Sepehran Airlines ZBR Terminal – Chabahar Konarak Airport


It might be daunting and difficult for those who have never flown to navigate the many regulations and procedures. Everything about the trip can seem overwhelming, from making travel arrangements to completing pre-flight procedures, realizing the amenities available, and mentioning excellent assistance.

Security-designated places, boarding entryways, client care work areas, and check-in counters are only a few of the essential services and accommodations that Sepehran Airlines ZBR Terminal aims to provide under one roof. In addition, the terminal offers a range of facilities, such as retail shops, restaurants, lounges, and rest rooms, to guarantee a comfortable wait before your flight.

For visitors in need of special help, ZBR Terminal offers amenities to suit a range of need. Regardless of whether you need wheelchair help, visually impaired passenger guide, or other specialized services, their team is qualified to give the support you need for a hassle-free travel.

Synopsis of Sepehran Airlines ZBR Terminal

Airport NameChabahar Konarak Airport
Sepehran Airlines ZBR AddressC9PH+MVR, Konarak, Iran
Airport CodeZBR
Sepehran Airlines ZBR TerminalTerminal 1
Airport Contact No.+98 61 5336 6494
Working Hours24 Hours
Official Sepehran Airlines Site

Sepehran Airlines Departure Terminal at ZBR

By operating out of Chabahar Konarak Airport’s Terminal 1, Sepehran Airlines eliminates the requirement to investigate a rented, shared. A more seamless travel experience is ensured by this dedicated area. Customized service is what you can anticipate. Your questions can be answered and assistance with baggage claim and check-in is provided by their knowledgeable staff. 

Their goal is to ensure that your outing runs smoothly and is enjoyable. All you have to do to ensure a nice and stress-free voyage is to unwind, recline, and prepare yourself before traveling with Sepehran Airlines.

Sequence for Sepehran Airlines Departure at ZBR

Airport Check-in: Check in at the Sepehran Airlines counters at the Sepehran Airlines ZBR Terminal if you haven’t already done so online. The booking confirmation, passport, and visa (if applicable) are required.

Baggage Drop-off: Follow the instructions to the luggage drop-off location once you have checked in, if you have checked bags. Securely fasten your bags with the baggage tags that the airline personnel have provided.

Security Check: Step forward to the security check. Pay attention to what the security staff asks you to do, such as taking off your belt, shoes, and electronics.

Immigration (for international flights): You will need to go through immigration before you can go to the departure gate if you are leaving on an overseas airline. Make sure your passport and visa (if necessary) are prepared for scrutiny.

Departure Gate: Your boarding pass will tell you where to find the departure gate. About 30 to 45 minutes prior to departure, boarding normally begins.

Sepehran Airlines Arrival Terminal at ZBR

Arriving at a safe haven of harmony is what you can expect when you take a Sepehran Airlines flight from ZBR. They only use Sepehran Airlines ZBR Terminal 1 to check passengers in, so you can be sure your trip will conclude peacefully. A seamless and efficient arrival experience is meticulously crafted by Sepehran Airlines. By reducing wait times, they allow you to rest and recuperate following your travel.

Their team of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals is readily available to assist with baggage claim, answer any questions, and provide a warm and welcoming experience. 

Steps to Take When Arriving at ZBR on Sepehran Airlines

Following your arrival at Chabahar Konarak Airport on Sepehran Airlines, the following procedures should be anticipated:

Disembarkation: When the passengers land, pay close attention to what the cabin crew is telling 

Immigration: you and follow their lead. Go ahead and approach the immigration desks. Prepare your passport and any necessary visas so they can be inspected.

Customs: You may have to go through customs depending on your country of origin and the reason for your visit. Observe the given directions and indicators.

Baggage Claim: Locate the area designated for baggage claim based on your flight. Await the appearance of your luggage on the carousel. After gathering your belongings, head toward the door.

Exit and Transportation: The exit is indicated by signage.Taxis, rented cars, buses, and scheduled pick-ups are just a few of the available modes of transportation.

Services at ZBR Terminal for Sepehran Airlines

In order to fulfill all of your needs and guarantee a fun and comfortable journey, Sepehran Airlines provides a wide range of services. Relax in the designated, cozy places before your flight. Take control of your pre-flight experience by visiting the terminal lounges, which provide a quiet and elegant area for you to work, socialize, or unwind.

Browse a large selection of stores with well-known brands and duty-free options at the terminal. You may concentrate on the important issue with the help of Sepehran Airlines ZBR Terminal’s services. 

