Singapore Airlines ADL Terminal –  Adelaide International Airport


Terminal at Adelaide International Airport is the home base for Singapore Airlines. A variety of menities and services are offered by the airline to its passengers departing from the Singapore Airlines ADL Terminal. Check-in facilities, leisure lounges, help with security and border crossing, baggage handling services, flight updates, and helpful customer support are some of these services. All things considered, Singapore Airlines at Adelaide International Airport guarantees travelers a smooth and delightful journey with its extensive array of services and facilities. 

Airport NameAdelaide International Airport
Singapore Airlines ADL AddressSir Richard Williams Ave, Adelaide Airport SA 5950, Australia
IATA Airport CodeADL
Singapore ADL TerminalTerminal – 1
Airport Contact No.+1 718-244-4444
Working Hours24 hours
Official Website of Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Departure at Adelaide International Airport

Singapore Airlines operates out of Terminal 1 of Adelaide International Airport. Travelers departing from Adelaide on Singapore Airlines flights can utilize the airline’s amenities and services at Terminal 1, guaranteeing a seamless journey.

An array of amenities and services are available to travelers departing from Singapore Airlines Adelaide International Airport’s Terminal 1. Some of these features include check-in areas, leisure lounges, help with security and border crossing, baggage services, flight updates, and customer service assistance. 

Arrival Terminal Accessible for Singapore Airlines at Adelaide International Airport

The coming ADL, Singapore Airlines Terminal 1 is the terminal that the Singapore flight may access. Arriving at Terminal 1, passengers traveling by Singapore Airlines to Adelaide can handle the immigration system, luggage claim, and other aspects of arrival formalities.

After passing through immigration and customs, picking up their bags, and moving on to the arrivals area where they may discover car rental agencies, transit alternatives, and other amenities to continue their journey, visitors can anticipate what will happen upon arrival. 

Featuring Singapore Airlines Services At Adelaide International Airport

At Adelaide International Airport, notably at Terminal 1, Singapore Airlines provides services. In an effort to enhance passengers’ travel experiences, the airline extends a range of services at Singapore Airlines ADL Terminal. Ensuring a convenient and comfortable travel experience, Singapore Airlines represents lounges, online queries, and flight services at the airport for passengers who are departing from Adelaide. 

Lounge Access

Singapore Airlines provides access to the lounges at Terminal 1 of Adelaide International Airport. Prior to departure, travelers can take advantage of first-class amenities and services at the airline’s SilverKris First Class Lounge and SilverKris Business Class Lounge. For guests traveling with Singapore Airlines at Adelaide Airport, these lounges provide cozy seats, food options, drinks, Wi-Fi, books and magazines, and other amenities designed to enhance the quality of their trip.

Online Inquiries

At Adelaide International Airport, Singapore Airlines has a service for inquiries. Through their online form on their website, travelers can reach Singapore Airlines’ inquiry service at Adelaide International Airport. 

In addition, travelers can get help with their questions by going to the Swissport Administration Office located at Level 2, Singapore Airlines ADL Terminal (T2) at Adelaide Airport. This makes it possible for travelers to easily obtain information and advice for their travel requirements.

Flight Services

Adelaide International Airport is home to Singapore Airlines’ flight services. A variety of services, such as check-in, lounges, assistance with security and border control, luggage services, flight information, and customer service support, are available to flight attendants at Adelaide International Airport courtesy of Singapore Airlines.

Unleash Inbuilt Services at Adelaide International Airport

Accommodating Services at Adelaide International Airport

The SilverKris Business Class Lounge and First Class Lounge are among the services that are available for use at Singapore Airlines Adelaide International Airport. Prior to their flights, travelers can enjoy first-rate amenities in these lounges, including gourmet meals, snacks, beer and wine, spirits and liquor, Wi-Fi, and showers. 

Medical Center

Passengers and visitors can receive a variety of healthcare services from the Adelaide International Airport Medical Center, also called Adelaide Airport Health Clinic. The clinic provides cutting-edge medical services and facilities together with patient-centered healthcare. 

To meet the healthcare needs of travelers, the Health Clinic at Singapore Airlines ADL Terminal offers a variety of medical services, including routine physician consultations, healthcare evaluations, telehealth systems consultations, and other medical services.


Travelers looking for lodging close to the airport can take advantage of hotel options provided by Adelaide International Airport. Convenient lodging alternatives with free shuttle services to and from the airport, on-site parking, cozy rooms, and extra amenities like restaurants, conference rooms, and gyms are offered by hotels like Holiday Inn Adelaide Airport and PARKROYAL Adelaide Airport. By meeting the demands of guests looking for lodging close to Adelaide International Airport, these accommodation options make sure that visitors have a cozy and enjoyable stay.

Phone Charging Station

Travelers may easily charge their gadgets at Singapore Airlines ADL Terminal thanks to the abundance of phone charging stations accessible. Passengers may conveniently recharge their phones before or after their flights with the help of these stations, which are positioned throughout the airport following security checks. 


Amcal pharmacies are located in Terminals 2 and 4 of the Adelaide International Airport, giving travelers easy access to pharmacy services. In addition to electronic prescriptions, a variety of healthcare items, cold and flu cures, allergy drugs, and travel pharmaceuticals are available at these pharmacies. 

When a traveler needs pharmaceutical services at Adelaide International Airport, on-site pharmacists are ready to help and offer guidance. For travelers in need of pharmaceutical help, the Amcal pharmacies guarantee that they have access to necessary healthcare products and services while they are at the airport, improving their overall travel experience.


Throughout the terminals at Adelaide International Airport, there are numerous ATMs that provide cash access around-the-clock. These ATMs are strategically spread across the airport and cater to different banks. At Adelaide International Airport, some of the most prominent ATM facilities are ANZ ATM, RediATM, and Westpac ATM.

Foreign Exchange

At Singapore Airlines ADL Terminal, Travelex and ANZ are the main providers of foreign exchange services. Travelex provides travelers with the opportunity to purchase or sell foreign currency at several of its currency exchange counters located at airports, both prior to and following security checks. 

Despite the convenience of airport currency exchange services, it is advisable to compare prices and take into account other possibilities, such as utilizing ATMs or exchanging money in the city, for possibly more affordable rates.

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Is there Shopping options available at Singapore Airlines ADL Terminal?

The Adelaide International Airport’s exit offers the following public transit alternatives: Skybus, Metro suburban trains, V Line regional rail, Yarra Trams, and Interstate trains & buses.

How early is it appropriate to arrive at Adelaide International Airport in order to check in with Singapore Airlines?

In the event that you need to check in with Singapore Airlines, it is advisable that you arrive at Adelaide International Airport at least three hours prior to the departure time of your trip. This early arrival guarantees a seamless travel experience by providing enough time for security checks, check-in procedures, and comfortable access to the boarding gate.

Does Singapore Airlines MEL Terminal feature Pet Facilities at the Airport?

There are no dedicated pet facilities available at Adelaide International Airport for Singapore Airlines. 

Is there any designated area available for parking at Singapore Airlines ADL Terminal?

Yes, tourists may easily find designated parking places close to the terminals at Adelaide Airport. The airport offers a number of parking choices, such as Valet Car Park services, Premium Parking, and terminal Parking. 

Can I avail dining options at Adelaide International Airport?

Yes, there are restaurants available at Adelaide International Airport. Travelers can choose from a choice of meal options at the airport thanks to its assortment of cafés and restaurants that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences.

Can I Smoke once heading to Singapore Airlines ADL Terminal?

No, smoking is not permitted in any part of Adelaide International Airport’s terminal, including Terminal 1 for Singapore Airlines.

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