Syrian Air ALG Terminal – Houari Boumediene International Airport


Syrian Air chooses to make its headquarters at the Houari Boumediene International Airport, Houari Boumediene through which it is easier to fly to and from the city. Syrian Air uses Houari Boumediene International Airport’s Main Terminal to do its operations, using the airport’s facilities for arrivals, departures, and check-in. Travelers who use Syrian Air have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy their flights at the airport as the place offers all possible facilities and services that the airline may need. 

Thus, in order to grasp the amenities and services that are provided to the passengers traveling with Syrian Air, one must be familiar with the Syrian Air ALG Terminal. They will not have much problems moving faster between terminals, only if they are armed with the required information for the terminal, including the location of the terminal inside the airport, available services, and facilitation procedures. 

Passengers who fly with Syrian Air from Houari Boumediene International Airport can also decide on their travel plans wisely, use airport facilities such as lounges and cafes, and move around the airport in a better way by knowing the terminal specifics. 

Specifications of Syrian Air ALG Terminal

Airport NameAlgiers International Airport Houari Boumediene
Airport CodeALG
Airport AddressBP. 295, Dar El Beïda 16000, Algeria
Airport Contact Number+213 21 50 91 91
Syrian Air ALG terminal arrivalsMain Terminal
Syrian Air ALG terminal departuresMain Terminal
Syrian Air Ticket Counter Hours24 hours a Day
Syrian Air Official
Official Facebook
Official Twitter
Official Instagram
Official Youtube

Syrian Air Departure at ALG Terminal

A flight of Syrian Air from its departing point in Houari Boumediene International Airport on the Main Terminal (ALG) is an example. Aside from the ATMs and banks, more than that the duty-free shops, retail outlets, restaurants, cafes, web foreign currency exchange transaction, airline lounges, and the ones listed so far, Syrian Air ALG Terminal  has more services tailored to the needs of the travelers. Passengers of Syrian Air flying out of Houari Boumediene International Airport at the Main Terminal can take advantage of these facilities and services to make their journey more enjoyable. 

Series of Steps One Must Follow Upon Syrian Air Departure at ALG Terminal

When departing from Houari Boumediene International Airport (ALG) on a Syrian Air flight, passengers must go through the following important procedures: 

Check-in: Dedicated check-in counters for the airline are situated in Syrian Air Houari Boumediene International Airport’s Main Terminal, where travelers can check in. For check-in, self-service kiosks are also offered. 

Baggage Drop-off: At the baggage drop-off locations in the Main Terminal, travelers can dispose of their checked baggage.

Security Screenings: Before reaching the departure gates, passengers and their carry-on luggage will go through security screening at the assigned checkpoints in the Main Terminal.

Immigration and Customs Clearance: It is necessary for travelers to go through immigration and customs procedures at the Main Terminal in order to board their flight.

Boarding: After the boarding procedure starts, travelers will be shown to the Main Terminal’s designated gates to board their Syrian Air flight.

Syrian Air Arrival at ALG Terminal

The Syrian Airlines are the ones that handle arrivals in the Houari Boumediene Airport’s Main Terminal (ALG). At the gate of Syrian Air ALG, the passengers about to board the plane with Syrian Air are able to expect a number of facilities including: duty free stores, banks, exchange points, information point, cash machines and more. The Syrian Air passengers will no longer have to worry about air travel because of the essential services and amenities provided at Syrian Air ALG Terminal.  These include, among others, disembarkation convenience, and efficiency. 

Course of Action Adhere to that One Must Implement at ALG Terminal upon Arrival with Syrian Air

Disembarkation: After getting off the plane, passengers head to the Main Terminal.

Immigration & Customs: At the Main Terminal, travelers must complete the necessary immigration and customs procedures.

Baggage Claim: Travelers retrieve their checked bags from the Syrian Air Houari Boumediene International Airport Main Terminal’s baggage claim area.

Exit the Airport: Once all formalities have been completed, travelers can leave the airport and continue to their next locations. 

Built-Services That ALG Terminal Features at the Airport

For passengers flying on Syrian Air, the Main Terminal at ALG provides a range of facilities and services to ensure a seamless arrival experience, including:

  • Airline reservation desks, 
  • Retail stores
  • Baggage drop-off, 
  • Charging stations, 
  • ATMs and banks, 
  • Pet relief areas, 
  • Special assistance
  • Duty-free shops, 
  • Restaurants and cafes, 
  • Information desks, 
  • Currency exchange, 
  • Boarding assistance, 
  • Emergency services, 
  • Airline lounges, 
  • Lost and found, 
  • Rental car services, 
  • Security checkpoints, 
  • Business centers, 
  • Child care rooms, 
  • Luggage wrapping, 
  • Check-in counters, 
  • Wifi/internet service, 
  • Luggage carts, 
  • Kids play areas, 
  • Shuttle services, and flight status information
  • Unaccompanied minor services

Check in Facilities

  • Syrian Air uses Houari Boumediene International Airport’s Main Terminal for its check-in operations.
  • Syrian Air customers can use the check-in counters for a number of services, such as purchasing tickets, canceling flights, checking in at the airport counter or via a self-service kiosk, upgrading their seats, and baggage services.
  • The ticket counters for Syrian Air are open twenty-four hours a day at Syrian Air ALG Terminal, giving travelers flexibility. 
  • WiFi and internet access are available to passengers arriving at Houari Boumediene International Airport and departing from the terminal operated by Syrian Air. 

