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Shenzhen Airlines LHW Terminal has made a name for itself in the Chinese aviation market by offering travelers a convenient travel option that they can use for both local and international flights. If you make a thorough division of the LHW terminal ahead of time, you can turn your trip from unpleasant to fantastic.

It saves needless running about and waiting around if you know where the entryways, check-in counters, and security-designated areas are. This thorough guide will assist you in learning all you require to arrive at the Shenzhen Airlines LHW Terminal and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience.

Whether you are embarking on a new journey or coming home from a work trip, their crew is dedicated to making sure your stay at the airport is enjoyable and stress-free. They are constantly there to assist you with anything from navigating the various counters in the terminal to obtaining basic services. You may relax and concentrate on the important thing—parking in a peaceful and comfortable travel experience—when you have access to this information easily at Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport.

Shenzhen Airlines LHW Terminal’s address, code, location, and contact information

Airport NameLanzhou Zhongchuan Airport
Airport CodeLHW
Airport AddressGJ8C+222, Yong Deng Xian, Lanzhou, Gansu, China, 730087
Shenzhen Airlines LHW Terminal ArrivalsTerminal 1
Shenzhen Airlines LHW Terminal DeparturesTerminal 1
Airport Time Zone24 hours
Contact Number+86 931 816 8913
Shenzhen Airlines Official
Shenzhen Airlines Facebook
Shenzhen Airlines LinkedIn

Departure of Shenzhen Airlines at LHW

For departure operations, Shenzhen Airlines uses Terminal 1, and in order to ensure a more efficient and speedy process, the airline has set aside separate locations for customers to check in. You’ll find that an effective layout, friendly and helpful personnel, and obvious signage make every step easy to follow. Shenzhen Airlines’ efficient processes eliminate the need for you to rush to the entryway, giving you enough time to relax, have an espresso, or simply unwind before your trip. 

Arrival of Shenzhen Airlines at LHW

When you arrive at Shenzhen Airlines Terminal 1, you can expect an exceptionally smooth and tranquil journey. Shenzhen Airlines handles the arrival engagement at the LHW Terminal with ease. The moment you walk off the aircraft, a smooth process that expertly guides you through each stage awaits you. If you just go with the flow, you’ll be out of the airport in no time at all, ready to start your vacation in a refreshed and comfortable mood.

Shenzhen Airlines Destinations from LHW

Shenzhen Airlines flies to a number of locations from Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport (LHW). The precise locations may change throughout time, but some typical paths are as follows:

  • Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, CTU
  • Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, SZX
  • Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, XIY
  • Beijing Capital International Airport, PEK
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport, PVG

Services and Amenities that are Available at LHW

There is a wide range of services and amenities that Shenzhen Airlines provides to its passengers. They guarantee a smooth and effective travel experience with their array of services. Their staff is dedicated to ensuring a hassle-free travel experience from check-in to boarding.

Efficient Check-in ServicesBaggage Handling and Tracking
Duty-Free Shopping Boarding Assistance 
Business Center FacilitiesChildren’s Play Area
Cancellations/Refunds Dining Options 
Medical Services Pet Handling Services
Information and Assistance DesksLost and Found Assistance 
Priority Security ChecksSpecial Assistance for Disabled Passengers
Currency Exchange Emergency Response Services 
Baby Changing AreasMultilingual Customer Service
Accessibility Services VIP Lounges
Interfaith Prayer Rooms Transportation Services to/from the Airport 
Wi-Fi and Connectivity ServicesComfortable Waiting Areas
Airport Shuttle Services Lost Baggage Assistance
Flight Information DisplaysRelaxation and Wellness Facilities
Charging Stations for Electronic Devices Immigration Support

Flight Reservations 

Automated ticket issuing machines and Shenzhen Airlines ticketing counters are available for passengers to obtain their tickets for flights of the new airline at Shenzhen Airlines LHW Terminal 1. Consequently, booking your Shenzhen Airlines ticket is very stress-free at the Terminal 1 LHW. 

Airline representatives are always available to offer their services to the travelers by answering all the questions they may have regarding the bookings. They simplify the aspect of making reservations for their preferred places. Provide the right type of tender, travel information and any supporting documents that would facilitate easy transaction. 

Flight Cancellations 

If your Shenzhen Airlines Terminal at LHW has been cancelled you will be informed as soon as possible. They will try to assist you in finding another product or issuing you a refund. It can be done through going to the airport and approaching their desk or you can talk to the customer service department. 

