Vistara AMD Terminal – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport


Customers pick Vistara because it offers a wide range of services and places a high priority on their safety. It’s critical to familiarize yourself with your arrival and departure terminals in order to make the most of everything Vistara AMD Terminal has to offer. It makes for a smooth travel experience by enabling speedy check-ins and seamless airport navigation. Thus, prepare for quick reservations and check-ins at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport Terminal 1 when you book a flight with Vistara Airlines.  

Useful Information About Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport

Airport NameSardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport
Airport CodeAMD
AirlinesVistara Airlines
Vistara IATA CodeUK
Vistara ICAO CodeVTI
Airport AddressHansol, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380003, India
Vistara AMD Terminal ArrivalsTerminal 1
Departures TerminalTerminal 1
Contact Number+91 79 2286 9266
Vistara Ticket Counter Hours24 hours a Day
Vistara Official
Vistara Official
Vistara Official
Vistara Official
Vistara Official

Vistara Airlines’ Departure at AMD

When departing from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, Vistara Airlines uses Terminal 1. The security checks, customs and immigration, and check-in counters are located in the departure halls of the Vistara Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport terminal. Look for the Vistara Airlines signage as you approach Terminal 1. Up to 60 minutes prior to departure, you can finish the online check-in process if you haven’t already for flights within India.  

Check-in at the airport must be finished three hours prior to departure for international travel on Vistara. Once you’ve finished checking in, proceed to Terminal 1’s baggage claim area. After putting your bags in, proceed to the security check. When departing from India, passengers must go through immigration and customs. It takes 45 minutes on average to get a wait. All airline terminals are listed. 

Series of Actions to Take When Departing on Vistara from AMD

Check-in options

  • For domestic flights, passengers can check in online up to 48 hours in advance of the scheduled departure, and for international flights, up to 48 hours in advance using the Vistara website or mobile app. 
  • Online check-in ends one hour prior to the departure of domestic flights and two hours prior to the departure of international flights. 
  • If a traveler is unable to check in online, Vistara employees can help with the check-in process at the Vistara Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport check-in counters. 

Document Required

  • To be verified, cleared for security, and granted access to the boarding gate, passengers must present their e-Boarding Pass.
  • The e-Boarding Pass, which you will receive by email following your online check-in, should be carried in an actual copy.

Baggage Drop-off

  • At least 60 minutes prior to the departure of domestic flights and 120 minutes prior to the departure of international flights, passengers who have checked in their luggage must drop it off at the Vistara check-in counters. 

Boarding Passes

  • Travelers present their boarding pass at the boarding gate for a final check before boarding the aircraft after completing check-in and security procedures.

Vistara Airlines’ Arrival at AMD

Arrivals at Vistara Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport by Vistara Airlines take place at Terminal 1. Travelers must first proceed to the baggage carousel area upon arriving at the Vistara Airlines AMD terminal. When heading to the carousel area, passengers can consult the display screen to confirm the arrival flight number. 

Domestic travelers will exit through the arrival halls. Travelers from abroad will proceed to Customs & Immigration after collecting their luggage. The typical wait time upon arrival is between thirty and fifty minutes, depending on the busiest travel times. Taxi and car rental services are available at the curbside once you exit the arrival halls. 

Key Steps Upon Vistara Airlines’ Arrival at Vistara Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport

  1. Disembarkation: When disembarking from the aircraft, passengers should adhere to the cabin crew’s instructions and do so in a polite manner.
  2. Immigration Procedures: The immigration counter requires non-Indian citizens to show their passports, visas, and other pertinent travel documents for validation. 
  3. Baggage Claim: To retrieve your checked luggage, proceed to the baggage claim area. Make sure you properly identify your bags. 
  4. Customs Declaration: If necessary, declare to customs officers any items or goods that are subject to duty. 
  5. Ground Transportation: When the luggage has been gathered, travelers can use ground transportation services like public transportation, taxis, or car rentals as needed.

