Pegasus Airlines DOH Terminal – Hamad International Airport


located on the island’s west side of Hamad International Airport, also known as Diagoras International Airport,. Its important role in handling the departure and arrival terminals for Pegasus Airlines. It is advisable for all passengers residing in Athens to book a trip with Pegasus Airlines to head to the DOH terminal. 

In addition to the passengers’ flawless experience regarding air travel, the airline and Pegasus Airlines DOH Terminal equally contribute to providing a perfect gateway for the trip to or from the city. If you want to continue the trip stress-free, then you must collect all the information before arriving at the airport. Further, you can conveniently check-in for the flight and proceed with the trip from the DOH Terminal. On the other hand, you can avoid spending a lot of time at the exit gate by pre-booking a ride and exploring the destination as soon as you land.

Basic Information About Hamad International Airport for Pegasus Airlines

Airport NameHamad International Airport
Pegasus Airlines DOH Address7J57+WPM, Doha, Qatar
Pegasus Airlines IATA CodePC
Pegasus Airlines ICAO CodePGT
Pegasus Airlines DOH TerminalTerminal Principal
Airport Contact No.+974 4010 6666
Working Hours24 hours
Official Email
Official FaceBook Page
Official YouTube Page
Official LinkedIn
Official Twitter

Devoted Terminal at Hamad International Airport for Pegasus Airlines’ Departure 

Terminal Principal of Hamad International Airport is open for Pegasus Airlines departures. Operating out of Hamad International Airport’s Terminal Principal, Pegasus Airlines offers services to travelers leaving Hamad International. 

For travelers traveling with Pegasus Airlines, the Main Terminal at Pegasus Airlines Hamad International Airport provides effective check-in desks, quick and easy security checks, and a variety of amenities to improve the travel experience.

Terminal Open for Pegasus Airlines Arrival at Hamad International Airport

Pegasus Airlines is expected to arrive at Hamad International Airport via Terminal Principal, which is currently open. Pegasus Airlines serves travelers arriving at Hamad International Airport out of Terminal Principal of the airport. 

It provides expert lost and found support, guaranteeing a quick and easy recovery of any misplaced belongings. Furthermore, travelers traveling by Pegasus Airlines can effortlessly switch to their preferred means of transportation, such as a prearranged rental vehicle, taxi, or sharing a vehicle service, for a pleasant trip to their destination.

Through the arrival procedure at Pegasus Airlines DOH Terminal, travelers can spend more time enjoying their trip and less time navigating the airport.

Destinations that Pegasus Airlines Serves from Hamad International Airport

Hamad International Airport is the hub for Pegasus Airlines, which offers flights to both domestic and foreign locations. The airline provides international service to Manchester and London as well as domestic service to Athens. Pegasus Airlines offers easy connections to these well-liked locations for travelers departing from Hamad International Airport, guaranteeing a seamless travel experience. 

What services does Pegasus Airlines provide at Hamad International Airport?

To guarantee that travelers have a seamless and enjoyable journey, Pegasus Airlines offers a variety of services at Hamad International Airport. These amenities include areas for checking in, checking bags, screening passengers, stores, dining options, cafes, departure gates, lounge access, duty-free shopping, Wi-Fi, seat preference, lost and found support, aid for unaccompanied minors, and more. These facilities can improve the travel experience for Pegasus Airlines passengers departing from Pegasus Airlines Hamad International Airport. 

Check-in Service

At Hamad International Airport, Pegasus Airlines offers check-in services. When it comes to checking in for their journey, Pegasus Airlines passengers can make use of the airport’s amenities.

Baggage Check-in Service

Hamad International Airport accepts baggage checked in by Pegasus Airlines. As part of the routine processes before their trip, Pegasus Airlines passengers are able to check their baggage at the airport.

Screening Passengers

Hamad International Airport is home to Pegasus Airlines, which offers passenger screening services. As part of the pre-flight process, Pegasus Airlines passengers can anticipate going through the required security screening processes at the airport.


Pegasus Airlines DOH Terminal is home to outlets operated by Pegasus Airlines. In addition to a range of stores, such as Greek Duty Free Shops, travelers can enjoy a variety of dining options and entertainment options at the airport, including Bistro dei Cavalieri, Burger King, Grab&Fly, Cup&Plate, Easy Grab n Go, Pub, Goody’s Burger House, French Bakery, and Refill Coffee & Bakery.

Dining Options

Hamad International Airport offers eating options provided by Pegasus Airlines. For their dining needs, travelers can choose from a range of restaurants at the airport, including RESTAURANT SPORTS BAR BILLYS, Magister Premium Burger and Barbecue Restaurant, Deipnos Restaurant, Burger King, L’Onda Restaurant, Goody’s Burger House, and Pub (Hamad International Airport).

