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The activities of Aegean Airlines at Chios Airport are referred to as the Aegean Airlines JKH Terminal. At Chios Airport, this terminal is the point of arrival and departure for Aegean Airlines flights. Check-in, boarding, and other flight-related services are available at this terminal for Aegean Airlines passengers going to or from Chios.

Overview of Designating Terminal at Chios Airport

AirportChios Airport Omiros
Airlines Aegean Airlines 
Official Airlines
Airport AddressChios 821 00, Greece
Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Arrivals TerminalTerminal 1
Contact Number+30 2271 081400
YouTube Page
Twitter Page

Arrival at the Chios Terminal of Aegean Airlines

The Terminal 1 is where you will arrive if you travel to Aegean Airlines Chios Airport. A variety of facilities are available here to streamline procedures and improve travel convenience. The terminal offers convenient facilities and services to meet all your needs, from baggage claims to ground transportation. 

Departure of Aegean Airlines from the JKH terminal

The Terminal 1 takes care of Aegean Airlines departure at JKH Airport in a smooth and effective manner. This terminal designates the departure of Aegean flights and houses efficient facilities such as effortless check-in, quick screenings for safety, and convenient access to your air travel. Aegean Airlines staff at the airport assure the passengers of a simplified and swift boarding procedure, in addition to maintaining the thrill of your excursion. 

Aegean Airlines Services Available at Chios Airport

To maintain passengers, Aegean Airlines organizes all efficient and best possible services at Chios Airport, to ensure an elevated travel experience. At Chios Airport, Aegean Airlines provides a range of services, such as meet-and-greet opportunities, baggage services, dining options, medical services, lost-and-found services, medical assistance, ticket reservations, cancellations, class upgrades, baggage allowance information, and more. These amenities are intended to improve travelers’ experiences when they fly with Aegean Airlines out of Chios Airport.

If you want to know all the accessible Aegean Airlines services at Chios Airport in an expanded form, refer to the explanation addressed below regarding each service.

Aegean Airlines Check-in Counter at Chios Airport

Aegean Airlines JKH Terminal is where Aegean Airlines has check-in services. Aegean Airlines offers a range of choices to guarantee travelers leaving from Chios Airport a simple and quick check-in procedure. 

At the airport, travelers can use self-service kiosks or check-in booths to finish their check-in process. Forty minutes prior to the scheduled departure time is the latest time to check in for Aegean Airlines flights leaving from Chios Airport. 

It is recommended that travelers finish the check-in procedure within this window of time in order to prevent any problems and guarantee a seamless boarding experience.

Available Baggage Services of Aegean Airlines at Chios Airport

At the airport in Chios, Aegean Airlines provides baggage services. Travelers can file a complaint with the Aegean Airlines Baggage Services Office at the airport of their destination if their luggage is delayed or damaged. 

Passengers should check their cell phone notifications or get in touch with airline personnel to report delayed baggage. Travelers who received faulty baggage are obligated to notify it before departing the Baggage Claims area and submit the required paperwork for evaluation. 

At Chios Airport, Aegean Airlines is dedicated to helping travelers with their luggage-related issues and provides services for delayed, damaged, or misplaced baggage.

Aegean Airlines Reservations and Cancellations services at Chios Airport

The Chios Airport is home to Aegean Airlines’ ticket reservation and cancellation services. In addition to being able to book their flights, travelers may additionally cancel or reschedule their tickets. To help travelers with their plans and provide flexibility in scheduling their flights with Aegean Airlines, several services are on offer at the airport.

Chios Airport Service for Worldwide Passengers

Resources are available at Chios Airport (JKH) to improve travelers’ overall experience. The airport provides a range of amenities and services to improve travelers’ travel experiences. The most significant amenities offered at Chios Airport include the following:

ATMs Service

Travelers can enjoy the convenience of ATMs at Chios Airport (JKH). Run by Banca Popolare Pugliese, these ATMs are set up in the airport’s Arrivals area on the ground floor and the Departures East wing on the first floor. While there may be fees associated with using these ATMs, travelers can use them to withdraw cash. It is essential to check with your bank about any fees and limits related to overseas withdrawals before using the ATMs at the airport.

Currency Exchange 

It is Best & Fast Change that handles currency exchange at Aegean Airlines JKH Terminal. They have an arrivals atrium where they do currency exchange. There is no information available regarding this service’s precise operating hours. This station allows travelers to exchange money to get local currency for ease while at the airport.

