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CEK Terminal is Smartavia Airlines main hub. At Smartavia Airlines CEK Terminal, the airline operates out of Terminal 1. Passengers can check in from anywhere and avoid long lines at the CEK Terminal with Smartavia Airlines simple check-in services.

For any help or information, travelers can get in touch with Smartavia Airlines dedicated customer care service at the airport. Within the terminal building, the airport offers a plethora of services and amenities to accommodate the airline.

If you want to navigate the airport efficiently and board the flight or exit the terminal in adherence of the protocols upon Smartavia Airlines arrival, then acknowledge the service, address, contact details, departure & arrival terminals on this content. 

Basic Details about Smartavia Airlines CEK Terminal

Airport NameAéroport de Tcheliabinsk
Smartavia Airlines CEK AddressBalandino, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia, 454133
Airport CodeCEK
Smartavia Airlines CEK Contact No+7 351 778-38-88
Smartavia Airlines CEK Terminal ArrivalsTerminal 1
Smartavia Airlines CEK Terminal DeparturesTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours
Smartavia Airlines Official
Smartavia Airlines Facebook
Smartavia Airlines VK
Smartavia Airlines Youtube

Smartavia Airlines Departure terminal at CEK

When it comes to departures from CEK Terminal, Smartavia Airlines only uses Terminal 1. Passengers can easily find their way around and navigate this terminal, which is devoted to the operations of Smartavia Airlines. Easy check-in options are available at Terminal 1 for Smartavia Airlines, including mobile boarding passes and online check-in. 

For their flights, Smartavia Airlines uses specific departure gates at Terminal 1, which guarantees a seamless boarding procedure. Smartavia Airlines guarantees its passengers a seamless and stress-free departure experience at Smartavia Airlines CEK Terminal by employing the services and amenities found in Terminal 1, which you can recognize in this content.

Protocols to Follow for an Efficient Departure on Smartavia Airlines at CEK

  1. Check-in:
    1. A minimum of two hours prior to your planned departure time, arrive at Terminal 1. 
    2. To avoid long lines, take advantage of Smartavia Airlines simple check-in options, which include online check-in.
    3. Check-in should be finished at least an hour before departure.
  2. Baggage: 
    1. With your checked luggage, head to the baggage drop-off location. 
    2. Make sure the weight and size limitations for your luggage are met by the airline.
  3. Security: 
    1. Make your way through Terminal 1’s security checks. 
    2. For the security check, make sure your official identification and boarding pass are ready.
  4. Boarding: 
    1. Pay attention to the boarding announcements and arrive at your designated gate punctually. 
    2. The boarding gates close twenty minutes before takeoff and open one hour before departure.

Smartavia Airlines Arrival terminal at CEK

Arrivals at CEK Terminal by Smartavia Airlines only take place through Terminal 1. At Smartavia Airlines CEK Terminal 1, the airline offers prompt baggage handling services so that travelers can quickly retrieve their belongings. This well-designed terminal is renowned for its efficient operations and comfort for passengers. Some of its features include check-in counters, cafes, shops, and cash exchange.

Steps of Deplaning Smartavia Airlines at CEK Terminal

  1. Disembarkation: The flight crew will give the passengers instructions on how to get off the plane after it lands. Continue toward the terminal building by following the exit signs.
  2. Baggage Claim: Once you disembark, go to the baggage claim area to retrieve your checked luggage. 
  3. Ground Transportation: To assist travelers in getting to their destination, Smartavia Airlines provides a range of ground transportation choices, including buses, taxis, and rental cars.

On-Ground Services and Amenities Available at CEK Terminal

Offering a wide range of services and facilities within Terminal 1, Smartavia Airlines ensures a smooth and stress-free departure experience for its passengers at Chelyabinsk Airport. These services include:

  • Ticketing Counters/Desks
  • Competitive Fares
  • Inter-terminal Transfers
  • Efficient Check-in Options
  • Special Assistance/Services
  • Wi-Fi/Internet Access
  • Comfortable Seating
  • Departure./Boarding Gates
  • Meeting Areas/Rooms
  • Seamless Boarding Process
  • Airport Lounge
  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Efficient Check-in Options
  • Priority Boarding Options
  • Children’s Play Areas
  • Pet-Friendly Policies
  • Information Counters/Helpdesk
  • Flexible Booking Options
  • Security Checkpoints
  • Seat Upgradation
  • Unaccompanied Minors

Baggage Handling

  • For travelers arriving on Smartavia Airlines flights, CEK Terminal offers baggage handling services.
  • Travelers can pick up their bags without waiting around thanks to Smartavia Airlines quick and effective baggage handling services at Terminal 1.
  • When arriving at the airport, travelers can retrieve their checked luggage from a special area called baggage claim.
  • Passengers traveling with Smartavia Airlines can expect a seamless and stress-free experience thanks to their dedicated baggage handling staff. 