Check-in Facility 

Minimize the time spent at the counter and guarantee the swift and problem-free experience at the Shenzhen Airlines LHW Terminal while flying with Shenzhen Airlines. Go to counters for check in they are well designed to fix all members of the travelling public in an efficient way. In this category, it is advised to put your traveling records and identification data, if the paperwork should be treated as urgent. You should strictly adhere to the check-in compliance check so that your trip will not be a inconvenience Joined by our dedicated team. 

Flight Seat Upgradation 

Better travel with Shenzhen Airlines! Buy promotional offers to upgrade to better planes to ensure that you get extra comfort and sophistication on your plane ride. Thus, you can travel in style and get the finest possible experience of a flight or airplane rental with our improved seats. Practical and decent comfort is what should be given to you for making the trip as pleasant as possible. Now is the time to upgrade your travel accommodations with Shenzhen Airlines. 

Baggage Allowance 

The luggage allowance that the passengers flying with Shenzhen Airlines receive are significantly large if they are flying from LHW Terminal. However, experience the advantages of carrying the checked luggage which has field for some weight and dimensions that have to meet the rules of an airline. 

In order to create pleasant and comfortable conditions passengers have additional opportunity to carry cabin baggage. With a view to optimally bring into play the allowances and without violating any policy that the airline has put in place for a smooth operation, the decision maker needs to acquaint his/her-self with the baggage policies and practices of the concerned airline. 

Information Counter 

The Shenzhen Airlines LHW Terminal Arrivals counters will provide immediate help to any of your travel queries. In an endeavor to ensure that the traveling is seamless our well trained staff is determined to provide you with the most relevant information and / or direction. Now our information counters are at your service to provide any flight and airport information you might require. In conclusion, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy comfortable and a pleasant flight with Shenzhen Airlines.

Lost & Found Department 

If your luggage is missing, delayed, or has been damaged, you are required to report it to the Shenzhen Airlines Lost & Found Department in the LHW Terminal immediately. Immediacy to the dedicated personnel in case of any problems with the luggage. Include basic information about the problem, the details of your flight, as well as an elaborate explanation of the issue at hand. The targeted design of this app is to assist you in locating your lost items, returning them to you, or repairing any problems you are experiencing. Our priorities include your satisfaction and the security of the deliverance of your items. 

 Unaccompanied Minor 

Guardians; children on their own are able to have a safe and cozy trip through the help of the unaccompanied minor service available in Shenzhen Airlines LHW Terminal. The intended audience of this service is people between the Ages of 5 and 12 who travels for vacations. A trained staff supports the junior in checking in, escorting him/her through screening and assisting during the flight. 

It is for this reason that the airline ensures that the well being of its clients is well taken care of and parents or guardians can take comfort in the fact that their youngster is well catered for. This aspect can be evidenced by their unaccompanied minor service, which is basically geared towards ensuring that young solitary travelers have a safe environment in which to travel in. 

Pet Travel Policies

With its travel regulations that allow pets, the airline extends a warm welcome to furry friends. It guarantees a smooth travel experience for passengers to bring their favorite friends or family members. Pets’ comfort and safety are given first priority by the airline, which offers rules for pet travel. Traveling with pets is made possible by Shenzhen Airlines, which promotes a travel atmosphere that values the company of both people and animals.

Disability Support or Needs-Based Assistance for Passengers

At the Shenzhen Airlines LHW Terminal, special assistance is easily accessible for travelers with special needs or disabilities. In-flight assistance, priority boarding, wheelchair help, and other services are available to passengers in need of assistance. It is suggested that passengers notify the airline during the reservation process or get in touch with customer support if they want to use these services. In order to promote inclusivity and a smooth travel experience for all passengers, Shenzhen Airlines works to accommodate a variety of demands.

Luggage Storage

Baggage storage facilities are available at Shenzhen Airlines LHW Terminal to help tourists who need to temporarily store their belongings. This can be found at Terminal 1, near the Meeters and Greeters Hall on Level 5 and at terminal 2, near the Check-in Hall on Level 3.

Seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, are usually observed by the luggage storage operators. Depending on the amount of luggage and length of storage, different prices apply. Generally, rates are determined either by the hour or by the day. The official airport website or the luggage storage kiosks are good places to find out the most recent prices.

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Shenzhen Airlines Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport (LHW) Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Shenzhen Airlines at LHW?

At Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport, Shenzhen Airlines is based out of Terminal 1.

What terminal is Shenzhen Airlines at Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport?

Shenzhen Airlines is located at terminal one of Lanzhou Zhongchuan airport otherwise known as (HKIA).

What Terminal is Shenzhen Airlines arrivals at LHW?

Arriving at Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport’s Terminal 1 are flights operated by Shenzhen Airlines (LHW).

What Terminal is Shenzhen Airlines Departure at LHW?

Terminal 1 of Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport (LHW) is the departure point for Shenzhen Airlines.

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