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When we talk about Haneda, we’re talking about the Italian airport, Haneda Karol Wojtyła Airport (HND), where Air France has flights. With connections to numerous locations, this airport is a crucial component of Air France’s activities in Haneda, Italy. By providing flights from Haneda to many destinations, Air France enhances the airport’s global connectivity and makes travel easier for its customers. 

The airport comprises a single, three-story passenger Air France HND Terminal that houses a bank, shops, cafes, information desks, ATMs, and a business lounge, in addition to arrival and departure facilities. Commuter buses, trains, taxis, and rental cars may all easily reach the airport. 

The arrival and departure portions of the terminal have free, limitless Wi-Fi connectivity. Twenty airlines fly into and out of the airport; Wizz Air is the second-largest carrier. EasyJet, British Airways, and Ryanair all provide flights from the United Kingdom.

Basics Of Haneda Airport

AirportHaneda Airport
Official Air France
Airport AddressHanedakuko, Ota City, Tokyo 144-0041, Japan
Air France HND Arrivals TerminalTerminal 3
Air France HND Departures TerminalTerminal 3
Airport Contact Number+81 3-5757-8111
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Youtube Website

Departure Terminal at Haneda Airport from Where Air France Flies Out

From Haneda Airport’s Terminal 3, Air France departs. Travelers departing on Air France aircraft can check in, leave their hold baggage here, go through security, and enter the departure lounge. Passengers arriving by vehicle or bus may easily access the first floor of the Air France HND Terminal, which houses the departure hall. Although the check-in desk runs smoothly most of the time, it suggests getting to the airport at least two hours before departure to give yourself enough time to get through security and check-in. 

Passengers continue to undergo security control after successfully checking in and removing their hold luggage. There, they show their boarding pass and have their handbags examined. After security, travelers can enter the main departure lounge, which has cafes and duty-free stores. 

All things considered, Haneda Airport’s Terminal 3 offers all the amenities and services required for Air France travelers to have a seamless departure. 

Arrival Terminal at Haneda Airport, Where Air France Takes Land

Terminal 3 of Haneda Airport hosts the arrival of Air France. When arriving at Haneda Airport, travelers can pick up their checked bags by going to the baggage claim area. The flight number and destination are displayed on the televisions above each of the airport’s multiple baggage carousels, which aids travelers in finding their belongings. 

Once they have their bags, travelers can leave the terminal building–Air France Haneda Airport and discover a variety of ways to go to their final destination in Haneda or anywhere else in Italy, such as public transportation, cabs, and car rental services. Additionally, there is a train station close to the airport that offers easy access to Haneda’s downtown and other adjacent locations. 

Air France services are available at Haneda Airport

Travelers can check in at the terminal’s authorized Air France counters. Self-service check-in kiosks are also accessible at the airport, with 80% of cases having them. Depending on the cabin, Flying Blue, or SkyTeam status of the traveler, Air France provides lounge access to qualifying passengers, which is included in their ticket or flight options. 

For travelers without lounge access included in their ticket, the airline also provides paid lounge access at some locations, such as Air France HND Terminal–Haneda Airport. Upon departure, you can purchase the lounge option at the airport, provided that it is still available. 

Check-in Counter

At the Haneda Airport, there is an Air France check-in desk. Upon arriving at the terminal, travelers can drop off their hold luggage and head to security control at the Air France check-in desk located on the first floor. Although the check-in process is usually quick, it is advised to be at the airport at least two hours before departure to give yourself enough time to get through security and check-in. 

Lounge Access

Access to the lounge at Air France HND Terminal–Haneda Airport is provided by Air France. Travelers who qualify can access the airport’s Air France lounges, which offer amenities and services. Depending on the cabin class, the individual’s Flying Blue or SkyTeam status, and other factors, lounge access is included in the ticket or flight options.

Minors traveling alone are not permitted entry to the lounges. In addition, travelers without a ticket that includes lounge access may purchase the Lounge Option up to three hours before to the departure of the aircraft, depending to availability, at certain airports, such as Haneda Airport. 

Purchases of the Lounge Option can be made online at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly, at an Air France kiosk, or at the lounge welcome desk. Members of Flying Blue are eligible for a savings of twenty-five percent on lounge access.

Services that Haneda Airport Features within the Terminal Building

Travelers can take advantage of a number of amenities at Air France Haneda Airport, such as security control, departure lounges, and check-in counters. In addition to many transportation choices like buses, trains, taxis, and car rental services, the airport features four jet bridges and a multistory parking lot.

Information desks, cash machines, tourist information booths, VIP rooms, baggage weighing, lost luggage, car rental, world duty-free, parking, meeting rooms, lounges, cafes, restaurants, and bars, check-in, smoking area, playground, baby changing, pharmacy, shopping area, and internet access are just a few of the amenities and services available at the terminal.

Information Desks

A desk with information is available at Haneda Airport. The information desk is situated at the landside departure area on the first floor, next to the ticket office, as per the official airport website. Passengers can get help and information from this desk about their flights, lost and found, and other pertinent questions about the airport administration. 

