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It always helps to be aware of the Royal Jordanian ADE Terminal in advance in order to take advantage of the facilities offered, regardless of whether travelers wish to use in-flight or airport services. in order for you to enjoy yourself on your journey.

For your reference, we have listed every important aspect of flying with Royal Jordanian in the article below. in order for you to utilize this information prior to your planned departure, throughout your journey, and even once you’ve stepped off the aircraft and are free to enjoy some downtime.

When you know nothing about the Aden International Airport other than Terminal 1, this guide will undoubtedly come in handy. To ensure that your travel plans are a success, carefully read it and apply its advice.

Useful Information About Royal Jordanian Aden International Airport

Name of the AirportAden International Airport
Name of the airlineRoyal Jordanian Airlines
Address of the airportAden, Yemen
IATA Code of the AirportADE
ICAO Code of the AirportRJA
Royal Jordanian Departure at ADE TerminalTerminal 1
Royal Jordanian Arrival at ADE TerminalTerminal 1
Official Website
Contact Number of Aden International Airport+962 3 203 4010

Royal Jordanian Departure at ADE Terminal

Terminal 1 of Aden International Airport is home to the Royal Jordanian departure terminal. The departure procedure at Aden International Airport’s Royal Jordanian ADE Terminal is expedited for effective boarding operations.

In order to provide travelers with a seamless travel experience, Royal Jordanian improves the departure experience with retail options and practical services.

Procedure for Boarding Royal Jordanian Airlines at ADE Terminal

Passengers at Aden International Airport should take the following actions to board a Royal Jordanian flight: 


  • No later than three hours prior to departure, arrive at the airport check-in counter. 
  • For most destinations, passengers can be accepted for travel no later than 60 minutes before departure.
  • Travelers have multiple options to finish the check-in process: airport check-in counters, mobile check-in, and online check-in.
  • Through the check-in process, passengers can choose the seats of their choice.


  • For a hassle-free journey, Royal Jordanian provides generous luggage allowances and quick check-in processes.

Security & Immigration

  • For smooth boarding processes, passengers must abide by authority instructions and signage.
  • When arriving at the destination airport, expedited immigration and customs clearance is offered.


  • The efficient boarding processes at Royal Jordanian Aden International Airport guarantee that travelers can board their flights on time. 
  • Upon boarding their flights, passengers should abide by authority instructions and signage.

Royal Jordanian Arrival at ADE Terminal

At Aden International Airport, Terminal 1 houses the Royal Jordanian arrival terminal. A smooth transition for travelers from the aircraft to the airport amenities is guaranteed at Aden International Airport’s Royal Jordanian ADE Terminal. 

When arriving, travelers find a welcoming and well-run environment with effective processes in place to make the transition from the aircraft to the Royal Jordanian ADE Terminal amenities easier. Focused on giving travelers a seamless and pleasurable experience, the Royal Jordanian Arrival at Aden International Airport offers a variety of amenities to increase passenger satisfaction, in addition to expedient procedures and first-rate customer service.

Series of Actions Upon the Arrival with Royal Jordanian at ADE Terminal

The following procedures must be fulfilled by travelers when they arrive at Aden International Airport’s Royal Jordanian Terminal: 

Efficient Procedure

  • When arriving, passengers will find an airport that is welcoming and well-run, with smooth processes in place to make the transition from the plane to the terminal easier. 

Customer Service Assistance

  • Prioritizing passenger satisfaction by providing a wide range of amenities and services, the Royal Jordanian customer service team is available to offer guidance and assistance in the event that passengers encounter any difficulties.

Streamlined Immigration and Customs

  • Upon arrival at the destination, Royal Jordanian Aden International Airport, passengers can anticipate expedited immigration and customs clearance procedures.

Baggage Claim

  • Traveling with Royal Jordanian is hassle-free thanks to their generous luggage allowances and quick baggage claim processes.

Lost & Damaged Luggage

  • When luggage gets lost or damaged, the airline’s customer service team takes care of it right away using special procedures that guarantee prompt resolution and reimbursement.

Upon fulfilling these formalities upon reaching Aden International Airport’s Royal Jordanian Terminal, travelers can anticipate a smooth and delightful disembarkation experience and seamless integration into the airport amenities.

On-Ground Services Available at Royal Jordanian Aden International Airport

To assist airlines and guarantee efficient airport operations, Royal Jordanian ADE Terminal provides a comprehensive array of on-ground services. The following are some of the main on-ground services offered by ADE: 

  • Ticket Rescheduling
  • Airport Check-in
  • Ticket Booking and cancellation
  • Wifi Service
  • Unaccopanied Minor Support
  • Flight Information
  • Travel with pets or Animals
  • Pet Friendly Area
  • Baggage Services
  • Customer Service
  • Charging stations
  • Lounge access and more.

