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Serving as the center of operations for SalamAir, Jinnah International Airport offers the facilities, services, and infrastructure required to support the airline’s flights and guarantee a convenient travel experience for its customers. In the United Arab Emirates, the SalamAir KHI Terminal resides at the airport. 

Main Terminal of KHI is the operating base for SalamAir. Flights to Salalah (MCT) and other destinations are operated by SalamAir out of KHI Main Terminal. Travelers can enjoy a number of facilities and services at KHI Terminal, which guarantees a smooth journey.

Travelers who are interested in a hassle-free travel experience can benefit from understanding KHI Terminal operations, which include baggage handling, security procedures, and check-in procedures.

Overview of SalamAir KHI Terminal

Airport NameJinnah International Airport
Airport AddressAirport Road, Faisal Cantonment, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan
SalamAir KHI Terminal ArrivalsMain Terminal
SalamAir KHI Terminal DeparturesMain Terminal
Airport CodeKHI
SalamAir IATA CodeOV
SalamAir ICAO CodeOMS
Jinnah International Airport Contact Number+92 21 99071111
SalamAir Official
SalamAir Official Instagram
SalamAir Official
SalamAir Official X (Twitter)
SalamAir Official

Main Terminal at KHI is where SalamAir operates its departure flights. All flights, domestic and international, can check in at the SalamAir KHI Terminal using the same procedure. A variety of services are available at SalamAir KHI Main Terminal to guarantee a convenient and hassle-free travel experience.

Protocols to Depart on SalamAir at KHI Terminal

When flying out of KHI terminal, passengers departing on SalamAir are required to go through these procedures:

Check-in Process

  • For passengers to obtain their boarding pass and verify their seat preference, they must check in for their flight online or at the SalamAir KHI Terminal counters.
  • To save time and prevent problems at the terminal, priority check-in services are offered. 

Security Checks

  • Before boarding their flight, passengers have to go through security checks at the airport to make sure they are following all safety procedures.

Baggage Drop

  • Passengers must deposit their checked luggage at the appropriate counters after check-in so that it can be handled carefully and loaded onto the aircraft. 

Boarding Pass

  • To start the boarding procedure, passengers must report to the boarding gate at the designated time for their flight.

Immigration Procedures

  • International travelers leaving from KHI might have to go through passport checks and visa verification processes as part of the immigration process before boarding their flight.

Final Boarding Call

  • If you want to make sure you board the plane on time, passengers should listen to the announcements regarding the final boarding call.

SalamAir Arrival Terminal at KHI

SalamAir uses KHI Main Terminal for its arrival flights. SalamAir KHI Main Terminal is easily accessible from there. For a calm and relaxing start to passengers experiences, the terminal provides a well-planned and organized arrival area. For a convenient and hassle-free arrival experience, SalamAir provides travelers with a variety of services and amenities.

Formalities to Clear Upon SalamAir Arrival at KHI

Travelers at Jinnah International Airport (KHI) need to take the following actions to finish the SalamAir arrival procedures:


  • Once you have disembarked, head to Main Terminal, the arrival terminal where SalamAir is located.

Arrival at Main Terminal:

  • SalamAir’s arrival flights are operated out of KHI Main Terminal.

Baggage Claim

  • Following their arrival at SalamAir KHI Main Terminal, travelers must retrieve their checked luggage from the specified baggage claim area.

Immigration and Customs

  • Foreign travelers must go through immigration and customs processes, which include passport inspections and, if necessary, visa verification.


  • You can use the specified exit gates to leave the terminal after passing through immigration and customs.

Destinations that SalamAir Flies to from KHI Terminal

SalamAir serves a number of destinations with flights out of SalamAir KHI Terminal. Some of the places mentioned are listed below.

  • Saudi Arab
  • Jeddah
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Indian Subcontinent, and more.

Offerings & Facilities available at KHI Terminal

  • Check-in Counters
  • ATMs and Cash
  • Wifi or Internet Access
  • Baby Care Rooms
  • Lost and Found Dept.
  • Banks and Forex
  • Emergency Services
  • Self-service Kiosks
  • Flight Tracking Displays
  • Assistance for Physically Impaired
  • Quiet Seating Spaces
  • Reservation Options
  • Seat Upgradations
  • Medical Facilities
  • Flight Tracking Displays
  • Airport Guides
  • Family Restrooms
  • Cancellations & Refund
  • Wheelchair Assistance

Check-in Facility

At Jinnah International Airport, there is a check-in counter (KHI). The airport provides a number of options for check-in, such as:

  1. Self-Check-in Kiosks:Passengers can check in for their flights and print their boarding passes using these kiosks.
  2. Airport Check-in Counters: Specialized counters, open 180 minutes prior to international flights, are where passengers can check in.
  3. Premium Check-in Counters: Members of Emirates Skywards may check in at specific counters in accordance with their membership tier. 

Information Counter

  • Passengers can receive assistance from information counters at KHI. 
  • To make sure that travelers can easily access them, they are probably situated in conspicuous locations within the airport terminals. 
  • When it comes to airport amenities, services, check-in procedures, and other questions, the staff at the information counters can offer assistance. 
  • Passengers can get assistance from the information counters all day long during regular airport hours. 

