Yamal Airlines AAQ Terminal – Anapa International Airport


Prepare yourself to be mesmerized by the play of light and shadow as it moves across the snow-covered fields visible through the large windows as soon as you enter the terminal. The hub of cutting-edge comfort and innovation is the Yamal Airlines AAQ Terminal. You can count on a seamless and reliable travel experience thanks to quick customs clearance and polite, well-trained staff.

AAQ Terminal caters to all your needs, whether you are a frequent traveler or a business traveler, offering first-rate amenities, duty-free shopping, and a range of dining options that will tantalize your palate with geeky delights and international cuisine.

Basic Information About Yamal Airlines AAQ Terminal

Airport NameAnapa International Airport
Airport AddressKrasnodar Krai, Russia, 353419
Airport CodeAAQ
Yamal Airlines ICAO CodeYC
Yamal Airlines IATA CodeLLM
Anapa International Airport Contact Number+7 800 301-19-91
Yamal Airlines AAQ Terminal ArrivalsTerminal 1
Yamal Airlines AAQ Terminal DeparturesTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours a day
Anapa International Airport Official WebsiteN/A
Yamal Airlines Official Websiteyamal.aero
Yamal Airlines Official VK  vk.com/club7731530
Yamal Airlines Official Telegramt.me/yamal_airlines

Departure of Yamal Airlines at AAQ

The moment you arrive at Yamal Airlines AAQ Terminal 1, their commitment to a seamless experience begins. You can unwind and forego the lengthy lines. Their committed check-in counters, designed for optimal efficiency, expedite the process for you.

Their commitment is to make reservations irrelevant, so you can relax in the terminal’s friendly atmosphere. You can browse the duty-free area, have a cup of coffee in a quaint bistro, or just lose yourself in a good book. Your every need will be attended to with kindness and care thanks to their attentive staff and committed services, which are always available to you.

Procedure to Board Yamal Airlines Flights at AAQ

  1. Check-in: To finish the check-in procedure for your Yamal Airlines flight, get to the airport early. The airline’s designated counters or, if available, self-service kiosks are where you can check in.
  2. Security Check: Once you’ve checked in, head to the security checkpoint to go through the screening process. Make sure you follow the security instructions and have all required travel documents.
  3. Boarding Gate: After completing the security and check-in processes, head to the boarding gate that corresponds with your flight. The airport’s display screens are usually used to announce the opening of the boarding gates.
  4. Boarding: When boarding starts, adhere to the directions given by airline and airport staff. Before boarding the aircraft, make sure your identification and boarding pass are ready for verification. 
  5. Onboard: As soon as you get on board, take your designated seat and obey the flight attendants’ instructions. Your carry-on bags should be kept under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins. 

Arrival of Yamal Airlines at AAQ

Exit your Yamal Airlines flight and enter Terminal 1 of Anapa International Airport, which welcomes you with peace and quiet. You can feel the skill beneath and smell the scent of eccentric arrivals. Once you land, your Yamal Travel doesn’t end. With its reliable routes, convenient baggage claim, and fast connections to your chosen ground transportation, Terminal 1 welcomes you.

Protocols On Arrival with Yamal Airlines at AAQ

  1. Disembarkation: When the plane lands at AAQ, the passengers will get off.
  2. Arrival: Once they arrive, travelers will use the specified arrival gates to enter the terminal building. 
  3. Immigration and Customs: If a passenger is arriving from an international flight, they must go through immigration procedures. For clearance, they will have to show their travel documents, including their visas and passports. After that, travelers will head to the customs area to declare any items or goods that are subject to duty.
  4. Baggage Claim: After checking their bags, passengers will go to the baggage claim area to retrieve them. After identifying their bags, they ought to get them off the luggage carousel.
  5. Exit: Once they have retrieved their belongings, travelers will leave the baggage claim area and head out of the airport. 
  6. Ground Transportation: At Yamal Airlines AAQ Terminal, travelers can continue their journey by using ground transportation options like taxis, shuttles, or private vehicles. 

Services that are Offered at AAQ Terminal

  • Check-in counters 
  • ATMs 
  • Information counters
  • Baby care services 
  • Unaccompanied minors 
  • Pre-boarding services 
  • Banks 
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Lost & found department
  • Changing rooms 
  • Special service/assistance
  • Airport/Airline lounges 
  • Children’s play area
  • Baggage trolleys & carts
  • Priority boarding access
  • Currency exchange
  • Ticketing counters
  • Pet-friendly travel services
  • Family restrooms
  • Cancellations and refunds 
  • Mobile charging outlets 
  • In-flight entertainment 
  • Luggage wrapping 
  • Baggage storage
  • Meet & greet rooms 
  • Adequate baggage allowance
  • Wifi and internet access 

