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Zurich Airport is known for its exceptional customer service and amenities. The terminal is a bustling hub serving travelers from around the world with booking, check-in, cancellation, baggage allowance, and many more. As one of the most determined airports and a key gateway to South America, the Tap Air Portugal ZRH Terminal offers a wide range of services and amenities to ensure a seamless travel experience for passengers.

The airline collaborates with numerous partners to enhance the range of services and benefits available to passengers. Through partnerships with leading airlines and membership programs, travelers can enjoy their time at Zurich Airport while enjoying exclusive perks, discounts, and rewards.

Overview of Tap Air Portugal Zurich Airport

Airport NameZurich Airport
Airport AddressFlughafenstrasse, 8058 Kloten, Switzerland
Airport CodeZRH
Airport Contact Number+41 43 816 22 11
Tap Air Portugal Zurich Airport TerminalTerminal 1 & 2
Tap Air Portugal ZRH Arrival TerminalTerminal 1 & 2
Tap Air Portugal ZRH Departure TerminalTerminal 1 & 2
Working Hours24 hours
Official Websitewww.flytap.com
Instagram Accountwww.instagram.com/tapairportugal

Portugal Tap Air  Departure at ZRH Terminal

Portugal Tap Air  departure flights operate out of Zurich Airport’s Terminals 1 and 2. Check-in online, at the airport counter, via self-service kiosks, flight information, business and economy class check-in, boarding pass privileges, and more are all available to departing passengers at the Tap Air  Portugal ZRH terminals.

In addition, amenities like duty-free shopping in-flight, airport transfers, and lounges are available to passengers. It is recommended that travelers verify the departure time of their flight and the terminal/gate details shown on the airport screens, as these may vary.

Procedures That Passengers Undergo When Departing on Tap Air Portugal at ZRH Terminal


  • For flights to and from the United States, passengers can check in online up to 36 hours in advance of departure to avoid long lines at the airport. You can accomplish this by using the airline’s app or website. 
  • The Tap Air Portugal Zurich Airport check-in counters are the next step for passengers to check in if online check-in is not available. 

Boarding Pass

  • There is no longer a need for printed boarding passes because passengers can show their digital boarding pass on their tablet or smartphone. 
  • Passengers without bags can head straight to the departure gate for expedited boarding.

Baggage Drop off

  • After finishing the check-in procedure, travelers with checked baggage can deposit their bags at the designated drop-off desks.

Security Checks

  • Before arriving at the departure gates, passengers must pass through the security check area after checking in and dropping off their bags.


  • To guarantee an on-time departure, passengers must arrive at the boarding gate at least thirty minutes in advance of the scheduled departure time. 
  • Usually, there are zones for boarding, and certain passenger groups are given preference.

Final Pre-boarding Procedures

  • Even after completing their online check-in, travelers may still need to pick up their boarding pass in person at the counter at certain airports.
  • Depending on how long their layover is, passengers with connecting flights or stopovers have to adhere to certain protocols.

Portugal Tap Air Arrival at ZRH Terminal

At Zurich Airport, Tap Air  Portugal lands at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. At the Tap Air  Portugal ZRH terminals, visitors can take advantage of a number of services and facilities after arriving, such as:

  • Baggage claim and luggage services
  • Immigration and customs clearance
  • Airport transfers and transportation options
  • Airport lounges and other passenger facilities
  • Visa on arrival services

The purpose of Zurich Airport’s Tap Air  Portugal terminals is to give travelers a smooth and relaxing arrival experience. A variety of services and amenities to meet their needs are available, and travelers can anticipate quick processing of their visas and luggage.

Protocols to Adhere Upon Arrival with Tap Air Portugal at Zurich Airport

Depending on how long their layover is, passengers with connecting flights or stopovers have to adhere to certain protocols.

Immigration and Customs 

  • At Tap Air Portugal Zurich Airport, passports and travel documents are checked as passengers go through immigration control. 
  • Travelers proceed to customs clearance after immigration in order to declare any items or goods as required by Finnish customs laws.

Baggage Claim

  • Once immigration is completed, travelers continue to customs clearance to declare any goods or items needed by Finnish customs laws.
  • Finding and collecting your luggage from the assigned carousel is crucial.

Airport Transfers & Transportation

  • Taxis, buses, trains, and rental cars are among the options available to travelers who require transportation from the airport.
  • Passengers can be directed to the proper transportation services by information desks and signs located throughout the airport.

Services Available within Tap Air  Portugal ZRH Terminal

Having linked passengers to international locations without negatively affecting their individual finances has allowed Tap Air  Portugal to establish itself as a prominent airline. Tap Air Portugal ZRH Terminal, which gives travelers access to a variety of services meant to improve their trip, is an important hub for Tap Air Portugal.

Check-in Facilities

Zurich Airport has counters for check-in. For help with the check-in procedure, travelers can go to one of the airport’s check-in service locations. In addition, travelers can check in independently at Zurich Airport and several network airports using self-service kiosks.

There are self-service check-in kiosks and check-in service points among the check-in amenities at Zurich Airport. 

To check in for their flights, travelers can use the Tap Air Portugal Zurich Airport self-service kiosks. 

Passengers seeking assistance with the check-in procedure can visit check-in desks indicated on airport monitors in the event that self-service kiosks are not available.

Zurich Airport has self-service check-in kiosks and check-in counter in the departures hall.