Customer Care

  • At Terminal 1 of Chelyabinsk Airport (CEK), Smartavia Airlines furnishes specialized customer care services.
  • The airline’s customer service representatives make sure that customers are always made to feel welcome and supported.
  • Passengers can get in touch with Smartavia Airlines customer support team for any additional help or information.

Check-in Facility

  • At Smartavia Airlines CEK Terminal, the airline has check-in services available. The airline offers convenient check-in choices, such as online and booth check-in, to guarantee a seamless and stress-free travel experience for customers. 
  • You can choose your seat and download your ticket to your phone for a contactless check-in process when you check in online.

Ticket Reservation Service

  • For your convenience and style, Smartavia Airlines CEK Terminal provides a variety of booking options.
  • At your leisure, you can explore a wide range of locations. They have a very user-friendly website that makes it easy to find the right trip for you.
  • Additionally, match different flight options side by side to find the most affordable and convenient schedule.
  • However, at the counters in CEK Terminal, you can receive personalized assistance.
  • You can book your flight and get answers to any questions you may have from their friendly and knowledgeable staff. In light of your requirements and indications, they can help you choose the optimal flight.


  • At the CEK Terminal, travelers on Smartavia Airlines have access to airport lounges prior to their departure.
  • Prior to their flights on Smartavia Airlines, customers can use the airport lounges housed in Terminal 1.
  • Passengers can unwind in the lounges’ cozy seating, refreshing drinks, and tranquil surroundings prior to their journey. 

Services for the Passengers with Pets

  • Pet-friendly policies are available from Smartavia Airlines at Chelyabinsk Airport’s Terminal, as they recognize the value of having your beloved companion with you on your travels.
  • More compact animals can travel in comfort with Smartavia Airlines in a superb transporter that conveniently tucks under your seat. 
  • Larger pets can travel in a safe and comfortable environment thanks to their dedicated cargo service.
  • Their team will make sure you know everything there is to know about pet travel regulations before your flight.
  • A fresh health certificate from your veterinarian should be included in the collection of basic documentation for your pet. You and your pet will have a smooth and peaceful trip if you follow these guidelines.


  • There are shops at CEK Terminal. According to the information provided, the airport has shops that cater to a variety of personal preferences.
  • Additionally, the airport’s official website mentions that there are shops available, along with other amenities such as restaurants, cafes, and VIP facilities.
  • Diverse retail establishments at Smartavia Airlines CEK Terminal accommodate a range of individual tastes. The airport offers the following stores:
    • Dobycha-Magazin Vkusnykh Podarkov I Delikatesov:
      • A variety of gifts and treats are available at this Terminal 1 store.
    • Suveniry Regionov:
      • This store sells trinkets from various locations and is situated in the airport.
    • Upakovka Bagazha:
      • This store, which has a great rating, provides services for wrapping luggage.
    • Magnit:
      • Several products are available at this store, which is close to the airport.
    • Europa City Mall:
      • This mall is close to the airport but not inside it, and it has a lot of different kinds of goods and services.

Duty-Free Shop

  • At the Smartavia Airlines CEK Terminal, there is a duty-free store where you can purchase goods like alcohol and cigarettes. It is advised to review customs laws and guidelines prior to taking off.
  • Globus TRAVEL SHOPS runs a duty-free shop at the airport that sells a variety of goods from top producers, including chic and trendy stuff.
  • Before going through customs, travelers can purchase tax-free items at CEK’s arrivals duty-free shopping locations located in the baggage claim area.
  • Travelers can pre-order goods before they leave the airport using the online duty-free shopping service. When purchasing liquid goods, such as wine or spirits, which might be prohibited at the point of departure owing to security protocols, this can be helpful.

Special Assistance

  • Passengers with special needs or disabilities can receive special assistance at Chelyabinsk Airport (CEK).
  • At CEK Terminal, Smartavia Airlines offers additional assistance to elderly and physically disabled passengers, ensuring a comfortable and well-supported travel experience.
  • The personnel in charge of the passenger and cargo traffic department will offer you free assistance if you need to walk a guide dog.

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Frequently Asked Question:

What terminal is Smartavia Airlines at CEK?

Smartavia Airlines designates Terminal 1 at CEK.

What terminal is Smartavia Airlines at Chelyabinsk Airport?

Smarta Airlines is located within Terminal 1 at Chelyabinsk Airport.

What Terminal is Smartavia Airlines arrivals at CEK?

Smartavia Airlines arrivals is at Terminal 1 of CEK.

What Terminal is Smartavia Airlines Departure at CEK?

Smartavia Airlines Departure is at Terminal 1 at CEK.

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