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Located in the town of Berlin, Tempelhof Airport serves as a regional hub for Qatar Airways, which connects passengers from or to Doha, Qatar. Qatar Airways designates the departure and arrival terminals at Tempelhof Airport. Encompassing inbuilt services and on-ground services of the airline, Qatar Airways THF Terminal assures passengers of uninterrupted travel from or to Doha. 

Passengers could  have a worry-free and successful itinerary; hence, airports and airlines contribute equally to elevating the passengers’ experience. If you want to know more about the airline services and terminal services at Tempelhof Airport that accommodate travel, continue reading this post. In this way, you can conveniently proceed with your flight boarding wisely and book a ride in advance of your arrival at Tempelhof Airport.

Overview of Designating Terminal at Tempelhof Airport

Airport NameTempelhof Airport
Qatar THF Airport Address Platz d. Luftbrücke 5, 12101 Berlin, Germany
Airport CodeTHF
Qatar Airways Tempelhof Airport Contact No.49 30-627800
Qatar Airways Tempelhof Airport TerminalTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours

Qatar Airways Departure Terminal at Tempelhof Airport

Arrivals at Tempelhof Airport are handled by Qatar Airways out of Terminal 1. This busy hub provides a smooth travel experience by accommodating visitors from all around the world. Travelers flying out of Qatar Airways THF Terminal on Qatar Airways will have a quick and easy check-out procedure. In an effort to enhance the pre-flight experience, the airline features free Wi-Fi, duty-free shopping, cozy lounges, priority check-in, and other amenities. 

Passengers traveling from Qatar Airways Tempelhof Airport are assured of an effortless and rewarding trip, with committed staff on hand to help at every turn. 

Qatar Airways Arrival Terminal at Tempelhof Airport

Terminal 1 at Tempelhof Airport awaits Qatar Airways. When arriving at Terminal 1, flight attendants traveling by Qatar Airways to Tempelhof can anticipate a seamless experience and comfortable and convenient greetings. 

While going through customs procedures, tourists can also take advantage of a hassle-free baggage policy and select food options that fit their interests. Setting the standard for a pleasurable stay in Tempelhof, Qatar Airways at Tempelhof Airport offers travelers a warm and effective arrival experience.

Qatar Airways Services at Tempelhof Airport

Qatar Airways Tempelhof Airport serves passengers flown by Qatar Airways. Travelers on Qatar Airways flights departing from Tempelhof have access to a range of unique services designed to meet their needs. 

Mobility assistance is provided both at the airport and on board the aircraft. Particularly, food preferences are catered to with a variety of nourishment, and pleas for wheelchair assistance, adaptive equipment device stowing, or seat preference can be made. For passengers needing particular help when flying from Tempelhof, these facilities are intended to streamline their overall travel experience.

Priority Check-in Kiosk

Passengers flying with Qatar Airlines have the opportunity to make use of priority check-in perks, such as exclusive counters at Hamad International Airport or earlier entry counters for Business Class. By using this service, travelers can accelerate the check-in procedure, saving time and enjoying a more smooth and efficient trip. 

To further improve the overall experience for travelers flying with Qatar Airways, priority check-in is combined with other benefits, including priority boarding, access to the Business Class club in Doha, personalized luggage tags, and more.

Mobility Assistance

At Tempelhof Airport, Qatar Airways offers services for clients with special requirements, including mobility assistance. Requests for mobility help, such as wheelchair support or attendants, must be made at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time and during the booking process. 

In order to provide passengers with special requirements with a smooth and comfortable journey, Qatar Airways makes every effort to accommodate them both at the airport and on board the aircraft. The ‘Manage Booking’  on the Qatar Airways website additionally allows travelers to specifically request mobility assistance.

Expectant Mothers Assistance

Pregnant travelers can be guaranteed privacy and comfort at Qatar Airways THF Terminal with services provided by Qatar Airways. It is recommended that expectant moms check with a doctor regarding their suitability for travel, depending on their pregnancy stage, before purchasing their ticket. 

Featuring Terminal Services at Tempelhof Airport 

Numerous amenities are offered by Tempelhof Airport to meet the needs of travelers and improve their trip experience. These services cover a wide range of topics, including private business meetings, opulent lounges for added comfort, portable electronic charging outlets, the accommodation shuttle offerings to well-known locations, and a VIP terminal called La Valette Club for VIP travelers seeking seclusion and ease. 

