats, free WiFi, delicious food, power outlets, flight updates, luggage assistance, TV channels, newspapers, and magazines for reading during downtime, are all provided in these lounges. 

Offset from the hustle and bustle of the airport terminal, the Mingalar Sky Lounge offers a peaceful sanctuary complete with workstations, buffet meals, Wi-Fi, and private meeting spaces. In order to provide travelers at Malaysia Airlines MAA Terminal with a smooth and opulent journey, Royal Airport Concierge also provides VIP services, including Fast Track through check-in and security.

Charging stations

Electric car charging facilities are available at Chennai International Airport, giving visitors a practical means to refuel their EVs. By supporting the usage of electric vehicles in the area, these charging stations help to promote sustainable transportation. With regard to environmental sustainability and the transportation industry’s adoption of cleaner energy solutions, Chennai International Airport’s EV charging station availability is indicative of this dedication. 

Retail Outlets

Retail stores at Malaysia Airlines MAA Terminal feature a range of establishments selling merchandise from renowned labels such as Versace, Calvin Klein, and Furla. At the airport’s Terminal 1, shoppers may buy clothing, accessories, shoes, and other products from these well-known companies, making it easy for passengers to shop before or after their flights. 

Accessibility services

Support for travelers with limited mobility and wheelchair assistance are among the accessibility services offered by Chennai International Airport. With the help of these services, all passengers—including those with special needs or impairments—should be able to easily navigate the airport and get to the amenities they require.

Furthermore, Chennai International Airport may offer amenities such as priority boarding, baggage help, and wheelchair-accessible staff to support travelers with impairments.

Bars and restaurants

There are numerous eateries and bars at Chennai International Airport where visitors can unwind before or after their flights. The airport offers a variety of culinary alternatives, such as Yamagoya Ramen, KFC Chennai International Airport, The Coffee Corner, SAN TAW WIN, and Espace Cafe & Bar (Terminal 1). To accommodate travelers’ tastes when they are at Malaysia Airlines MAA Terminal, these restaurants provide a variety of food and beverage options.

There are many other premium services to avail of at the airport, elevating the experience before leaving the airport.

Things to Avoid at Chennai International Airport

Leaving valuables in checked luggage unattended is one of the worst things you can do when visiting Chennai International Airport. This is especially true for expensive products like iPads or cameras. To avoid any potential loss or theft, it is advised to store only objects that are not very valuable or important.

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Malaysia Airlines Chennai International Airport Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What amenities is Malaysia Airlines MAA Terminal offering?

The Malaysia Airlines MAA Terminal has facilities such the Mingalar Sky Lounge, which offers workstations, private meeting spaces, buffet meals, and Wi-Fi. The lounge offers free Wi-Fi, hot meals, charging stations, TV channels, newspapers, magazines, baggage handling, and information on flights. Passengers can also relax in comfy couches. This improves passengers flying with Malaysia Airlines at Chennai International Airport’s entire travel experience. 

What food alternatives are available at Chennai International Airport for customers flying Malaysia Airlines?

Due to recent issues with the airline’s catering, passengers on Malaysia Airlines have access to food choices at Malaysia Airlines Chennai International Airport. Instead of fresh meals, passengers on impacted routes would receive pre-packaged meals; also, a “revised meal structure” might apply, depending on the class of travel and itinerary. Even though pre-booked meal options, meal upgrades, special meals, and the Chef-on-Call service are suspended on affected routes, Malaysia Airlines makes sure that every passenger has access to food and drink during their journey, even if it means serving pre-packaged meals in place of the customary in-flight dining experience.

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