Check-in Facility

  • There is a check-in area at AAQ. In order to ensure a quick and easy check-in procedure prior to flights, the airport offers premium check-in facilities for travelers.
  • Several convenient services offered by various airlines operating at the airport are among the check-in options available at Anapa International Airport. Based on the sources mentioned, the following are some of the check-in choices offered at AAQ Terminal:
    • Self-Service Kiosks: For travelers seeking a quick and simple check-in experience, AAQ terminal offers self-service kiosks.
    • Dedicated Check-in Counters and Kiosks: Travelers can select their preferred check-in method with airlines at AAQ Terminal thanks to its efficient check-in amenities, which include specialized counters and kiosks.
  • In order to improve passengers’ travel experiences, the Yamal Airlines AAQ Terminal check-in area provides a number of services. Among the amenities offered at AAQ Terminal’s check-in area are:
    • Priority Check-in Facility
    • Easy Online Booking
    • Lost & Found Desk
    • Baggage Policy

Inquiry Counter

  • Anapa International Airport has a counter for inquiries. Travelers seeking assistance with any questions they may have about their trip, flights, airport amenities, or any other general information they need can approach the inquiry counter. When travelers are at the airport and need assistance or information, they can get in touch with the inquiry counter.
  • The Anapa International Airport inquiry counter offers a variety of services to help travelers with a range of needs and inquiries pertaining to travel. The following are a few of the services offered at the AAQ Terminal inquiry counter:
    • Airport Amenities Information: The airport’s facilities, including lounges, ATMs, medical services, and more, can be enquired about by travelers. 
    • Flight Schedules: Check-in and check-out times, gate information, and any possible delays related to flight schedules are all available to travelers.
    • Transportation Options: Details regarding the public transportation, taxis, and car rental services that are offered for getting to and from the airport.
    • General Travel Assistance: Travelers can get direction and advice on a variety of travel-related issues, making their trip easy and stress-free.

Baggage Service

  • Passengers can avail baggage services at Yamal Airlines AAQ Terminal. These services guarantee a seamless and well-organized travel experience by offering facilities for item recovery and check-in.
  • Travelers can leave their checked baggage at the airport, and the baggage service takes care of hassle-free luggage transfers between flights. The airport staff also helps travelers find and retrieve misplaced bags. 

Lost & Found Desk

  • There is a Lost and Found Desk service operating at Anapa International Airport. This service offers a convenient and efficient way to handle lost and found inquiries and concerns, which helps travelers who have misplaced their belongings. 
  • One of the services offered by AAQ Terminal to assist travelers in finding their misplaced belongings is the Lost and Found Desk.
  • At AAQ Terminal, reporting lost property entails making direct contact with the Lost and Found desk. Passengers reporting missing personal belongings can come to the airport’s Lost and Found desk. 
  • When something goes missing, the airport staff is equipped to handle it and help travelers find their belongings. In addition, travelers are recommended to contact their individual airlines in order to retrieve any personal items left on board.

Lounge Access

  • At Yamal Airlines AAQ Terminal, there are lounges that travelers can use. 
  • The AAQ Terminal houses the International Business Lounge, which is accessible for travelers arriving from overseas.
  • Operating around the clock, the Business Lounge at the airport is exclusively for domestic travel.
  • Either a day pass or a Priority Pass membership can grant access to the lounge.

Wheelchair Assistance

  • The Yamal Airlines AAQ Terminal offers wheelchair assistance.
  • To guarantee that travelers with physical disabilities have a convenient and comfortable journey, the airline offers wheelchairs and mobility assistance services at the airport.
  • To request and receive assistance at the airport, go to the wheelchair assistance counter or the airline’s customer service desk.

Retail Stores

  • The AAQ Terminal has retail establishments. There are many different retail establishments in the airport, including duty-free stores, fashion boutiques, electronics retailers, and luxury brands. 
  • These shops serve the various needs and tastes of passengers passing through the airport by offering a variety of goods and services, such as electronics, food, jewelry, cosmetics, clothes, and character products.

Dining Options

  • Travelers can choose from a variety of dining options at Anapa International Airport.
  • There are many different cafés and bars in the airport, from global names to Russian food and drink experts.
  • The terminals offer a wide variety of retail establishments, including specialty food and beverage stores.
  • To accommodate the various needs and tastes of passengers passing through, the airport has a wide range of retail establishments serving food. 

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Yamal Airlines Anapa International Airport Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Yamal Airlines at AAQ?

Yamal Airlines at AAQ is Terminal 1.

What terminal is Yamal Airlines at Anapa International Airport?

Terminal 1 at Anapa International Airport is dedicated to Yamal Airlines.

What Terminal is Yamal Airlines arrivals at AAQ?

Terminal 1 is used by Yamal Airlines for its arrivals at AAQ.

What Terminal is Yamal Airlines Departure at AAQ?

Yamal Airlines Departure basis is Terminal at AAQ.

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