Turkish Airlines ORN Terminal – Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport


In addition to the airlines operating from or to Oran Ahmed Ben Bella cities, Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport serves as the local hub for Turkish Airlines. The airline designates ORN Terminal for both departure and arrival. A number of conveniences, including pet relieving facilities, high-speed, free, unrestricted internet access, and check-in services, are available to customers who choose the Turkish Airlines ORN Terminal. Flyers using this terminal have the opportunity to have a pleasant and efficient experience thanks to this facility.

Info About Turkish Airlines ORN Terminal

Airport NameOran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport
TerminalTerminal 1
Turkish Airlines ORN Arrivals TerminalTerminal 1
Turkish Airlines ORN Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Airport CodeORN
ORN Airport AddressJ99Q+8JH, Es Senia, Algeria
Turkish Airlines IATA CodeTK
Turkish Airlines ICAO CodeTHY
Turkish Airlines Ticket Counter Hours24 hours a Day
CityEs Senia
Turkish Airlines Official Websitewww.turkishairlines.com

Departure Terminal for Turkish Airlines ORN Terminal

Turkish Airlines departures are handled by a separate terminal at the airport. Terminal 1 is the departure point for Turkish Airlines. The Turkish Airlines ORN Terminal provides travelers with the amenities and services they need for their flights.

In order to guarantee you have enough time for luggage drop and security procedures, For domestic flights, Turkish Airlines advises arriving at the ORN Terminal at least two hours in advance of takeoff, and for international flights, three hours in advance.

Arrival Terminal for Turkish Airlines ORN terminal

At the ORN Terminal, Turkish Airlines has a designated arrival terminal. Turkish Airlines uses Terminal 1 as its arrival facility at the Airport. The airline identifies numerous effective elements within Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport terminal, such luggage assistance, disability services, and many more, to minimize any inconvenience to travelers arriving at the airport.  

Turkish Airlines Services ORN Terminal

At the terminal of Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport, Turkish Airlines does offer services. Turkish Airlines passengers can take advantage of a number of facilities at the ORN Terminal, such as pet relief areas, high-speed free internet, and check-in services, all of which contribute to a pleasant and hassle-free experience while flying.

Flight Booking

Turkish Airlines allows travelers to conveniently book their flights directly at the airport by offering flight booking facilities at the ORN Terminal. Travelers can use this convenience to place reservations for the destinations and dates of their choice, guaranteeing a smooth booking process at the ORN Terminal.

Flight Cancellation

Although flight cancellation services are provided by Turkish Airlines, their precise availability at the Turkish Airlines ORN Terminal may differ. For further information on Turkish Airlines’ policies and processes regarding flight cancellations at ORN Terminal, travelers are urged to get in touch with the airline directly or visit their official website.

Flight Change

At the ORN Terminal, Turkish Airlines conducts flight changing services. Subject to Turkish Airlines’ flight change restrictions and procedures, passengers may use this service to make modifications to their reservation immediately at the airport.

Check-in Service

Turkish Airlines allows travelers to conveniently check in for their flights right at the airport by offering a check-in procedure at ORN Terminal. With the help of this service, passengers can finish the check-in requirements prior to their flights, guaranteeing a quick and easy trip at ORN Terminal.

Seat Selection

With Turkish Airlines, customers can select their seats right at Turkish Airlines ORN Terminal  through in-airport procedures. By giving customers the option to choose their favorite seats in advance of the flight, this service improves their entire Turkish Airlines travel experience. 

When choosing a seat at the airport for a Turkish Airlines trip, there is a cost. Turkish Airlines charges different seat selection fees depending on the type of ticket, route, and class of travel. In addition to prices for different tiers of service and domestic and international flights, passengers need to budget between $1.98 and $142 for various seat types.

Seat upgrade

At the ORN Terminal, Turkish Airlines offers customers the option to upgrade their seats, which can improve their overall flying experience. This benefit confirms a pleasant and personalized travel experience at ORN Terminal by giving passengers the chance to enjoy additional comfort and facilities during their journey.

Baggage Services

At the terminal of Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport, Turkish Airlines provides luggage services. Services like luggage tracking, baggage allowance details, and the ability to purchase additional baggage allowance if necessary are available to Turkish Airlines passengers. To guarantee a flawless travel experience for customers at ORN Terminal, the airline also offers a well-functioning and orderly baggage system.

Lost & Found

For travelers who have lost their items, Turkish Airlines offers a Lost & Found Desk service at the ORN Terminal. Travelers can make requests and retrieve misplaced things with the assistance of a well-trained team that provides a seamless and efficient solution for managing lost and found inquiries and complaints. During their trip, travelers can depend on this service at ORN Terminal to promptly handle any misplaced items.

