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Aleppo International Airport (ALP) in Syria is home to Aeroflot Airlines’ Terminal 1. The airline uses Aeroflot Airlines ALP Terminal 1 at Aleppo International Airport for both boarding and check-in processes. Aeroflot Airlines passengers can check in at Terminal 1, which is also where they board the aircraft. 

With check-in, arrivals, and departures facilities, Terminal 1 at Aleppo International Airport acts as the center of Aeroflot Airlines’ operations. To navigate through ALP Terminal efficiently and proceed to the flight departure conveniently at Aleppo International Airport.

Basic Information About Aleppo International Airport

Name of the airportAleppo International Airport
Name of the airlineAeroflot Airlines
Address of the airport56MG+RW7، طريق المطار, Aleppo, Syria
IATA Code of the airportALP
Departure of Aeroflot Airlines at ALP TerminalTerminal 1
Arrival of Aeroflot Airlines at ALP TerminalTerminal 1
Official Website
Contact NumberN/A

Departure Terminal of Aeroflot Airlines at Aleppo International Airport

For the departure, Aeroflot Airlines uses Terminal 1 at Aleppo International Airport. The boarding gates, security checkpoints, and check-in counters for Aeroflot flights are set up at this terminal. 

It is advisable to arrive at Aeroflot Airlines ALP Terminal 1 of the Airport at least three hours and thirty minutes prior to the flight’s scheduled departure time. This early arrival confirms a seamless boarding experience for Aeroflot flights and gives ample time for check-in procedures.

Formalities to Cover Before Boarding Aeroflot Flight at Aleppo International Airport

Prior to embarking on an Aeroflot flight at Aleppo International Airport, travelers must observe the following formalities:

When the scheduled departure time comes around, get to Terminal 1 at least three hours and thirty minutes early. This results in enough time for boarding and check-in processes. 

By availing of the specified counters within the terminal 1, you can check-in for your flight.

Check-in, luggage drop-off, and boarding pass pickup are all executed here for travelers.

Before going into the departure area, pass through the Aeroflot Airlines Aleppo International Airport Terminal 1 security checkpoint.

Before heading to the boarding gate, finish any required immigration and customs procedures in Terminal 1. This covers customs clearance and passport control. 

Proceed to the designated boarding gate in Terminal 1 and hold out to board the Aeroflot aircraft after passing through immigration and security. 

Arrival Terminal of Aeroflot Airlines at Aleppo International Airport

When Aeroflot Airlines lands at Aleppo International Airport, it will land in Terminal 1. Aeroflot Airlines manages all of its arrival processes, such as baggage claim, customs, and passenger disembarkation, at Terminal 1.  

Ground transportation, baggage claim, information desks, immigration, customs clearance, restrooms, and lounges are among the amenities offered at the Aeroflot Airlines ALP Terminal at Aleppo International Airport. When travelers arrive at Aleppo International Airport on Aeroflot flights, these services guarantee a seamless transition.

A procedure that Passengers Undergo on Getting off the Plane to exit Aleppo International Airport

The following procedures must be adhered to by travelers as they disembark from the aircraft and leave Aleppo International Airport: 

Immigration Inspection: At immigration, travelers check in by presenting their boarding pass and visa. 

Customs Declaration: Travelers should declare any pricey items at the customs declaration desk.

Baggage Claim: At Aeroflot Airlines Aleppo Inetrnational Airport The specified baggage claim area is where passengers pick up their checked luggage. 

Exit: Travelers proceed to the assigned departure gate to greet their gracious hosts.

Aeroflot Airlines Terminal Services at Aleppo International Airport

  • Flight Information Displays 
  • Airport Hotels 
  • ATMs and Banks 
  • Interfaith Chapel
  • Baggage Related Assistance 
  • Charging Station
  • Ticket Counters
  • Medical Office 
  • Travellers Aid
  • Immigration and customs 
  • Airline Lounges
  • Vending Machines
  • Welcome Center
  • Food and Drink Options 
  • Check-in Counters
  • Information Desks
  • Currency Exchange 
  • Self-Service Kiosks 
  • Mobile Charging Stations
  • Stores and Duty Free
  • Children’s play Area
  • Lost & Found Desk
  • Free WiFi Connection

Check Counter at Aleppo International Airport

Aeroflot Airlines Aleppo International Airport’s check-in counters are spread across multiple floors, contingent upon the terminal. The check-in counters for Terminal 1 and Terminal 1 are located on the fourth and second floors of the South Wing, respectively. These counters allow travelers to check their bags, get their boarding passes, and finish buying tickets. 

