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With its distinctive and entertaining flying experience, Virgin Atlantic has introduced a novel approach to air travel. The airline works hard to provide outstanding customer service, and as a result, it has established a solid reputation in the sector. We will cover everything from reservations to cancellations to other airline services at the Virgin Atlantic MTY Terminal, so if you are thinking about using Virgin Atlantic for your next trip to your ideal destination, you’ve come to the right place.

Overview of Virgin Atlantic Airways Monterrey International Airport

Airport NameMonterrey International Airport
Virgin Atlantic MTY Airport AddressCarr. Miguel Alemán Km 24, 66600 Cd Apodaca, N.L., Mexico
Airport CodeMTY
Virgin Atlantic MTY Airport Contact Number+528182887700
Virgin Atlantic MTY TerminalTerminal – 1
Working Hours24 hours

Virgin Atlantic Airways Deprture at MTY Terminal

Virgin Atlantic Airways uses terminal 1 to depart from Monterrey International Airport. Once passengers have checked in and gone through security, they can proceed to their designated boarding gates. Self-service kiosks are available at the Virgin Atlantic Airways MTY Terminal for independent check-ins, and airline representatives can assist with check-ins at airport check-in counters.

Protocols to Follow for the Departure Upon Virgin Atlantic Airways at MTY Terminal


  • Virgin Atlantic departs from MTY airport using Terminal 1. 
  • To finish the check-in procedure, passengers have three options: online check-in, self-service kiosks, and counter check-in. 
  • The Virgin Atlantic Airways Monterrey International Airport accommodates passenger preferences by providing a range of check-in options. 

Security and Immigration

  • Passengers will go through the routine immigration and security processes at the terminal after check-in.
  • They will be guided through a standardized process that begins with check-in and adheres to particular security protocols. 

Boarding Passes: 

  • Boarding passes are distributed to passengers at the time of check-in. The flight’s departure gate and boarding time are shown on the boarding pass.

Gate Arrival:

  • The departure gate should be reached by passengers well in advance of the time listed on their boarding pass. Usually, 45 minutes or so before the planned departure time, boarding begins.


  • Depending on their designated seat number or boarding group, passengers board the aircraft in that order. Certain passengers, such as those in premium cabins or those in need of special assistance, may be eligible for priority boarding.

Virgin Atlantic Airways Arrival at MTY Terminal

Terminal 1 at MTY is where Virgin Atlantic handles its arrivals. When travelers arrive, they can search for specific locations for baggage claims in order to get their belongings and continue. You will need to go through certain processes at the arrivals terminal if you are an international traveler for security reasons. Virgin Atlantic Airways MTY Terminal is also fully furnished with everything from basic to sophisticated services.

Steps that Passengers must Follow upon Deplaning Virgin Atlantic Flight at MTY Terminal 

Arrival at the Terminal:

When the plane lands, please wait until the cabin crew tells you it’s time to get off. Follow the signs. Listen to any directions, from the crew to leave the plane in a way.

Inside the terminal, look for signs that say Immigration (Migración) and Baggage Claim (Recogida de Equipaje).

For Immigration and Customs:

a. Go to the Immigration counters with your passport, immigration form (if needed). Any other documents.

b. After passing through Immigration, pick up your checked bags at Baggage Claim.

c. At Virgin Atlantic Airways Monterrey International Airport, head to Customs (Aduana) clearance, following signs and instructions from Customs officers.

d. Declare any items required by Mexicos customs rules.

Security Checks:

After clearing customs, you might have a security check near Baggage Claim before leaving. Follow security personnel’s instructions. Place your carry on items, on the conveyor belt if asked for screening.

Virgin Atlantic Terminal MTY Services

Regardless of a passenger’s age or gender, the Virgin Atlantic Airways MTY Terminal is a state-of-the-art facility that caters to their specific needs. Below is a summary of the services offered at the terminal:

  • Currency Exchange
  • ATMs
  • Banks
  • Business Centre
  • Medical Facilities
  • Interfaith Chapels
  • Quiet Rooms
  • Breastfeeding Area
  • Kids Play Area
  • Baby Care Rooms
  • Pet Travel Service
  • Ticket Reservation
  • Ticket Cancellation
  • Seat Upgradation
  • Airline Lounges
  • Self-Service Kiosks
  • Counter Check-in

Seek an Efficient Check-in Options

Check-in options are available at Virgin Atlantic Monterrey International Airport for Virgin Atlantic Airlines. Before their Virgin Atlantic flights, travelers can finish the required processes by using the airport’s check-in facilities. For Virgin Atlantic flights, the following check-in choices are available at Monterrey International Airport:

Counter Check-in

Customers of Virgin Atlantic departing from Monterrey International Airport can use the airport terminal’s counter check-in service. Passengers can use the airline’s designated check-in counters within the terminal to check in for their flights using the traditional check-in method.

Self-Service Kiosks

At Monterrey International Airport, passengers flying with Virgin Atlantic have the option of using self-service kiosks. Passengers can choose their own seats, print their own boarding passes, and check in for their flights with ease thanks to these kiosks.