Baggage Wrapping

  • At SalamAir KHI Terminal, a baggage wrapping service is offered.
  • Just in front of the check-in desks in the departures area are the baggage wrapping machines.
  • To keep bags safe and secure during the trip, the service wraps them in durable, clear plastic.
  • AED 40 is the price for each bag in standard size and AED 80 is the price for each oversized bag. 
  • To prevent incurring additional baggage fees, travelers are recommended to weigh their bags prior to having them wrapped. 
  • The service can be found at the check-in area, which is located across from counter number 42. 

Lost and Found Desk

  • Jinnah International Airport has a Lost and Found desk (KHI). A comprehensive Lost and Found service is available at the airport to assist travelers in finding their misplaced belongings.
  • The phone number for the Jinnah Airports Customer Care Team can be used to get in touch with the Lost and Found division.
  • For items lost within the terminals—not in the airline lounges, immigration and customs areas, security checkpoint areas, or on an airplane—get in touch with the Lost and Found department directly.
  • If you find something missing, fill out an online form. Name, color, size, type, brand, and any other distinguishing characteristics of the lost item should all be mentioned in detail. Don’t forget to include your name, phone number, travel date, time, and airline.

Banking and Money Services

KHI terminal offers a wide range of financial and money services (KHI).

  • ATMs
    • In every terminal building, there are ATMs.
    • Gates 8, 18, 22, and 24 are in close proximity to 24-hour ATMs. 
    • A number of banks, including Standard Chartered Bank, First Gulf Bank, United Bank Limited, Citibank, Jinnah Commercial Bank, Emirates Islamic Bank, and Mashreq Bank, have ATMs.
  • Currency Exchange
    • Facilities for bureaux de change are available around gates 8, 18, 22, and 24 around-the-clock.
    • Foreign exchange services are another thing that Jinnah Duty Free offers. 

Food and Dining

To accommodate a wide variety of tastes and preferences, SalamAir KHI Terminal provides a wide selection of food and dining options. 

To accommodate a wide range of tastes and preferences, KHI Main Terminal provides a variety of food and dining options. The following are some important specifics regarding the dining options found in Main Terminal:

  • Restaurants
    • McGettigan’s: This Irish pub-style restaurant serves a range of international dishes, including salads, sandwiches, and burgers. It’s located not far from Gates C23 and C21.
    • PAUL Bakery & Restaurant: There are several pastries, salads, and sandwiches available at this French bakery. Main Terminal is where you can find it.
    • The Noodle House: In addition to salads and soups, this restaurant serves a variety of South East Asian dishes. You can find it in Main Terminal. 
  • Cafes
    • Costa Coffee: This well-known coffee shop serves cakes, pastries, and sandwiches in addition to a variety of hot and cold coffee beverages. Main Terminal is where it’s available. 
  • Fast Food Options
    • McDonald’s: This massive fast-food chain serves a selection of salads, sandwiches, and burgers. You can find it in Main Terminal.


The Jinnah International Airport features shops. Throughout its terminals, the airport provides a variety of retail options, such as boutiques, duty-free shops, and shops. The following are a few of the shops at the airport:

  • Jinnah Duty Free: Travelers can choose from a wide range of products and brands at this award-winning shopping destination located at Jinnah’s airports. 
  • Shops and Stores: KHI Main Terminal are home to a variety of retail establishments, such as pharmacies, duty-free shops, boutiques, and electronics stores.
  • Brands: The airport’s retail stores sell a variety of goods from both domestic and foreign brands, including apparel, accessories, electronics, books, chocolates, and souvenirs.
  • Specific Stores: Gucci, Chanel, Hermes, Adidas, Victoria’s Secret Pink, H&M, LEGO, watches, sunglasses, fragrances, cosmetics, and more are just a few of the specialized shops located at SalamAir KHI Terminal. 

Medical Center

At KHI, medical services are offered (KHI). The following information relates to the medical facilities and services that are offered:

  1. Jinnah Airport Medical Centre: This medical facility, which is accessible at KHI, offers services for hearing, vision, and physical impairments in addition to medical emergency assistance.
  2. Prime Medical Center: Prime Medical Center is an airport-based healthcare facility that provides emergency services, general practice, and specialty treatments for a range of medical ailments. 
  3. Airport Medical Center Main Terminal: This medical facility, which is housed in Main Terminal’s Main Terminal, offers family practice, nursing, and pharmacy services in addition to healthcare personnel and accredited laboratories.

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SalamAir Jinnah International Airport (KHI) Location Map

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is SalamAir at KHI?

Main Terminal is one of the other terminals at KHI which is dedicated to SalamAir.

What terminal is SalamAir at Jinnah International Airport?

SalamAir designates Main Terminal at Jinnah International Airport to handle its all flight from or to Jinnah.

What Terminal is SalamAir arrivals at KHI?

SalamAir uses Main Terminal at KHI for its arrivals.

What Terminal is SalamAir Departure at KHI?

SalamAir departures are hosted within Main Terminal at KHI.

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