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The content on this page is provided for the convenience of tourists and passengers looking for directions or a point of reference when they plan a future flight with LOT Polish Airlines that will depart from or arrive at the LOT Polish Airlines AYT Terminal (also known as the AYT Terminal).

When it comes time to start getting ready for a flight, travelers frequently experience sensations of being trapped and/or cornered; these sentiments typically surface when tasks are left until the very last minute. It is advisable to make sure that all pertinent details on the flight and the airline that operates it are gathered, and that any further arrangements that need to be made may be handled properly.

Information About LOT Polish Airlines AYT Terminal

Airport NameAntalya Airport
Airport AddressYeşilköy, Antalya Havaalanı Dış Hatlar Terminali 1, 07230 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Türkiye
TerminalTerminal 1
LOT Polish Airlines AYT Arrivals TerminalTerminal 1
LOT Polish Airlines AYT Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Airport CodeAYT
LOT Polish Airlines IATA CodeLO
LOT Polish Airlines ICAO CodeLOT
LOT Polish Airlines Ticket Counter HoursDaily 24 Hours
LOT Polish Airlines Contact Number+90 242 444 74 23
LOT Polish Airlines Official Websitewww.lot.com 
Official YouTubewww.youtube.com/user/LOTPolishAirlinesTV
Official Twittertwitter.com/lotplairlines
Official Facebookwww.facebook.com/PllLOT
Official Instagramwww.instagram.com/flylot

Terminal Specified for LOT Polish Airlines Departure at Antalya Airport

For departures, LOT Polish Airlines uses Antalya Airport’s Terminal 1. Travelers can enjoy a simple departure process at LOT Polish Airlines Antalya Airport Terminal 1. To guarantee effectiveness and a seamless departing experience, the airline provides specialized check-in desks. Long lines may be avoided, and the check-in process is quick and easy, enabling passengers to reach their destination on time. 

Portocols to follow at Antalya Airport for LOT Polish Airlines departure

Protocols should be followed for the departure of LOT Polish Airlines at Antalya Airport.

  1. LOT Polish Airlines AYT Terminal is where you check in for your flight.
  2. Get in touch with airline customer support if you need help or have any questions.
  3. Use Trip.com to check the current status of your LOT Polish Airlines flight LO717 from Warsaw to Antalya in real time.
  4. Regarding arrival timings and other travel details, adhere to the flight information supplied by TAV Urban Georgia LLC.
  5. Read the terms and conditions before using any flight information that is available on the Antalya Airport website.

Terminal Specified for LOT Polish Airlines Arrival at Antalya Airport

Flights to Antalya Airport (AYT) in Antalya, Georgia, are operated by LOT Polish Airlines. For arrivals, the airline utilizes Terminal 1. With LOT Polish Airlines, travelers can anticipate a straightforward and serene arrival experience, with an emphasis on a seamless arrival procedure and effective lost-and-found assistance. 

Portocols to follow at Antalya Airport Arrival Terminal for LOT Polish Airlines

To make sure they have a seamless and effective experience, travelers should adhere to the following procedures upon arriving at LOT Polish Airlines’ Terminal 1 at Antalya Airport:

  1. Lost & Found Support: If you find something missing, make sure to use LOT Polish Airlines Antalya Airport Terminal 1’s Lost & Found service as soon as possible to save time and get your stuff back.
  2. Transportation Connection: To ensure a smooth travel experience, quickly connect to your chosen form of transportation, be it a rental car, taxi, or ride-sharing agency.
  3. Efficient Navigation: Take advantage of a smooth arrival process that cuts down on time spent getting around the airport so you can start your travels right away.
  4. Personalized Assistance: In order to provide a customized and comfortable travel experience, the committed staff at LOT Polish Airlines Terminal 1 goes above and beyond. 
  5. Enjoy Amenities: Benefit from all of the facilities and services that Terminal 1 has to offer, such as information desks, ATMs, banks, childcare centers, kids’ play spaces, family toilets, and luggage wrapping.

Passengers traveling with LOT Polish Airlines at Terminal 1 of Antalya Airport can anticipate a hassle-free and delightful journey if they follow these guidelines. 

Services to Choose at Antalya Airport

The following are only a few of the services that LOT Polish Airlines provides at Antalya Airport:

Ticket Reservation

Through its dedicated check-in counters, the airline provides ticket reservation services at LOT Polish Airlines AYT Terminal, enabling travelers to avoid lengthy lineups and take advantage of a speedy and effective check-in procedure.

Ticket Cancellation

At Antalya Airport, LOT Polish Airlines provides services for ticket cancellations. At the airline’s check-in counters in Terminal 1, travelers can cancel their tickets. 