WiFi Access for Free

By joining the “AdP_FreeWifi” network with their social media accounts, travelers can take advantage of free WiFi in specific areas at Chios Airport. During their time at the airport, passengers can stay connected with this complementary service.

Dining Options

Travelers can make use of a range of food outlets and eating alternatives at Chios Airport. While the hours of operation for the restaurants and food services at Chios Airport are subject to change, they often run throughout regular airport business hours.

Passengers with specific dietary needs or stipulations can find adequate meals while flying through the airport, thanks to the vegetarian and vegan options offered by several of the restaurants and food services there.


The airport pharmacy at Chios Airport is situated airside, halfway between Gates 4 and 5. It provides necessary pharmaceutical services for travelers in need of prescription drugs or medical supplies while they are at the airport, and it is open every day from 7:30 AM to 9:00 p.m.

The Aegean Airlines Chios Airport pharmacy typically carries prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications (like Tylenol), stomach remedies (like Pepto-Bismol), ointments, diabetic glucose treatments, and other necessary pharmaceuticals to address various health concerns while traveling through the airport.

Smoking Area

At Chios Airport (JKH), there is a smoking place right outside the terminal building. Smoking is prohibited anywhere inside the terminal building or behind security once passengers pass through the sliding doors. 

All portions of the terminal structure, including waiting lounges, check-in halls, boarding gates, and restrooms, are strictly no-smoking zones. Passengers must smoke outside the terminal building. Smokers at Chios Airport (JKH) risk fines or other penalties for vaping in non-designated places.

Duty-Free and Shopping

Bar International Airport makes use of World Duty Free to provide duty-free shopping. Many things, such as skincare, wine, perfumes, beauty products, spirits, candies, and high-end clothing, are available for purchase by travelers. Travelers may save money on rare products that aren’t usually available on the high street by taking advantage of duty-free shopping at Bar International Airport, where prices are lower than at ordinary retailers.

Disabled Facilities

To guarantee that travelers with disabilities have a seamless and comfortable journey, Aegean Airlines Chios Airport offers a variety of accessible amenities and special support services. At Bar International Airport, important accommodations and services for the disabled include: mobility equipment, toilet facilities, and more. 

Lost and Found

At Chios Airport (JKH), the Lost and Found services are easily accessible from the terminal building’s information desk. At this desk, travelers who have misplaced their things at the airport can make inquiries concerning them.

By using this service, travelers using Chios Airport can be guaranteed a trustworthy point of contact for the recovery of any misplaced things.

Parking Service 

A selection of parking alternatives is provided by Chios Airport to meet different requirements and lengths of stay. The 2,193 total parking spaces at the airport are divided into six types to accommodate short-, medium-, and long-term parking demands. To reserve a parking space at Chios Airport, go to the parking section of the official website. Proceed with the on-screen instructions and use caution when prompting.

There are many services you can find by reaching out to  JKH Terminal to get covered with all your necessities, elevating your experience.

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Aegean Airlines Chios Airport Omiros Terminal Location Map

Frequently Asked Question

What time does the Aegean Airlines JKH Terminal at Chios Airport open and close?

48 hours before the departure of the trip, customers can check in online at the Aegean Airlines Terminal at Chios Airport. Chios Airport implies check-in to close at least 40 minutes before departure. To guarantee a seamless boarding procedure, passengers are recommended to be at the boarding gate no later than twenty minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of their aircraft.

What is the penalty amount for smoking at non-designated premises within the JKH Terminal Building?

The Aegean Airlines Terminal at Chios Airport levies a €200 fine for smoking in non-designated locations.

How much is the parking fee at Aegean Airlines JKH Terminal?

The airport charges for parking depending on the duration. Parking for hours starts at €2.00 per hour, while long stay parking starts at €5.00 per day.

Does Chios Airport offer Lounge Service?

The VIP Lounge service is available at Chios Airport. Prior to their flights, travelers can unwind in a cozy setting at this lounge. 

To make a claim for misplaced luggage, whoever should I contact at Chios Airport?

Travelers should get in touch with the airport’s Lost and Found department in order to file a claim for misplaced luggage at Chios Airport. When filing RIP (Property Irregularity Report) forms, they can ask to be reimbursed for misplaced or damaged luggage.

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