Information Desk

Passengers can get helpful advice, support, and important information from the information desk at Syrian Air Houari Boumediene International Airport to make their trip even more enjoyable. An outline of the services usually provided by the Information Desk is provided below:

  • Flight schedules, delays, gate information, and any other flight-related changes can all be enquired about by passengers. 
  • Information about where the airport’s facilities, including shops, dining establishments, lounges, and restrooms, are located.
  • advice on the various modes of ground transportation that are accessible from the airport, such as public transportation, rental cars, and taxis.
  • advice and details on the must-see tourist spots, sites, and landmarks in Houari Boumediene City and the surrounding areas.
  • Offering support in cases of emergency, misplaced objects, health issues, or other serious issues.
  • Therefore, assistance provided in different languages to meet passenger`s diverse needs is offered. 
  • in order to respond to any other questions or concerns that travelers may have about their trip or the amenities at the airport. 

Baggage Service

To improve travelers travel experiences, Syrian Air ALG Terminal provides the following baggage services:

Baggage Claim

  • You just touched down at Main Terminal, so it makes sense that the baggage claim area is designed in such a way so that it is easy to see and get your checked bags. Almost at the end of your trip, there will not be any hustle and bustle at the airport baggage claim. 

Baggage Delivery Service

  • At the airport where Houari Boumediene International Flight arrives, National Aviation Services (NAS) provides a solution that has been launched: Pearl Assist Baggage Delivery Service. 
  • Consequently, travelers can travel to Houari Boumediene and have their checked bags delivered straight to their address which makes them find themselves in an advantage of leaving the airport earlier than their counterparts. 
  • The Pearl Assist Baggage Delivery Service counter is located in the arrivals area, where travelers can reserve their bags online in advance and enjoy the privilege of this service. 
  • From there, they are delivered to the passengers’ addresses in on-time sealed and just-tracked bags, and the NAS team is constantly monitoring the security and safety of the luggage. 

Baggage Wrapping

  • To give passengers a chance to secure their belongings and personal items, the Syrian Air Houari Boumediene International Airport has got the wrapping services at Main Terminal in particular. 
  • The benefit of this service will be a peace of mind that the bags will be wrapped prior to the flight and therefore safely handled during the transfer from one aircraft to another. 
  • The procedure of packing the luggage includes the use of a protective layer for the purpose of guarding against damage, theft, or tampering during transit. 
  • To gain more peace of mind, travelers, who are concerned about the security of their belongings, can take heart that they are an extra protective feature in their hopping. 
  • The availability of baggage wrapping kiosks within the airport informs about an influence toward flight customer happiness and securing of bags content. 

Lost & Found Desk

Passengers can locate and retrieve misplaced items within the Syrian Air ALG Terminal premises with the help of the dedicated Lost & Found Desk at Houari Boumediene International Airport. Based on the references given, the Lost & Found Desk is summarized as follows:

  • In Houari Boumediene, the DGCA or Directorate General of Civil Aviation is where the Lost & Found Desk is placed. 
  • Using a Lost and Found tags form or contacting a Lost & Found through the directives has been proven to be the best way for the travelers to report the loss of their items and make sure that the Lost and Found Department knows what exactly happened. 
  • In line with the predetermined regulations and procedures, the Lost & Found Section sends the lost items to the Lost & Found warehouse and makes inspection tours around the airport to look for the missing baggage. 

Food Outlets

Passengers have a choice between several food outlets at Syrian Air Houari Boumediene International Airport. When it comes to the eating infrastructure at our airport, we currently have Pizza Express, Raising Cane’s, Shake Shack, Burger King, Karak Makani Main Terminal, pasta pasta airport branch, and a few other restaurants. Apart from food, the variety of services in an airport parking lot is astonishing, catering to the diverse preferences of the travelers. 

Shopping Stores

  • The international Houari Boumediene airport provides customers with a number of stores where they can shop. Duty-free shops, retail outlets, famous brands’ shops, and an entertainment complex called the Airport Mall are among these retailers. 
  • For its part, the Syrian Air ALG Terminal provides a variety of shopping options, ranging from fine jewelry, clothing, souvenirs and other world-known stores’ brands to I admire all your tastes. 
  • You will have a large number of shops, stands, services, and of course food and drink on all floors of the Airport Mall, which is located next to the main terminal building and thus gives the passengers a wide range of consumption options. 
  • Duty Free shops are also found in the Departures area of Main Terminal and they are open 24/7/365. The store brands these items at the best prices in the market and produces them as well as fragrances, cosmetics, chocolates, sweets, and confectionery. 

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Syrian Air Algiers International Airport Houari Boumediene Map

Frequently Asked Question:

Which ALG terminal does Syrian Air operate out of?

Syrian Air arrives and departs from Houari Boumediene International Airport using the Main Terminal.

Which terminal does Syrian Air arrive at Houari Boumediene International Airport?

Syrian Air operates its flights out of Houari Boumediene International Airport’s Main Terminal.

At Houari Boumediene International Airport, which is the departure terminal for Syrian Air? 

Syrian Air operates out of Houari Boumediene International Airport’s Main Terminal. 

What services does Syrian Air ALG Terminal offer?

The Syrian Air ALG Main Terminal offers a number of services, such as the ability to book tickets, cancel flights, check in at the airport counter or online, upgrade seats, handle baggage, and more.

Is there internet or wifi available at the Syrian Air ALG Main Terminal?

Passengers arriving at or leaving from Houari Boumediene International Airport can use the wifi and internet provided by the Syrian Air terminal.

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