Virgin Atlantic hopes to accommodate various tastes and travel requirements by providing these check-in options, which will allow passengers departing from Virgin Atlantic Airways MTY Terminal to check in with flexibility and convenience. 

Currency Exchange 

Currency exchange services are accessible, at Monterrey International Airport catering to travelers in need of converting currencies into Mexican Pesos. The airport provides branches within its premises ensuring convenience, for visitors seeking currency for transactions.

After entering Terminal 1’s main hall, there are a lot of currency exchange booths and counters where you can find more than thirty exchange locations. Particular currency exchange companies mentioned in Terminal 1 are Globo Cambio, Centro Cambio Tara, and Eurodólar.  A Globo Cambio location can be found in front of the luggage collection belts in the area designated for international arrivals.

Information Counter

  • Virgin Atlantic Airways people have an information desk situated at Monterrey International Airport. When they may require help in asking questions, they might be looking for directions, or perhaps they need the service of the airport, guests and travelers will only have to visit the Information Desk for answers to their questions, direction, airport service or inquiry about the amenities in the airport. 
  • At Monterrey International Airport (MTY), the information counters are situated in the following areas:At Monterrey International Airport (MTY), the information counters are situated in the following areas:
    • Domestic Arrivals Lounge A. 
    • Lounge F: International in addition to domestic. 
  • Assistance with any and all of the following – questions, navigational instructions, airport services, as well as general advice about the complex and its amenities – is found at the information counter of Monterrey International Airport. 
  • If someone else or a passenger requests an inquiry about the Virgin Atlantic Airways MTY terminal or their itinerary with the information center, it would be appropriate for the information center to ask for assistance. 

Special Assistance

A special service is provided at Monterrey Airport for disabled passengers. Flight agencies recognize personal conditions and support their clients in providing smooth and pleasant flight with special assistance at the aviation terminal. Among these services are:

Wheelchair Assistance: For travelers who need assistance because they have mobility issues, this service is offered. If a wheelchair is required, it is advised to notify the airline in advance, particularly for arrivals.

Fast Track: Passengers using this service can bypass Virgin Atlantic Airways Monterrey International Airport lineups, resulting in a quicker and more seamless experience at immigration, customs, and security.

VIP Concierge: Passengers using this service can receive individualized assistance with luggage, barriers to communication, and other travel-related concerns.

Mobility and Health-Related Services: Passengers with particular needs, such as unaccompanied minors, parents traveling with young children, and those with health-related concerns, are targets for these services.

Luggage Assistance: Including help with check-in, luggage handling, and delivery to the hotel, this service assists travelers with their belongings.

Taxi and Limousine Services: Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are among the transportation options offered by these services to passengers.

Airport Assistance for Special Needs: The purpose of this service is to assist travelers with disabilities, such as those who need help with mobility, communication, or other special needs.

Special Services for Unaccompanied Minor: When unaccompanied minors travel, these services guarantee that they are handled safely and effectively.

Services for Travelers with Infants: Assistance with strollers, diapers, and other baby-related items is provided by these services to meet the needs of passengers traveling with infants.

Emergency Medical Services: The Virgin Atlantic Airways MTY Terminal offers medical services, such as emergency ambulances and medical support for travelers, guests, and airport personnel.

Retail Outlets

Monterrey International Airport (MTY) offers a wide variety of retail outlets. Below is a list of the following shopping options that you can find within the terminal:

  • Adidas Outlet Store 
  • México Duty Free 
  • Sunglass Hut 
  • The Body Shop. 
  • Design MX 
  • OXXO convenient store 
  • El Hijo del Santo 
  • Museo de Arte Popular Shop 
  • Librería Gandhi Bookstore 
  • Fonda de Cultura Económica 
  • Librerías Educal 

With their wide selection of goods, these shops give travelers a varied Virgin Atlantic Airways Monterrey International Airport shopping experience, including duty-free merchandise, sportswear, convenience store goods, and sunglasses. 

Lounge Access

Monterrey International Airport offers access to lounges. The Aeromexico Salon Premier, American Airlines Admirals Club, Grand Lounge Elite, The Lounge Mexico by Global Lounge Network, and other airport lounges are available to travelers at Monterrey International Airport. These lounges provide travelers with a welcoming and tranquil space to unwind, take advantage of amenities, and pass the time before their flights.

Cafes & Restaurants

Cafes, fast food restaurants, and full-service restaurants offering Mexican, American, French, Spanish, and Japanese cuisine are among the many culinary options available at Virgin Atlantic Airways MTY Terminal. There are plenty of options for passengers to fulfill their gastronomic cravings while traveling through the airport.

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Virgin Atlantic Airways Monterrey International Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Virgin Atlantic terminal is located at MTY? 

Virgin Atlantic operates flights to and from Monterrey International Airport using Terminal 1.

Which Virgin Atlantic Airways MTY Terminal, the airline uses for its departure?

Departures from Monterrey International Airport for Virgin Atlantic originate from Terminal 1.

Which MTY is the arrival terminal for Virgin Atlantic?

At Monterrey International Airport, Virgin Atlantic arrivals are handled through Terminal 1. 

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