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Ardabil International Airport features two terminals: one for domestic travel and another for international travel. In that context, Iran Air is one of many other airlines that designates ADU Terminal for its operation. It provides passengers flying to and from Ardabil with essential airport facilities and services, making it a vital hub for Iran Air’s international flights.

It’s critical for passengers using Iran Air for their international flights to be aware of the Iran Air ADU Terminal’s location, amenities, and operating procedures for the sake of maintaining a seamless and effective journey. Furthermore, passengers can navigate the airport more efficiently and enjoy a more comfortable and convenient journey by being aware of the terminal’s amenities and significance.

Basic Information About Iran Air Ardabil International Airport

Name of the airportArdabil International Airport
Name of the airlineIran Air
Address of the airportArdabil Province, Ardabil, 16, 8CFC+J3C, Iran
City Ardabil
IATA Code of the airportADU
Iran Air ICAO CodeIRA
Departure Terminal of the airlineTerminal 1
Arrival Terminal of the airlineTerminal 1
Official Website
Contact Number of the airport+98 45 3344 7902

Departure Terminal for Iran Air at Ardabil International Airport

Terminal 1 is the designated gateway for Iran Air’s departure at Ardabil International Airport. Iran Air ADU Terminal features specified counters at the airport to check-in for the flight. Passengers who consider such a counter to check-in at the airport, must ensure to arrive as early as possible, before the expected time of departure. Early arrival at the airport, enables passengers to undergo the preboarding procedure smoothly and efficiently.

Course of Action to Qualify for Boarding at Iran Air Ardabil International Airport

Passengers must do the following in order to be eligible for boarding at Iran Air Ardabil International Airport: 


Make sure that you carry all essential documents, such as a visa and passport, when heading to the airport. Further, if you have not checked in yet, go check in at the airport. To check-in at the airport, you must arrive 2-3 hours earlier than the flight departure. This reduces the likelihood of missing a flight.

Baggage Handling

Make sure the weight and dimensions of your luggage adhere to Iran Air’s baggage policy. Place your checked bags in the appropriate location.

Security Checks

By adhering to all security protocols within Iran Air ADU Terminal, pass through the security checkpoint. Prepare to take anything out of your carry-on bag that might set off alarms.

Boarding Pass

Generally, a your boarding pass is the first document an airport inspector would request so ensure that you always have it ready. Boarding passes are provided starting at the counters of the airport or during check-in process. Take note of the areas, vocabulary and techniques that airline crew members use in their instructions. It is common for groups or zones to be announced to give you a boarding notice, so always be alert and prepared to board when your group is called.

Special Assistance (optional)

As to giving nature to a safe and smooth check-in, tell the airline in advance if you need any special services, for instance, disabled or elderly passengers’ cases.

While passengers should perform the check the safety guidelines and travel documents, the airlines ‘s organized and efficient team will assist in making sure the convenient and quick boarding at Ardabil International Airport during the Iran Air flights.

Arrival Terminal for Iran Air at Ardabil International Airport

In order to guarantee a hassle-free boarding process, be sure to alert the airline before embarking on the journey, if you need any special services due to elderly or disabled passengers.

Furthermore, Iran Air ADU Terminal’s name is in honor of Terminal 1, which is in charge of Iran Air’s takeoff landing at Ardabil International Airport. To make arrival at the airport perfectly and comfortably, Iran Air hosts many convenient services at ADU Terminal, which include an information desk, customer support, and a few additional useful services. On the other hand, you may make a trip in that city that would be straight forward and not interfere with your original destination.

What are the Procedures Upon Iran Air Arrival at Ardabil International Airport?

Passengers must complete an assortment of formalities upon arriving at Iran Air Ardabil International Airport in order to facilitate a seamless transfer. Among these formalities are:

Baggage Claim

To retrieve their checked luggage, passengers must go to the baggage claim area.

Health Protocols

Following the COVID-19 health guidelines, which include donning face masks, frequently washing your hands, and checking your temperature before entering the terminal, is crucial.

Security Check

Upon clearing security, travelers may have their carry-on luggage inspected for forbidden items and frisked before regaining access to their personal belongings.

Immigration Procedure

Travel documents, visas, and customs forms are verified by officials at immigration counters, where passengers may have to pass.

Boarding Pass Verification

As directed by their boarding pass, passengers must proceed towards the boarding gate after security personnel have stamped their boarding passes and scanned their bags.

Customs Declaration

It might be necessary for travelers to complete customs paperwork and declare any goods that the laws of their destination require.