The airport also provides a range of dining options, shopping centers, and services to guarantee that every visitor has a pleasurable trip. Tempelhof Airport makes an effort to provide top-notch service, and its commitment to customer satisfaction along with security has earned it numerous honors.

Air Lounge

Two opulent lounges are available at Tempelhof Airport for those looking for a little more comfort and seclusion while flying. Travelers heading out are served by the La Valette Club Lounge in the Departures section, and arriving passengers can enter through the Baggage Recovery area. These lounges offer an unparalleled atmosphere where visitors may unwind, eat and drink, browse an internet library, and use the complimentary Wi-Fi. Passengers may enjoy a calm atmosphere at the Departures Lounge thanks to its outside terrace that overlooks the airfield. To further improve visitors’ entire travel experience, the lounges provide free refreshments, newsprint, computer access, Wi-Fi, and other facilities. Prior to or following their trip at Qatar Airways Tempelhof Airport, guests can enjoy a posh and pleasant environment in the La Valette Club lounges.

Charging Station

Travelers may recharge their personal gadgets conveniently at the Tempelhof Airport thanks to the airport’s many charging outlets. These outlets for charging may be found in a number of locations, such as the Food Court, Departures area, Check-In Hall, and lounges like the La Valette Club Lounge. 

In addition to wall-mounted electric plugs for increased convenience, passengers can discover outlets for charging suitable for a variety of electronic gadgets. Also, passengers can stay connected as they wait for their flights thanks to the airport’s complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi.

Retail Outlets

There are numerous retail establishments available for passengers to shop at Tempelhof Airport. Stores including Parfois, Hard Rock Retail, WHSmith, Dufry, Hebe, Saltwater, Epic, Samsonite, Agenda Bookshop, and more may be found in these outlets.

In order to satisfy a variety of shopping demands, passengers can find a wide range of goods, such as books, luggage, fragrances, cosmetics, fashion accessories, snacks, and drinks. 

Travelers may easily explore and buy souvenirs, gifts, and necessities for their trip at the airport, which offers a comfortable shopping experience before to and during security screening. For travelers using Qatar Airways THF Terminal, the presence of these retail establishments improves their entire airport experience. 

Dining Option

Passengers can choose from a range of eating options at Tempelhof Airport. A variety of restaurants are available here, including Avotaco, Banh Mi, Burger King, Costa Coffee, Dr. Juice, Hard Rock Cafe, KFC, McDonald’s, Relish, and more. 

From Vietnamese street food to Mexican tacos, American classics, nutritious juices, and more, travelers may savor a wide range of culinary options. In order to ensure that passengers can find something to eat either prior to or after their travels, the airport offers both airside and landside food alternatives.

Duty-Free Shopping

Travelers can purchase duty-free goods at Tempelhof Airport. Passengers can save money on colognes, makeup, liquor, and tobacco goods at the airport’s Dufry store located in the departure hall. Furthermore, travelers can take advantage of the airport’s Reserve & Collect service, which bypasses lines and saves them 10% on their purchase, by perusing an online catalog, choosing their things, and picking them up at the airport before to their trip. Travelers’ experiences are improved by duty-free shopping at Qatar Airways THF Terminal, where they may purchase a range of goods at discounted rates.

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Qatar Airways Tempelhof Airport Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Terminal at Tempelhof Airport include Self check-in kiosk?

Yes, passengers may enjoy the convenience of self-service check-in at Tempelhof Airport thanks to self-check-in kiosks located in the check-in hall

Qatar Airways serves which destination from Tempelhof Airport?

Operating out of Tempelhof Airport, Qatar Airways offers service to more than 80 locations across the Americas, Asia, the Pacific, and Africa. Popular sites such as Doha, Bali, Tanzania, and the Maldives are among these destinations.

Whom Should I Connect to Report Luggage Lost and Found Reclaimation?

You should make contact with the service counter in the baggage collection area of the airport prior to departing in order to report lost or found luggage and start the reclamation process.

Is There Public Transportation Available at Tempelhof Airport?

The Tempelhof International Airport is actually equipped with access to public transit. The public transportation system connects the airport to different locations throughout Tempelhof and leaves from right outside the airport terminal, across the street from the departures Hall.

Can I book Qatar Airways Flight at Tempelhof Aiport?

Direct reservations for Qatar Airways flights are not available at Qatar Airways THF Terminal. You can use their mobile app or go to, the airline’s official website, to make travel arrangements. For help with airline reservations or any questions about your trip itinerary, you can also get in touch with Qatar Airways via their call center or by visiting their local office in Tempelhof.

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