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Piarco International Airport’s (POS) Terminal is home to JetBlue Airways. With check-in desks, departure gates, and other facilities for JetBlue travelers, this terminal acts as the airline’s hub at JetBlue Airways POS Terminal. JetBlue travelers leaving from Piarco International Airport may enjoy a variety of amenities at Terminal M, such as shopping, food options, and facilities. 

You would proceed towards a wise trip with JetBlue Airways from Piarco International Airport; hence, including the terminal overview, all possible services have been detailed in this article. 

Main Information About Piarco International Airport

JetBlue Airways, Terminal, Piarco International Airport AddressJetBlue Airways, Terminal M, Piarco International Airport, Golden Grove Rd, Piarco, Trinidad & Tobago
JetBlue Airways CodePOS
JetBlue Airways IATA CodeB6
JetBlue Airways ICAO CodeJBU
JetBlue Airways Ticket Counter Hours:Daily 24 Hours
JetBlue Airways Contact Number+1 868-669-4880
JetBlue Airways Official

JetBlue Airways arrival Terminal at Piarco International Airport

JetBlue Airlines lands at Piarco International Airport’s Terminal. The JetBlue Airways arrival terminal, set in JetBlue Airways POS Terminal of Piarco International Airport, offers travelers a quick and easy landing experience. 

JetBlue Airways departure Terminal at Piarco International Airport 

Piarco International Airport’s Terminal is where JetBlue Airways takes off. At Piarco International Airport, Terminal M is the JetBlue Airways departure terminal. It provides check-in desks, departure gates, and a range of amenities to ensure a seamless boarding experience for customers. 

JetBlue Airways flies to destinations from Piarco International Airport 

Flying out of JetBlue Airways Piarco International Airport (POS), the airline serves a number of destinations. A few of the locations include:

  • Buffalo (POS – BUF)
  • New York (POS – JFK)
  • Dubai (POS – DXB)
  • Boston (POS – BOS)
  • San Juan (POS – SJU)
  • Washington (POS – DCA)
  • Long Beach Airport (LGB), 
  • Guadalajara (GDL)
  • Cancun International Airport (CUN)
  • Honolulu (HNL)
  • Vancouver (YVR)
  • Kauai Island (LIH)

JetBlue Airways Check-in Option at Piarco International Airport

At JetBlue Airways Piarco International Airport, there are choices for checking in with JetBlue Airways. JetBlue customers traveling from Piarco can make use of the airline’s on-site check-in services, which include ticket counters adjacent to JetBlue Airways on Terminal second floor, as well as additional check-in amenities to guarantee a seamless boarding procedure.

Seek Assistance for Damaged/ Misplaced and Delayed Baggage

Help with bags is provided by JetBlue Airways at Piarco International Airport. Within four hours of landing, passengers can file a claim by calling JetBlue Central Baggage Services at +1-866-666-0217 if they have problems with their baggage. 

Passengers may also choose to use the supplied link to submit an online claim. JetBlue’s standards delineate the procedure for reporting and obtaining reimbursement for delayed or misplaced baggage, guaranteeing that travelers have the requisite support and aid in such circumstances.

Unaccompanied Minor Service–Secure Minor Travel  

At JetBlue Airways POS Terminal, the airline grants Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) services. Travelers can conveniently book flights for unaccompanied minors (UMNRs) using JetBlue’s website or by getting in touch with the airline directly.

Furthermore, for its operations at Piarco International Airport, JetBlue has a dedicated gate, B6, in Terminal M. This guarantees unaccompanied kids flying with the airline a seamless and stress-free travel experience.

Traveling Assurance for All disabled Travelers Using Mobility Assistance

At Piarco International Airport, wheelchair assistance and mobility are provided by JetBlue Airways. In order to ensure that travelers with mobility needs have a comfortable and convenient travel experience, JetBlue Airways offers wheelchair assistance and mobility services at the airport.

Terminal Services at Piarco International Airport

A number of built-in services are available at JetBlue Airways POS Terminal, including free wifi throughout the terminal, restaurants like Camden Food Co., Jack’s Urban Eats, and Burgers and Brew, and lounges like The Escape Lounge, The Massage Bar, and Terminal M public art installations. 

The airport also offers amenities including quiet rooms, ATMs, pet relief spaces, and relief sections for service animals, all of which improve travelers’ overall airport experiences. 

Dining Options

There are many different restaurants and eateries at JetBlue Airways Piarco International Airport to suit a range of tastes and preferences. The airport offers a variety of food options, including Vino Volo, Squeeze Burger, Iron Horse Tavern, Freshii, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, La Taqueria Cantina, and more. These places make sure that travelers have a wide variety of meal options while at the airport by serving anything from salads and burgers to small plates and Mexican specialties.