The check-in counters open at a set time, usually two hours and thirty minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Inquiry Counter

To ensure stress-free and seamless trip for passengers through Aleppo International Airport, Aeroflot Airlines ALP Terminal features a specified counter termed as inquiry counter. At Aleppo International Airport, the purpose of an inquiry counter is to offer travelers a specialized service location where they can ask questions and receive advice about a range of travel-related topics.

Inquiries about airport amenities, flight schedules, available transportation, and any other travel-related questions can be directed to this counter. By providing current, easy-to-use information, the Inquiry Counter seeks to improve the overall traveler experience by guaranteeing that passengers can obtain the assistance and direction they require when utilizing the airport’s amenities.

Retail Outlets

The Aeroflot Airlines ALP Terminal has retail stores. Luxury brands, duty-free shops, fashion boutiques, electronics retailers, and more are among the many goods and services available at these outlets. The airport’s retail stores offer a variety of merchandise, including electronics, food, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, and character products. 

To meet the needs and preferences of travelers, the airport offers a variety of shopping options that improve their overall airport experience.

ATMs & Banks

Travelers can easily access banking services at Aleppo International Airport thanks to the abundance of ATMs and bank branches run by significant Korean financial institutions. The purpose of Aeroflot Airlines Aleppo International Airport’s ATMs and banks is to improve travelers’ travel experiences by providing necessary financial services and assistance.

ATMs that are open around-the-clock guarantee that travelers with different flight schedules and needs can always access financial services. Travelers arriving, leaving, or passing through the airport will find easy access thanks to the ATMs and bank branches located throughout the terminals.

Cafes and Restaurants

Aleppo International Airport offers restaurants and cafes. In addition to well-known chains like Starbucks and LINA’S Aleppo Airport T1 2nd Branch, the Aeroflot Airlines ALP Terminal offers a variety of dining options, including cafes like ANGELINUS, Pascucci Cafe, STAR FIVE, Dunkin’ Coffee House, and Angel-in-us Coffee. In order to accommodate a variety of tastes and preferences, these establishments offer a selection of food and beverages to travelers.

Charging Station

Passengers through the terminal would continue enjoying their devices; the airport features charging stations. The departure hall area in the arrival hall concourse and the departure hall area surrounding the check-in counters are just two examples of the thoughtful locations of these stations across the Aeroflot Airlines Aleppo International Airport. 

Passengers utilizing mobile IT devices such as laptops and smartphones can take advantage of the charging stations’ multiple charging options, which include USB, 220V, and 110V. Customers who need access to power for their electronic devices while at the airport are also made more convenient by the presence of charging stations. 

Lost & Found Desk

Items that are lost or found on airport property are handled by the Lost & Found Desk at Aleppo International Airport. It is in charge of handling and storing lost and found goods in and around the Aeroflot Airlines ALP Terminal. The Aleppo International Airport Police Force and the airport itself are in charge of the Lost & Found Desk.

It is legally required for found objects, including identification documents, passports, cell phones, and food items, to be kept in storage for a minimum of six months, after which the finder has three months to claim ownership. 

Unclaimed items are disposed of or turned over to the National Treasury after the designated period of time. Perishable goods and food are thrown away after 24 hours, but foreign passports are kept for a month before being forwarded to the appropriate foreign embassies in Korea.

Lounge Access

At Aeroflot Airlines Aleppo International Airport, guests can enjoy lounge access. The Aleppo International Airport lounges provide a range of amenities to improve travelers’ travel experiences. Among the facilities offered at these lounges are: 

  • Business/working areas
  • Reading materials
  • Shower facilities
  • Alcoholic beverages for customers of legal drinking age

At Aleppo International Airport, travelers can pay $33 per person to access the airport lounge. Some lounges can be accessed via membership programs. The four primary methods by which travelers can gain entry to the lounges at Aeroflot Airlines ALP Terminal are by using a prepaid lounge pass, purchasing a lounge pass, or enrolling in a lounge membership program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the following essential documents required for boarding an Aeroflot Flight at the airport?

Passport, Boarding Pass, Flight Reservation Confirmation, Travel Insurance, and Special Requirements Documentation are the documents needed to board an Aeroflot aircraft at Aleppo International Airport. 

Aeroflot Airlines is located in which ALP terminal?

Aeroflot Airlines uses Terminal 1 at Aleppo International Airport for its departure and arrival.

Which is the arrivals terminal for Aeroflot Airlines ALP?

Arrivals for Aeroflot Airlines are handled out of Aleppo International Airport’s Terminal 1 . 

Which is the departure ALP terminal for Aeroflot Airlines?

The departure terminal at Aleppo International Airport is where Aeroflot Airlines operates. 

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