Self-service kiosks Gate information Lost and found desk
Ticket countersLounge accessCheck-in counters 
Flight status updatesInformation desk Security screening
Boarding information Currency exchange Baggage services
Kids play area Car rental servicesMedical services 
Quiet zones Charging stations Unaccompanied minor
Pet travel service Restrooms and showersWifi access
Accommodations Baggage carts Shopping malls

Lost & Found Desk

Sepehran Airlines has a dedicated Lost & Found service at the Sepehran Airlines ZBR Terminal that can quickly and efficiently return your misplaced belongings. Reuniting you with your possessions is the top priority for their kind and informed staff at the Lost and Found and staff counters. 

When your luggage goes missing, their specialists take the time to carefully listen to your interests and gather comprehensive information. This rigorous approach will boost the chances of a successful recovery because they will know exactly what they are looking for. 

Additionally, throughout the search process, you will receive regular updates that are specific to your case and will keep you updated on any developments. They provide you with the best chance of finding the items you misplaced after passing through the Chabahar Konarak Airport with their Lost & Found service.

Duty-Free Shops

At the amazing duty-free stores at the ZBR Terminal, turn your wait time into an excuse to go on a shopping spree. You are offered by Sepehran Airlines a well-curated selection of duty-free shops that are thoughtfully positioned throughout the ZBR terminal. 

Here you’ll discover everything you need, including must-have travel gear and delectable chocolates to satiate your sweet craving. Additionally, branded apparel, exquisite jewelry, and the newest technology are available. 

At Chabahar Konarak Airport’s duty-free shops, not only can you buy a lot of premium booze, but also enchanting scents. You will be grateful for the significant savings on these many items because they are tax-free!

You may usually find a unique item in these businesses because they often carry exclusive product lines and limited-edition items. Take advantage of the opportunity to unwind, indulge in some retail therapy, and find hidden gems at the duty-free area of the airport. 

Special Assistance for Disabled Passengers

Not everyone goes to every location in the same way, and Sepehran Airlines at ZBR Terminal understands this. All of their staff members, even those who require additional assistance, are committed to making sure that every guest has a relaxing and tranquil experience. 

Your specific needs can be attended to by their dedicated customer service team. Regardless of whether you have specific requests, need clinical consideration while flying, or have limitations on your adaptability. 

Sepehran Airlines advises getting in touch with them prior to booking your flight for the most effective assistance. They may now create the necessary plans of action to provide a seamless travel experience.

A wide range of services, such as wheelchair assistance, personalized directions through security-designated areas, or other specific amenities, are offered by Sepehran Airlines to satisfy the demands of each individual passenger. 

Their goal is to make sure everything about your trip goes as well as possible. They make an effort to offer each and every passenger a thorough and encouraging journey.

Unaccompanied Minor Service

You may put your mind at ease and give your child a safe and enjoyable journey from check-in to baggage claim with Sepehran Airlines’ excellent unaccompanied minor service available at Sepehran Airlines ZBR Terminal.

These precautions will ensure that your little traveler has a stress-free and easy journey. Over the course of your child’s trip, their dedicated staff provides personalized attention.

For a hassle-free check-in and arrival, helpful staff will welcome your child at the terminal, make sure the check-in process runs well, and take care of all pre-boarding procedures.

Furthermore, your child does not have to manage customs by themselves. A seamless customs process is guaranteed by the assistance provided by the Sepehran Airlines ZBR Terminal staff with your child’s luggage and any other special needs.

Specialized training has been given to their attentive cabin crew to enable them to care for younger guests. They will help with meals, respond to inquiries, and offer your child any further assistance they might need to ensure their safety and comfort throughout the journey.

The tailored care means that your youngster won’t have to cope with any uncertainty or fear. The unaccompanied minor support offered by Sepehran Airlines will provide you peace of mind while your child is away, knowing that they will travel safely and comfortably.

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Sepehran Airlines Chabahar Konarak Airport ZBR Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Sepehran Airlines at ZBR?

ZBR’s Terminal 1 is used by Sepehran Airlines.

What terminal is Sepehran Airlines at Chabahar Konarak Airport?

At Chabahar Konarak Airport, Sepehran Airlines operates out of Terminal 1.

What Terminal is Sepehran Airlines arrivals at ZBR?

Arrivals are handled by Sepehran Airlines out of Chabahar Konarak Airport’s Terminal 1.

What Terminal is Sepehran Airlines Departure at ZBR?

For its departures, Sepehran Airlines utilizes ZBR Terminal 1.

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