Baggage Collection

Passengers pick up their checked-in bags at specified baggage pick-up belts after immigration.

Exit Procedure: Passengers are free to exit the Iran Air ADU Terminal after their baggage has been collected, provided they have all the paperwork they need, such as their boarding pass, in case they need additional assistance.

Through adherence to these protocols upon reaching Ardabil International Airport, travelers can guarantee adherence to airport guidelines and relish a seamless arrival experience. 

On-site Services Available at Iran Air Ardabil International Airport

  • Ticket Counter
  • Check-in Counter
  • Selfe-service Kiosks
  • Banks and ATMs
  • Forex Service
  • Baby Care Rooms
  • Flight Tracking Displays
  • Family Restrooms
  • Lost & Found Desk
  • Wi-Fi Service
  • Seat Selection
  • Assistance for Physically Impaired
  • Medical Facilities
  • Emergency Service
  • Retail outlets
  • Duty-free shops
  • Quiet Seating Spaces

Check-in Kiosk

At Iran Air Ardabil International Airport, check-in counters are accessible. To ensure a hassle-free travel experience, the airline at ADU Terminal offers assistance with check-in procedures, baggage allowance, and boarding inquiries. 

Passengers can complete the check-in process for their flights using check-in counter at the airport. There is a 24-hour operation window for the Iran Air check-in counter at Ardabil International Airport.

Information Desk

The Ardabil International Airport Information Desk’s goal is to help travelers by offering information and support, making their trip go smoothly and efficiently. The Information Desk provides a variety of services to meet the needs of travelers, such as:

  • conveying details about flight times, routes, and destinations
  • supporting baggage handling and check-in
  • Providing advice on Iran Air ADU Terminal amenities and services, including food options, duty-free shopping, and transportation
  • Assisting travelers with any queries or worries they might have while traveling

An essential component of the airport’s infrastructure, the information desk acts as a main hub where travelers can obtain help and information. From check-in to departure, its goal is to make sure travelers have a convenient and comfortable experience at the airport.

Airport Lounges

Passengers can find comfortable spaces in the ADU terminal at Iran Air Ardabil International Airport, providing a refreshing respite from the bustle of airport operations. Passengers can enjoy an abundance of amenities to improve their travel experience with the premium lounge access at Ardabil International Airport. Various passenger needs, including those with special needs like business travelers, families, and people with disabilities, are catered to in the airport’s multiple lounges.

Duty-Free Shops

In order to accommodate the various tastes of visitors, duty-free stores at Iran Air ADU Terminal provide a broad selection of goods, such as liquor, perfume, candy, tobacco, and souvenirs.

To improve the shopping experience and give customers excellent value, these duty-free stores also offer special discount vouchers, online purchase discounts, and rewards for group travelers.

Assistance for Physically Impaired

When requesting assistance at the airport, travelers with physical disabilities have the right to receive it quickly and efficiently from appropriately qualified airline staff. This comprises:

  • Help getting from the arriving flight to the curb for pickup, from the curb to the departing flight, and between gates to make connections
  • Help getting to important terminal locations, such as the baggage claim area, ticket counter, and restrooms (if time permits)
  • Wheelchairs on the ground, accessible motorized carts, wheelchairs for boarding, wheelchairs inside, ramps, and mechanical lifts are available as needed.
  • Leading travelers with assistance animals to designated animal shelters at Iran Air Ardabil International Airport.

Before leaving for the airport, passengers are urged to ask for assistance and to let airline staff know what they specifically need so that the right assistance can be given. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Ardabil International Airport terminal does Iran Air operate out of?

Iran Air operates out of Ardabil International Airport’s Terminal 1. (ADU)

Is there Wi-Fi at the ADU terminal? 

Yes, travelers can use the Wi-Fi at the ADU terminal.

Does ADU terminal staff allow passengers to change their seats?

Yes, travelers can use the check-in counters at the ADU terminal to upgrade their seats. 

What support is offered to passengers who are physically impaired at the ADU terminal?

Older and disabled travelers can receive assistance at the ADU terminal with check-in, baggage handling, and boarding. It is recommended that travelers inform Iran Air in advance of any special requirements.

Where Does Iran FLy from Ardabil International Airport?

From Iran Air ADU Terminal–Ardabil International Airport, Iran Air operates flights to a number of locations. Ardabil International Airport (ADU), Mahshahr Airport (AZD), Mashhad Airport (ADU), Dasht-e Naz Airport (ADU), Ardabil Airport (ADU), and additional locations in Iran and the Middle East are among the destinations that Iran Air serves from Ardabil International Airport. 

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