At Antalya Airport, LOT Polish Airlines provides ATMs so that travelers can access banking services and make cash withdrawals while on the road. This is a selection of the facilities and services that LOT Polish Airlines provides at the airport.

Baby care services

The Antalya Airport has specialized baby care rooms in both the arrival and departure halls for your convenience. The purpose of these facilities is to give parents a convenient and comfortable area to take care of their baby’s feeding, changing, and resting requirements. 


Georgian Bank, TBC Bank, and Liberty Bank are among the banks at Antalya Airport. These banks provide ATMs, PAY Box locations, and currency exchange services for the convenience of travelers. To further meet the needs of tourists, there are numerous foreign exchange offices in both the arrival and departure terminals.

Ticket Upgradation

At LOT Polish Airlines Antalya Airport, Terminal 1 is where LOT Polish Airlines has ticket upgradation services available. Included in the array of facilities and services the airline provides at the airport is this particular service.

Children’s play area

A kids’ play area is available at the Antalya Airport, and it can be found in Terminal 1. With a safe and entertaining environment for them to play and unwind while they wait for their flights, this play area is ideal for families traveling with little children.

Family restrooms

There are family restrooms at the LOT Polish Airlines AYT Terminal of the Antalya Airport. Along with play spaces and baby changing stations, the airport offers family-friendly services that include these restrooms. 

Check-in counters

Travelers can use the check-in counters at Antalya Airport to make their flight arrangements. The airlines that run these counters, including LOT Polish Airlines, are based in the terminal. 

Prior to their flights, passengers and their luggage are processed via the check-in counters. Passengers can avoid lengthy lineups and enjoy a seamless arrival and departure procedure with LOT Polish Airlines’ specialized check-in desks that provide a quick and easy check-in process. 

Luggage wrapping

LOT Polish Airlines Antalya Airport offers 24-hour luggage wrapping service in the departures hall. The purpose of the luggage wrapping service is to shield bags from being stolen or damaged while traveling. The baggage wrapping machine is situated on the terminal’s departure floor. 

Information counters

Information desks at Antalya Airport are manned around-the-clock and are situated in the middle of the arrival and departure terminals. These stations give travelers vital information about flights, the airport’s structure, and other topics. The Arrival and Departure Terminals also have information desks that are manned around-the-clock. Assistance with check-in, passport, customs, and visa operations, as well as transfers to the lounge or car, is offered by these desks.

Pre-boarding services

At LOT Polish Airlines AYT Terminal–Antalya Airport, travelers can enjoy a variety of facilities and support prior to boarding their aircraft as part of the pre-boarding services. These services are designed to make traveling more enjoyable overall and guarantee a seamless transfer from the airport to the aircraft. 

Priority boarding, help for travelers with special needs, support with security and immigration processes, and access to airport lounges for pre-flight leisure are a few of the pre-boarding services that the airport may provide.

Airport/Airline lounges

There are various lounges available at Antalya Airport, such as the TBC Concept Lounge, Antalya Primeclass Lounge, and BUSINESS LOUNGE. The LOT Polish Airlines Antalya Airport Building houses the BUSINESS LOUNGE. The lounges provide a range of services, such as food and drinks, Wi-Fi, comfy sitting, and more.

Lost & Found desk support

A Lost & Found desk is available at Antalya Airport to assist travelers who have misplaced their belongings. Travelers who need to make requests or get their lost belongings back can use this service.

The purpose of these services is to improve LOT Polish Airlines clients’ travel experience at Antalya Airport.

What are Antalya Airport’s prohibitions?

To guarantee every passenger’s safety and security, LOT Polish Airlines AYT Terminal has implemented a number of bans. These limits apply to things like guns, flammable materials, and sharp objects that are not permitted in checked or carry-on luggage. For a comprehensive list of things that are prohibited, travelers are recommended to visit the airport’s website or get in touch with the airport directly.

To safeguard the safety of every traveler, the airport has stringent security measures in place as well, including metal detection and X-ray scanning. It is recommended that travelers arrive early at the airport to accommodate these formalities and prevent any potential delays.

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LOT Polish Airlines AYT Antalya Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Where at AYT Terminal does LOT Polish Airlines use its terminal?

Antalya Airport’s Terminal 1 is the operating location for LOT Polish Airlines.

How is the LOT Polish Airlines departure experience at AYT Terminal?

Passengers at LOT Polish Airlines AYT Terminal can avoid standing in long lines and take advantage of specialized check-in counters for a smooth and expedient experience. 

How does one go about arriving at AYT Terminal with LOT Polish Airlines? 

The goal of the LOT Polish Airlines arrival experience at AYT Terminal is to ensure a seamless transition, with minimal wait times for lost and found assistance and convenient access to ride-sharing, taxi, and rental vehicle services. 

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