Airport Check-in

  • Three hours prior to departure, travelers must show up at the airport check-in counter.
  • Different destinations have different deadlines for accepting passengers for travel; generally, gates close 60 minutes before departure. 
  • Terminals 1 (modules A–E) and 2 both have check-in counters. 

Customer Service

To help travelers with their questions and needs, Royal Jordanian Aden International Airport offers a variety of channels and points of contact for customer service. The following are important facets of airport customer service 

  • Through phone or email, travelers can contact the information service provided by Aden Airport.
  • Help with flights, events, parking, and other questions can be obtained at any airport information desk or InfoGate counter.
  • Aden International Airport offers airline-specific customer services, ground handling services, and dedicated information services to meet the various needs of travelers and guarantee a pleasurable journey.

Information Desk

  • For passengers with a variety of questions, Royal Jordanian ADE Terminal provides InfoGate counters and information desks all over the airport.
  • There is a 24-hour staff at Terminal 1’s main information desk. Flight schedules determine when additional information services in Terminals 1 and 2 open.
  • Travelers seeking assistance with flight information, airport events, parking options, and other queries can approach the InfoGate counters or information desks.

Baggage Service

  • Aden International Airport offers options for left luggage facilities as well as storage for bags. 
  • The Royal Jordanian Aden Airport’s Terminal 1 and Terminal 1 Service Centers allow travelers to store their luggage. 
  • The employees of the service Center will ensure that the luggage is secure, freeing up travelers to enjoy dining or shopping at the airport without worrying about their bags getting in the way.

Lost & Found Desk

  • Due to its handy location within the airport grounds, the lost and found desk makes it simple for travelers to report missing items and start the search process. 
  • To assist travelers in finding their misplaced belongings, Aden Airport has a well-organized lost baggage policy.
  • Passengers can effectively report lost items to the Lost and Found Office at Royal Jordanian ADE Terminal by visiting them in person, contacting them by phone or email, or using the online reporting system. 

Retail Stores

The terminals at Aden International Airport are home to a large selection of retail establishments. Some important information regarding ADE’s shopping options: 

  • Operating within 10,000 square meters of retail space, eurotrade is a 100% subsidiary of Aden Airport and houses approximately 50 stores. They are experts at duty-free shopping, fashion, jewelry, watches, and travel necessities. 
  • In Terminal 1, specifically at Gates G and H, you can find upscale stores like Hermès, Gucci, Tods, and more. These shops sell bags, scarves, shawls, and accessories.
  • For the purpose of meeting the shopping needs of travelers, Royal Jordanian Aden International Airport offers a wide variety of duty-free shops, upscale boutiques, fashion stores, travel necessities, and more.

Food Outlets 

  • Aden International Airport has a large number of food establishments that provide a diverse range of dining choices to suit the tastes and preferences of travelers.
  • Restaurants, cafes, bistros, and bars offering fast food, Asian specialties, Bavarian specialties, international cuisine, and home-brewed beer are among these establishments.
  • Whether travelers are searching for a quick snack or a sit-down meal, the airport’s approximately sixty cafes, bistros, and restaurants guarantee that there is something for everyone.

Lounge Access

  • Passengers can choose from a number of lounges at Royal Jordanian ADE Terminal, including VipWing, Emirates Lounge, Airport Lounge Europe, Lufthansa Senator Lounge Schengen, and Air France KLM Lounge, each with different amenities and services.
  • These lounges provide amenities to travelers to improve their stay at Aden Airport, including wifi, food and beverage options, and comfortable seating.
  • A range of facilities are available at Aden International Airport’s Airport Lounge World to improve travelers’ travel experiences. Bistro, café, and relaxation areas; free wifi; national and international TV program; smoking room; showers; departure monitor; meditation room; conference rooms; restrooms; day beds; free baggage; snacks and drinks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Aden International Airport terminal is Royal Jordanian located in?

Terminal 1 of Aden International Airport serves as the Royal Jordanian Airlines ADE Terminal. This terminal acts as the hub for numerous services.

What is the departure terminal of Royal Jordanian at Aden International Airport?

Departure processes are expedited at the Royal Jordanian ADE Terminal (Terminal 1) to facilitate efficient boarding operations.

Are there any lounges at the Royal Jordanian ADE Terminal? 

Yes, the terminal offers designated lounges where visitors may relax in a quiet environment with cozy chairs, complimentary Wi-Fi, and an assortment of beverages. 

what is the Royal Jordanian Arrival Terminal at Aden International Airport?

Terminal 1 of Aden International Airport is the Royal Jordanian Arrival Terminal.

Is there WiFi available at this terminal?

Yes, travelers can stay connected at the airport with free Wi-Fi available throughout the terminal.

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