Cash machines

Travelers can take advantage of cash ATMs at Air France Haneda Airport to obtain cash. These devices, which are run by Banca Popolare Pugliese, are situated in the first-floor Arrivals Hall and the first-floor Departures Hall in the East Wing. Passengers who are traveling abroad are encouraged to confirm the daily withdrawal limit and charge schedule with their bank as there may be additional costs. It’s also advised to let the bank know about any trip arrangements. 

Tourist Information booths

The Haneda Airport tourist information station resides within the terminal of the airport and offers aid and direction to visitors with questions about local attractions, lodging, and other tourism-related matters. 

VIP Lounge

VIP lounge services are available to travelers at Air France HND Terminal–Haneda Airport. When traveling on the day of usage, guests with a confirmed ticket can access the VIP Lounge, also called the Executive Lounge. After security, there’s a lounge with free food and drink, free Wi-Fi, disability access, real-time flight information, a large selection of televisions, and reading materials. 

Access to the lounge is available for three hours prior to departure for €25 per person, with hours of operation ranging from 5 am to 10 pm. On the other hand, travelers can acquire a Priority Pass, which grants free or heavily discounted lounge access at airports across the globe.

World duty-free

Departing non-EU travelers can enjoy duty-free shopping within Air France HND Terminal building. There are various stores in the airport that sell souvenirs and locally made goods, and departing non-EU travelers can buy duty-free.


To meet diverse parking demands, Haneda Airport offers a variety of parking kinds. 2,193 parking spaces in total, ranging from short-term to long-term parking alternatives, are available at the airport and are divided among six types.

Meeting Rooms

There are meeting rooms in the terminal building of Haneda Airport. On the second floor of the airport is a business section that houses three meeting rooms. Apart from that, the Parco dei Principi Hotel, which is near the airport entrance, has conference and meeting spaces. 


The terminal building at Air France Haneda Airport houses multiple cafes. Lavazza, Juice Bar, Briciole Bar, La Trulleria, and Peroni Bar are a few of these. Additionally, a Frizz café is situated close by.


The terminal building of Haneda Airport has eateries. There are several dining options at the airport, including La Grotta Bianca, La Pineta, Ristorante Lo Scoglio, Ristorante Casablanca, Briciole Bar, Ristorante n-dèrre a la lanze, and deCanto Apulian Spirits. During their stay at the airport, travelers can choose from a wide selection of meals and beverages at these eating services.

Smoking Area

Smoking is only allowed in specific areas outside of the terminals at Haneda Airport. The airport facility does not have any designated smoking spaces, and smoking is not permitted within the terminal building, even after security checks have been completed. 

Baby Changing

Air France HND Terminal has baby changing facilities, giving parents a convenient place to respond to their newborns’ requirements. These amenities, which provide a hygienic and private space for changing diapers and other baby care tasks, are crucial for families traveling with little children. 

Shopping Area

Several commercial centers, including Centro Commerciale Mongolfiera, BARIMAX commercial Village, Centro Commerciale Bariblu, Traveller’s World Duty Free, and Ita S.r.l., are close to Haneda Airport, according to the sources that have been provided. Nevertheless, there is no precise information available regarding a retail center located within Haneda Airport. 

Car Rentals

At the Air France HND Terminal, you may rent a car from a number of businesses, including Budget, Europcar, Avis, Hertz, SIXT Rent a Car, Car Rental Haneda Airport, and Goldcar Haneda Airport. These firms have varying rental procedures and rates and provide a variety of vehicles for rent, ranging from compact automobiles to larger vans.

While some of these businesses allow clients to pick up their rentals in person at the airport, others might need them to take an off-site shuttle bus.To get the greatest bargain for your needs, it is advised to check rates and conditions offered by several rental providers.

What are the forbidden goods that travelers cannot carry into Haneda Airport?

Certain things are prohibited from being brought into Air France Haneda Airport by passengers. Dangerous commodities or banned things that could endanger aviation safety are among these forbidden items. Items that are generally prohibited from being checked or carried in hand luggage at airports include:

  • Radioactive materials
  • Infectious substances like live virus materials
  • Oxidizers such as bleaching powders
  • Flammable liquids and solids
  • Organic peroxides
  • Wet-cell car batteries
  • Instruments containing mercury or magnets
  • Matches and lighters
  • Fireworks and pyrotechnics
  • Poisons like arsenic, cyanide, or weed killer
  • Tear gas devices or gas cylinders
  • Acids, corrosives, alkalis, or caustic soda

To guarantee a pleasant and safe travel experience, passengers should always verify with the particular airport or airline for a thorough list of forbidden items. 

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Air France HND Haneda Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Which other locations does Air France operate out of Haneda Airport?

From Air France HND Terminal (HND), Air France has flights to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG). 

Can I Book Air France flight ticket at Haneda Airport?

No, Haneda Airport does not allow direct ticket sales for Air France flights. 

Does Air France offer disability assistance at Haneda Airport?

For the comfort and tranquility of all travelers, especially those with particular seating needs, Air France provides extra help at Haneda Airport. 

Can passengers check-in for Air France flight at Haneda Airport?

Haneda Airport does not accept passenger check-in for Air France flights. It is advised by Air France that travelers get to the airport early enough to check in and drop off their luggage. 

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