Information Desk

The staff of the information desks at Zurich Airport are in place to assist any traveler who may have such a query or uncertainty. If travelers are coming to Zurich Airport, either as passengers or visitors, these information desks in the Arrival and Departure Halls can assist them with their needs or directions that they may have. The following services are offered by the Zurich Airport information desks:The following services are offered by the Zurich Airport information desks:

  • General airport-related information and assistance:
  • Guidance on airport facilities and services:
  • Assistance in challenging situations:

Shopping Outlets

  • Travelers can explore a wide range of shops and stores at Tap Air Portugal ZRH Terminal. 
  • Products from fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, souvenirs, and other categories are available at these outlets. 
  • To further improve its retail options, Zurich Airport is also planning to open ten new luxury and local stores, including boutiques selling luxury fashion, eco-friendly goods, jewelry and design, and cosmetics.
  • With an emphasis on Finnish companies and global luxury names, the airport seeks to offer a varied shopping experience for visitors, both arriving and departing.

Lost and Found Desk

  • Travellers can check in and retrieve misplaced belongings at the Lost and Found desk at Zurich Airport. 
  • At Tap Air Portugal Zurich Airport, misplaced belongings are managed by the Excess Baggage Company, situated in the Arrivals area. 
  • Inquiring about their lost items and starting the process of recovering them is possible for travelers who have lost something at the airport by getting in touch with the Excess Baggage Company.
  • Making contact with the Excess Baggage Company, situated in the arrivals hall, is the first step in the process of retrieving misplaced items at Zurich Airport. 
  • Travelers who have misplaced personal belongings may get information about them by emailing or visiting the Excess Baggage Company online at www.lostproperty.org.
  • Lost and found goods at airport terminals, parking lots, and Finnair buses are handled by the Excess Baggage Company.


  • There are ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) at Zurich Airport where travelers can obtain cash. ATMs are located at Tap Air Portugal ZRH Terminal in a number of locations, including:
    • Gate 28, Terminal 2
    • Terminal 1
    • Arrivals area at Hall 2B
  • For the convenience of travelers requiring cash withdrawals, these ATMs are positioned thoughtfully throughout the airport.
  • Zurich Airport is equipped with ATMs that take foreign currency.
  • In an effort to expand their offerings, ChangeGroup has installed foreign exchange ATMs at Zurich Airport. Customers can exchange money at these ATMs whenever they want, even late at night. They also offer flexibility for currency exchange. 
  • Furthermore, by providing travelers with the option to use self-service currency exchange machines, the ATMs complement ChangeGroup’s current service outlets at the airport.

Foreign Exchange

The currency exchange services offered by Tap Air Portugal Zurich Airport can be obtained via self-service ATMs that accept foreign currencies as well as manned currency exchange offices. This makes it convenient for travelers to exchange currencies at the airport. 

Throughout the airport’s operating hours, travelers can exchange currencies at the FOREX Money Exchange office located at Zurich Airport, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Food Outlets

Travelers can choose from a wide range of dining options at Zurich Airport thanks to the many food outlets available. 

These establishments include fast food joints like McDonald’s, Subway, and Burger King; cafes and snack bars; and convenient stores like Starbucks, Paul, R-kioski, Alepa, and 7eleven. Sitting restaurants offering American, Asian, Finnish, and Mediterranean cuisines are also included. 

Duty-free Shops

  • Duty-free stores are available at Tap Air Portugal ZRH Terminal, where travelers can purchase a wide range of goods, such as food, souvenirs, skincare, cosmetics, booze, and tobacco.
  • The Duty-Free shops, which provide a unique assortment of tax-free goods for travelers to buy before or after their departure, are situated in Zurich Airport’s Terminals 1 and 2. 
  • Zurich Airport’s Duty-Free shops also feature a range of high-end labels like Max Mara, Burberry, and Bvlgari, where travelers can purchase opulent goods at discounted rates. 
  • Passengers can easily purchase a variety of goods at tax-free prices at Zurich Airport’s Duty-Free shops.

Charging Stations

  • The parking areas of Tap Air Portugal Zurich Airport are equipped with electric car charging stations. To meet the growing demand for electric vehicles, the airport has almost 350 charging stations spread throughout several parking halls. 
  • Each parking hall has a strategic location for these charging stations, with the P2 parking hall having the most of them. 
  • Travelers may conveniently charge their electric cars while parked at the airport thanks to the charging stations located in the P1 Premium, P3, and P5 parking halls.

Lounge Access

  • Zurich Airport provides access to lounges. Before their flights, travelers can unwind and take advantage of the many amenities available at the airport’s lounges.
  • These lounges are the Finnair Business Lounge, the Aspire Lounge at Gate 26, the Finnair Platinum Wing Lounge, the Finnair Lounge in the Schengen area, and the Plaza Premium Lounge in the non-Schengen area.
  • To improve the traveling experience, these lounges offer amenities like cozy seating, food options, work areas, showers, and other services.

A complete list of Tap Air Portugal Terminal

Tap Air Portugal Zurich Airport Map

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Terminal is Tap Air Portugal at Zurich Airport?

Terminals 1 and 2 of Zurich Airport are the operating locations for Tap Air Portugal.

Where is the Tap Air Portugal Arrival at Zurich Airport?

Portugal Tap Air  Portugal lands at Zurich Airport between Terminals 1 and 2.

What are the Tap Air Portugal ZRH Terminal check-in options?

To give customers a smooth check-in experience, Portugal Tap Air  Portugal offers a variety of check-in options, such as helpdesks and self-service kiosks.

Which facilities and services are offered in the ZRH Terminal’s Tap Air  Portugal lounges?

Prior to their flights, travelers can unwind in the terminal’s private lounges, which offer first-rate amenities like soft seating, free refreshments, and a calm setting.

Where is Tap Air Portugal Departure at Zurich Airport?

At Zurich Airport, Tap Air  Portugal departs from Terminals 1 and 2.

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