Pet relief spaces

Piarco International Airport’s pet-friendly facilities are spread throughout the terminal buildings. Outside, to the right of the structure at the curbside passenger pick-up/drop-off area, is where you will find the pre-security animal relieving facility in Terminal M. 

Right before gate A1, on the east (after the TSA checkpoint) terminal wing, is where you’ll find the post-security animal comfort facility in Terminal M. It’s adjacent to the restroom. The pre-security animal rest area for Terminal M is located next to gates A1 through A5.

Pet owners can find these designated pet relief facilities to be useful locations where their needs and comfort can be attended to while their pets are at the JetBlue Airways POS Terminal.

The Escape Lounge

Located in Terminal M of Piarco International Airport, the Escape Lounge is a high-end lounge that provides amenities and services to improve travelers’ travel experiences. Travelers can unwind in this cozy lounge, which offers an open bar, a selection of cuisine like frittatas, lox, fruit pudding, oats, croissants, bagels, and baguettes, and drinks like coffee, water, juice, and soda. 

The lounge also has chairs, helpful service, and a breakfast menu consisting of small plates. It is a useful addition to the JetBlue Airways Piarco International Airport, giving travelers a place to relax and take advantage of first-rate amenities prior to their flights.

The Massage Bar

At 6850 Airport Blvd W #14, Piarco, CA 95837, you are able to discover the Massage Bar at Piarco International Airport. It provides travelers with massage services, making airport transit more comfortable. Furthermore, tourists can also receive massage services from another Massage Bar, which is situated at Piarco International Airport’s Terminal M.

Quiet Rooms

Traveler evaluations at Piarco International Airport indicate quiet rooms as one of the facilities available. Passengers staying in these rooms will find a calm and relaxing atmosphere that makes their time at the airport more enjoyable. 

The JetBlue Airways POS Terminal is also commended for its spotless amenities, complete armrest couches, quick free WiFi, and well-located restrooms, all of which enhance travelers’ enjoyment of their trip.

Relief sections for service animals

Piarco International Airport has relief areas for service animals at both terminals, both before and after security. Service animals using the airport can travel in comfort and convenience thanks to the bags provided in these areas for the disposal of pet waste. 

Pre-security animal relief areas in JetBlue Airways POS Terminal M are outside the building, to the right of the passenger pick-up/drop-off area. Post-security animal relief areas are on the east terminal wing, ahead of gate A1. 

The pre-security animal relief facility for Terminal M is outside near the curbside passenger pick-up/drop-off area, while the post-security animal relief area is in the east terminal wing, just in front of Gate B11. 

At Piarco International Airport, customers traveling with service animals enjoy a smooth and convenient travel experience because to these specially designated relief spaces that accommodate their needs.


There are two ATMs at Piarco International Airport: one in the pre-security area and one in the post-security section of Terminal M. Additionally, visitors passing through the airport have easy access to banking services thanks to the ATMs located at Terminal M. 

Prohibited Activities to avoid at Piarco International Airport

Theft, vandalism, carrying out illicit activities (such as hammers, power tools, knives, and lifelike replicas of firearms), smoking inside or within 25 feet of any doorway leading to an airport building, and any conduct interfering with the safe, enjoyable, and effective operation of transit services are all forbidden at JetBlue Airways Piarco International Airport.

Following the rules and regulations of the airport is essential to keeping everyone who travels there safe and comfortable.

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JetBlue Airways POS Piarco International Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Which terminal at Piarco International Airport does JetBlue operate out of?

Flights operated by JetBlue take off from Piarco International Airport’s Terminal M.

Which locations does JetBlue Airways operate flights from Piarco International Airport to?

From Piarco International Airport, JetBlue Airways has flights to a number of locations, including Honolulu, Kauai Island, Vancouver, Guadalajara, Cancun International Airport, and Long Beach Airport.

Is there transportation assistance available at Piarco International Airport by JetBlue Airways?

At Piarco International Airport, JetBlue Airways does indeed provide wheelchair and mobility assistance.

Is there a possibility to check in at Piarco International Airport for JetBlue Airways?

Yes, there are choices for JetBlue Airways passengers to check in at Piarco International Airport. 

Is there a minor unaccompanied service available at Piarco International Airport by JetBlue Airways?

Yes, unaccompanied minor (UMNR) services are provided by JetBlue Airways at Piarco International Airport.

Can i park my vehicle at Piarco International Airport?

Indeed, parking is available at JetBlue Airways POS Terminal.

Are there charging stations at  Piarco International Airport?

The Piarco International Airport does indeed have charging outlets. The airport has a number of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations spread throughout the Daily Lot, the Free Waiting Area, and the parking garage. 

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