Food Service

At the Turkish Airlines ORN Terminal, Turkish Airlines provides great food options that make for a memorable onboard dining experience. Travelers can enjoy a range of choices for nourishment during their flight thanks to Turkish Airlines’ award-winning meal services, which enhances the overall experience of flying with the carrier. 

Services to Avail of at Turkish Airlines ORN Terminal

A variety of built-in services are available at ORN Terminal to improve travelers’ travel experiences. Currency exchange, lounges at airports, dining options, coffee shops and restaurants, meeting spaces, accessibility features, kid-friendly zones, places for kids to play, places to store bags, ATMs and cash machines, duty-free shopping, tax refund services, food and drink options, and more are offered. By meeting the many demands of visitors arriving at Turkish Airlines ORN Terminal, these facilities make sure that every passenger has a convenient and comfortable travel experience.

Currency exchange

There are two currency exchange counters at Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport, which is run by Medicinos Bankas. The Arrivals level has one counter, while the Departures level has the other. The Arrivals counter is open for currency exchange every day from 8:00 to 1:00, with three breaks during the day. 

With different hours depending on the day of the week, the Departures counter opens and shuts sooner than the Arrivals counter. The only money changer at ORN is Medicinos Bankas, but be aware that the exchange rates at the airport might not be as good as those in the city. Furthermore, at Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport, there is a 1.5 EUR commission fee for cash currency transactions.

Airport Lounge

A number of lounges are available at Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport allowing travelers to unwind and take use of facilities before to their flights. One such lounge is the Narbutas Business Lounge, which is reachable after going through aviation security and situated in a sterile section of the airport.

In addition to providing passengers with a cozy and private area, this lounge also offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, soft and hot drinks, cold nibbles, desserts, access to the most recent news, office services, and Wi-Fi.

Access to the lounge is fee-based, with additional fees for visits longer than the three-hour maximum. It is accessible everyday from 4:00 to 22:00. Many types of passengers are eligible for free entry to the Narbutas Business Lounge. 

These include Star Alliance Gold cards, some cardholders from different programs, and business class customers of specific airlines. In addition, the lounge has a variety of displays and facilities for increased ease and luxury, such as call pods, acoustic panels, executive desks, and executive seats.

Children’s Play Area

To engage and relax young visitors, Turkish Airlines ORN Terminal has a special children’s play area inside the passenger terminal. With its array of entertainment options, which includes a dice game, this play area makes sure kids have a fun and interesting time while they’re at the airport. 

Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport’s dedication to improving family services and making the airport a more inviting place for kids is demonstrated by the construction of this new entertainment equipment in the kids’ play area.

Handicapes Services

Complete handicap services are offered at Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport to guarantee accessibility and support for travelers with impaired mobility or disability. Dedicated accessible parking spots near the terminal, an elevator for simple floor transfers, and assistance call buttons in the parking lot and outside the bus stop for staff calling are some of these services. 

By contacting their airline in advance, travelers with physical limitations or limited mobility can obtain assistance during all airport procedures, from checking in their bags to boarding the aircraft. Aside from that, the airport has designated waiting spaces with wheelchair access at no cost, baggage handling services, terminal navigation, and skilled personnel available to assist with any needs. 

With amenities like accessible restrooms, lifts, and elevators available for people with disabilities or limited mobility, Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport is dedicated to providing an accommodating and inclusive travel experience for all travelers. Meeting rooms, Internet connections, airport hotels, baggage storage areas, rest zones, charging stations for electronic devices, ATMs, cash machines, etc. are the rest of the available services that the airport provides within the Turkish Airlines ORN Terminal building as per their requirements.

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Turkish Airlines ORN Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

How early should one arrive at ORN Terminal for Turkish Airlines Check-in?

For domestic flights, travelers departing from Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport on Turkish Airlines should arrive at the airport no later than two hours, and for international flights, no later than three hours, to allow enough time for security checks, baggage drop-off, and check-in. 

Do Someone Need to Pay Commission on Currency Exchange at ORN Terminal?

Passengers at Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport Terminal are exempt from commission fees when exchanging currencies. This is in line with the custom of providing commission-free currency exchange services to visitors at airports, guaranteeing a practical and economical means for tourists to exchange money before to their trip.

Does ORN Terminal Feature pet carriage service for Turkish Airlines?

For Turkish Airlines travelers, pet carriage services are available at the Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport Terminal. Larger pets can be flown in the aircraft cargo hold, but cats, dogs, and small songbirds like canaries and parakeets are allowed to fly in the cabin.

What kind of documentation is needed at the Turkish Airlines ticket counter at the ORN terminal in order to check in? 

Your ticket number, booking code (PNR), and identity (ID) are needed to check in at the Turkish Airlines ticket counter at Oran Ahmed Ben Bella Airport Terminal. In order to ensure a quick and easy check-in process prior to your Turkish Airlines flight, these documents are necessary for finishing all check-in formalities at the airport counter.

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