Vistara Terminal Services Provided at AMD

The Vistara Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport terminal 1 of Vistara offers nearly all services to improve the overall travel experience of its patrons. Here are a few of the services offered:

  • Check-in Counter
  • Security Checkpoints
  • Retail Shops and Stores
  • Baggage Wrapping
  • Car Rental Agencies
  • ATMs and Banks
  • Disability Service/Assistance
  • Cancellations & Refunds
  • Currency Exchange 
  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Luggage Storage
  • Ample Seating Space
  • Wifi and Internet Access
  • Family Restrooms
  • Business Centres/Rooms
  • Seat Upgradation Options
  • Unaccompanied Minors
  • Passport Control Facility
  • Ticketing Counters
  • Inter-Terminal Transportation
  • Kids Play Areas
  • Meet and Greet Services
  • Self-service Kiosks
  • Food and Beverages Outlets
  • Duty-Free Shopping

Flight Reservations

The Vistara AMD Terminal offers a smooth booking process for travelers who wish to fly with Vistara Airlines. The airline representatives are on hand at the ticket counter to make sure that travelers are informed about seat availability and receive their desired reservation promptly. Renowned airline Vistara operates from Terminal 1 of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport to a number of domestic and international destinations.  

Flight Cancellation

Vistara Airlines is aware of the varying needs of its customers and that plans can alter at any time. Travelers can cancel reservations directly at the Vistara Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport due to the unpredictability of travel. The airline nevertheless advises travelers to study their cancellation policy before making a choice. It will inform them of the guidelines, limitations, and policies pertaining to the cancellation.

Check-in Possibility

To check in for their flights departing with Vistara Airlines, travelers can utilize self-service kiosks and airport check-in counters. Passengers who become stuck during the process can receive assistance from nearby personnel. In addition, passengers can check in online via Vistara’s official website; they can proceed with whichever option makes sense to them.

Helpdesk/Information Counter

Information desks can be found at the arrivals and departures of the Vistara AMD Terminal. travelers with inquiries concerning their journey, such as making reservations, finishing check-in procedures, or utilizing any necessary services. Information counter experts are happy to assist and are always on hand. In addition, travelers can visit Vistara’s official website if they think it’s possible to get online assistance.

Lost & Found

In the event that your luggage is delayed, lost, or damaged, the Vistara AMD Terminal’s lost and found department is your one-stop shop. The airline will require you to complete certain paperwork and provide accurate luggage identification. Finding your luggage will be made easier, and you’ll get the help you need. Additionally, Vistara Airlines’ official website offers a lost and found service.  

Special Assistance

Passengers who are physically unable to travel or who are disabled can receive special assistance from the Vistara Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport. Help with wheelchairs, stretchers, escorts, oxygen masks, special meals, etc. are all included in this service. In order for the airline to prepare special assistance on time, it is crucial to make reservations in advance. At the airport, passengers with special needs can take advantage of a number of advantages, including priority boarding.

Unaccompanied Minor Service

Children traveling alone or without their parents or guardians can take advantage of the unaccompanied minor service offered by Vistara AMD Terminal departures. For the protection and safety of minors, this service is required. To schedule this service, the person(s) in charge of the minors must complete a consent form. Following verification, the minor will be given an escort from the time he arrives at the airport until he gets to his destination. Make sure to reserve minor services that are unaccompanied well in advance.

Pet Travel Service

Pet travelers may be able to check in with their four-legged friends at the Vistara AMD Terminal and get pet travel services. Nonetheless, travelers are kindly asked to abide by the limitations, guidelines, and policies outlined in the policy. It is required of pet owners to carry a carrier that has been approved by the airline and to make sure their animal is safe from other passengers and staff. The process for making a pet reservation can be found on Vistara Airlines’ official website and at the airport’s Terminal 1 customer service desk.

Dining Options

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport offers food establishments. Barista, Eden Restaurant, Masala Restaurant, Domestic Airport Canteen, Club Sulaimani, The Hangar Bar, Villa Maya, and Casa Kitchen are a few of the eateries at the airport. Travelers at Vistara AMD Terminal can choose from a range of cuisines and services at these dining options.

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Map of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (AMD)

Frequently Asked Questions

What terminal is Vistara Airlines at AMD?

Vistara Airlines uses Terminal 1 at AMD.

What terminal is Vistara Airlines at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport?

Terminal 1 is designated at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport for Vistara Airlines.

What Terminal is Vistara Airlines arrivals at AMD?

Vistara Airlines handles its arrival within the Terminal 1 building at AMD.

What Terminal is Vistara Airlines Departure at AMD?

Terminal 1 is Vistara Airlines departure at AMD.

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