Lounge Access

Lounge access is one of many other exceptional services that Pegasus Airlines features at Hamad International Airport. The Skyserv Business Lounge and the Filoxenia Lounge at Hamad International Airport are both charge-only for Pegasus Airlines passengers. To improve travelers’ journeys, these lounges provide services like refreshments, newspapers, magazines, broadband access, buffet snacks, and more.

Seat Preference

Pegasus Airlines DOH Terminal is where Pegasus Airlines offers seat selection options. To enhance their comfort level during their journey, Pegasus Airlines allows passengers to select their favorite seating selections. 

Aid for Unaccompanied Minor Passenger

At Hamad International Airport, Pegasus Airlines offers unaccompanied minor support services. In order to guarantee their safety and well-being during the voyage, Pegasus passengers under the age of 12 who are flying alone must reserve unaccompanied minor services.

Lost and Found services 

Hamad International Airport features lost and found services via Pegasus Airlines. Travelers who have misplaced belongings at the airport may get in touch with the police-run lost property office to find out more and possibly even get their lost stuff back. The Hamad International Airport’s lost and found department helps travelers find their possessions by handling items discovered inside the terminal or on the airport grounds.

Upon visiting the airport, you can experience many similar services available within the terminal building.

Inbuilt services at Hamad International Airport

In order to meet the demands of travelers, Pegasus Airlines Hamad International Airport offers a variety of built-in services. Among these services are: 

Money and communications facilities

ATMs, banks, and bureau de change are among the money and communication services available at Hamad International Airport. Public phones are also available for communication purposes. These facilities meet travelers’ needs for communication and currency exchange while they are at the airport.

Shopping Amenities

One of the retail options at Hamad International Airport is a duty-free store for travelers departing the European Union that offers a variety of goods, including food and drink items, tobacco, and perfumes. In addition, there is a shop where travelers can purchase magazines, newspapers, drinks, and mementos to enjoy while at the airport. 

Luggage Services

Pegasus Airlines Hamad International Airport offers luggage services such as assistance with luggage trolleys, luggage wrapping, and lockers for storing luggage. Nevertheless, the airport does not offer a delivery or storage service for bags. Inquiries regarding missing and possibly recovered luggage are also accepted at the lost and found office located in the baggage claim area.

Basic Facilities for Disabled Passengers

Wheelchair-accessible restrooms and ramps for convenient access are among the fundamental amenities provided by Hamad International Airport to travelers with disabilities. To guarantee a seamless and enjoyable travel experience, passengers with impairments or limited mobility who need assistance at the airport are recommended to request it in advance.

Medical Assistance

An on-site medical clinic at Pegasus Airlines DOH Terminal can be contacted at +1-866-666-0217 for medical help. For extra medical needs, there is a small pharmacy at the airport in addition to the medical center, which is able to treat medical emergencies. Passengers who require medical assistance or who are facing an emergency can rely on the airport’s services to take care of their medical needs in a timely and effective manner. 

Airport Wi-Fi Access

Hamad International Airport has airport WiFi that is accessible over the Fraport-Free network. In order to use the internet while at the airport, travelers can connect their devices to this network and then open their browsers to a welcome page.

Car Parking

Travelers can choose from a number of alternatives for parking at Pegasus Airlines DOH Terminal, including designated areas in front of the terminal building that are supervised around-the-clock. Passengers may easily access the parking spots from the terminal by foot, which is convenient. For those who would like to reserve their parking spots in advance for a stress-free departure, there are other parking options available.

To guarantee the security of the cars of passengers, a CCTV camera system has been installed in the parking lot. Parking is available for free for the first 20 minutes and is reasonably priced for both short- and long-term stays. The parking lot is open around-the-clock.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the terminal at Hamad International Airport open and close? 

From 00:00 to 23:59 every day, the terminal at Hamad International Airport is open.

Which amenities are offered by the Hamad International Airport? 

Within the airport, travelers can find a bank, ATMs, bureau de change, public phones, dining establishments including a restaurant, bar, and cafe, duty-free store offering a variety of goods, newspapers and magazine kiosk, luggage lockers, and a lost-and-found office located in the baggage claim area. There is also a medical facility on the airport grounds.

Does the DOH Terminal have Wi-Fi access?

Pegasus Airlines DOH Terminal does not yet have Wi-Fi available. 

What are Hamad International Airport’s minimum amenities for travelers with disabilities? 

Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are among the basic amenities provided by Hamad International Airport to tourists with disabilities. Before flying, passengers in need of assistance should get in touch with their airline.

Does Hamad International Airport have a medical center? 

In order to get medical attention, travelers can reach the medical center at Hamad International Airport by calling +1-866-666-0217.

In what area of Hamad International Airport can travelers leave their cars? 

Hamad International Airport has both long- and short-term parking available at the lot across from the terminal building. Passengers can travel with ease knowing that the airport’s parking lot is constantly monitored.

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